4 Sales Funnel Questions That 40k People Are Dying To Get Answers On From Russell Brunson 

Did You Know? July 11, 2017 4 Comments

I polled over 40,000 marketers for one reason. I wanted to find out what they knew or didn’t know about sales funnels. Specifically the question was, “What would you ask Russell Brunson if you knew he would answer.”

Ground Rules For The Epic Question Battle

  • This was a business focused question. I will not ask anything to do with his personal or spiritual life.
  • This question is going to presented or on the Clickfunnels Blog if it is amazing.
  • I will give the winner (questions that make it into my post) a shout out tweet and post on my website Feedster.

I want to follow up to that and ask that you tweet or share this post. . I want to know the biggest question you would ask “Mr.

How ClickFunnels Is Changing Lives One Funnel At A Time

How ClickFunnels Is Changing Lives One Funnel At A Time
Did You Know? February 14, 2017 3 Comments

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the whispers across the internet, and you’re asking yourself…

What Is ClickFunnels? And How Are People Seeing Such Incredible Results?

ClickFunnels is a software that lets you design, develop and launch end-to-end sales funnels with ease. Business owners for years have been struggling with setting up old outdated websites which sit there idle waiting for their customers to come see; struggling to generate traffic, let alone sales. Meanwhile, a select handful of business owners have caught up with the times and have realized that a business needs more than a website. A business needs a high converting sales funnel which can bring people to a page on demand, take them through a series of steps and sell the prospect on the products or service.

Don’t believe me?

Everything You Need To Know About The Actionetics Contact Profile Page

Everything You Need To Know About The Actionetics Contact Profile Page
Did You Know? January 23, 2017

We all know how powerful a tool Actionetics is not only as an email marketing tool, but also as an automation tool. But do you know that that’s not all there is to Actionetics?

In this feature, we’ll discuss the Contacts area of Actionetics, and the Contact Profile Page, in particular. If you already have an existing contact list, you might have come across this particular feature.

Every contact saved in Actionetics has its own dashboard where you can view a particular contact’s information not limited to Name, email, or contact number. Actionetics has a profile page for each contact where you can see everything from business history, to tags, and more.

Let’s talk about the Contact Profiles dashboard.

The dashboard prominently features (at the top) the contact’s name and email address and that particular contact’s Action Score overview

Super Simple Ways To Drive Higher Engagement In Your Sales Funnel

Super Simple Ways To Drive Higher Engagement In Your Sales Funnel
Did You Know? May 20, 2016

Getting visitors to engage with you and your brand while in your sales funnel is a very effective way to make them want to buy your product, and indeed, the upsells. But how can you get the visitors to engage with you and your brand?

Customer engagement is one of the wonders of modern technology and sales funnels.

Long gone are the days when you just poured in leads from the other end of the funnel and hoped they would go all the way through to the purchase.

And in those days, you wouldn’t even think about interacting with the customer after they’ve made the purchase, because what would the point be in that?

I’m glad and excited to see that those days are finally completely over when it comes to marketing,

5 Critical Reasons Your Funnel May Get Denied a Listing in The Marketplace

5 Critical Reasons Your Funnel May Get Denied a Listing in The Marketplace
Did You Know? March 23, 2016

The ClickFunnels Marketplace aims to be your destination for ready-to-go funnels that you can quickly customize and use for your business. We’re always looking for the highest quality designs to provide the best possible value to our customers.

As soon as a Seller submits a funnel into their Seller Dashboard, they then have the option to request a review before they can begin selling it. Once done so, a member of our team will be notified and then we can begin the review process for the funnel. During this process we comb through everything throughout the funnel to make sure it is fit to be listed for sale in the Marketplace.

The unfortunate truth about the review process is that not everything can be Approved for listing in the Marketplace. So, lets take a few moments to go over some of the critical main points we look for during the review process that can get a funnel declined a listing.

Reverse Engineering a Billionaire’s Presidential Marketing Campaign

Reverse Engineering a Billionaire’s Presidential Marketing Campaign
Did You Know? March 21, 2016 4 Comments

In this 2016 election cycle, Donald Trump has surprised many with his fast rise from a “joke” candidate to the Republican front-runner. He’s been acquiring a sizable base and substantial donations with his online funnels, and that success merits taking a closer look at his marketing strategy.

In 2007, the Obama campaign did something no other had done before “…by bolting together social networking applications under the banner of a movement, they created an unforeseen force to raise money, organize locally, fight smear campaigns and get out the vote that helped them topple the Clinton machine and then John McCain and the Republicans.” (Source: New York Times).

Obama repeated his online success in the 2012 election, “On Facebook, Obama’s page acquired 31 million likes versus Romney’s page with 11 million likes; on Twitter, 

[Beginner’s Series] How to Launch Your First YouTube Ad Starting From As Low As $5 Per Day

[Beginner’s Series] How to Launch Your First YouTube Ad Starting From As Low As $5 Per Day
Did You Know? October 5, 2015

YouTube has more than a billion registered users who generate billions of views by watching hundreds of millions of hours of videos on YouTube. And that’s per day.

Many people have experienced far better results with YouTube than traditional forms of search and social media advertising, due to higher initial costs and less competition on the platform.

Of course, you can avoid the initial costs completely by making the video advertisement yourself, but many companies go with a freelancer or video company to start with a foot up in the competition.

But how can you get started with YouTube advertising if you’ve never advertised before? 

The Beginning – Creating A Video

When you start out with YouTube advertising, the very first thing you’re going to need is well,

How Did Live Webinars Become A Popular Selling Method? Find Out.

How Did Live Webinars Become A Popular Selling Method? Find Out.
Did You Know? September 28, 2015 5 Comments

Webinars have become a huge deal for companies and entrepreneurs marketing their products over the internet, but you all knew that, which is why you’re reading this article about why they became popular, right?

To better understand the reasons behind webinars gaining such a reputation as an effective selling method, we must first take a brief look at what webinars actually are, as well as dive into the process of planning and executing a successful webinar.

What Is A Webinar

Webinar comes from the phrase web based seminar, which makes sense, since a webinar literally is a seminar that someone hosts and shares with an audience over the internet.

You can find webinars that teach you real estate investing, you can find webinars that talk about baseball and you can find webinars that merely try to sell their product or service to you.

ClickFunnels Has An Affiliate Program and You’re Already Approved

Did You Know? April 17, 2015 4 Comments

About five or six people a week, at least, will tell me “I love ClickFunnels!  It’s amazing!” A lot of the time they will ask me..

How do I become an affiliate?

This always makes me laugh because the second you create your ClickFunnels account, you become a ClickFunnels affiliate.  The screenshot below shows a ClickFunnels dashboard.

[one_screenshot url=”http://blog.clickfunnels.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/image86-1024×576.png” caption=”ClickFunnels dashboard.”]

Over on the upper right, you’re going to find all the stats of your pages and all of those sorts of things.

If you invested in Funnel Hacks, a link to this training can also be found at the right-hand side of your dashboard.

It’s also on the right side that you’ll find a link to the help desk, and underneath this,

Add Text Blocks

Did You Know? April 17, 2015

The next thing I want you to know is how to add text blocks.  You’ve probably done this already, but we’ve updated this feature and added some new things as well.  It’s easy to add headlines, but what if you wanted to add more than that.  Well, you would click to add an element and find the option titled ‘Text Block’.  Click on this, and you will find that a small text block section has been added to your page.

If you click on this new section, the settings for it will appear.  Within these settings, you’ll find a button labeled ‘Open Text Editor’.  If you click on this, it will open up a text editor window, which is shown above.  You can type your text out within it, and you can even see it being added to the page in the background as well.

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