Building Funnels for the ClickFunnels Marketplace

Building Funnels for the ClickFunnels Marketplace

Everyone has been submitting funnels to the ClickFunnels Marketplace! It’s great to see all the great funnels being submitted. In this post, we’ll cover how to create a funnel that will sell on the marketplace!

Before we begin we have to understand this the world’s first funnel marketplace, which means to be approved you need to provide a functioning funnel. This could be an email opt-in funnel or a complicated Webinar + Sales Funnel.

While it may make sense to offer clean and functioning funnels, some often overlook the small details. To make sure your funnel gets approved clean up your pages, make the goal on each page very clear. Write captivating and informative headlines that are clear on what to do for that page.

What is a Funnel?

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