How to Make a Great Blog Post As the Entry Point To Your Funnel

How to Make a Great Blog Post As the Entry Point To Your Funnel
Guest Post August 4, 2017 5 Comments

…and how you can make it right on Clickfunnels!

Move over free + shipping show-offs, there’s a new dog in town, and it’s called – The Almighty Blog PostOkay that might be a stretch, but it’s a strong competitor as a funnel entry point and should definitely be used in your marketing arsenal.

Today, I want to talk to you about how and why blog posts work SO WELL as entry points into your funnel. And I have some proof to back this up as well — one of my clients made $1 million dollars in about eight months, and 75% of the traffic came from blog posts!

Before we talk about blog posts, I want to outline two ways you can set up a blog post for a funnel entry point –

How to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Guest Post July 21, 2017 4 Comments

Email is a great way to engage your audience. You can use it to learn more about your customers and find out what they expect from you. You can also utilize it to get more clicks and sales. Whatever your purpose, you have to do emails right.


Email marketing is more than just getting your audience to open your email.That is a huge part of it though. First having signups (using a great funnel) and then getting 10k inboxed and clicked on are both huge accomplishments. The focus on this article is to get the customer to click.


It’s about getting them to click your content and take advantage of your offers. How do you make sure that you’re getting engagement and conversions from your emails? Learn these five ways to make sure your email campaigns are on the money.

3 BS Facts About Sales Funnels That Everyone Thinks Are True

3 BS Facts About Sales Funnels That Everyone Thinks Are True
Guest Post July 19, 2017 7 Comments

The following three facts are what I would call “half-truths”. They are really WORSE than lies because they seem reasonable at first glance, and in many scenarios…do check out as accurate and correct. But not always.

This means, you could be sitting on a gloriously profitable funnel that has not reached its full potential because you are assuming the following…

BS FACT ONE: Sales funnels are broken if they are not profitable.

Lots of people getting started in sales funnels think that once the design and tech are done and the ads (or other traffic sources) start flowing, that if you’re not instantaneously profitable, the funnel is broken. While this is a definite possibility, there are other factors in play that you must think about before determining that your funnel isn’t working.

4 Sales Funnel Questions That 40k People Are Dying To Get Answers On From Russell Brunson 

Did You Know? July 11, 2017 4 Comments

I polled over 40,000 marketers for one reason. I wanted to find out what they knew or didn’t know about sales funnels. Specifically the question was, “What would you ask Russell Brunson if you knew he would answer.”

Ground Rules For The Epic Question Battle

  • This was a business focused question. I will not ask anything to do with his personal or spiritual life.
  • This question is going to presented or on the Clickfunnels Blog if it is amazing.
  • I will give the winner (questions that make it into my post) a shout out tweet and post on my website Feedster.

I want to follow up to that and ask that you tweet or share this post. . I want to know the biggest question you would ask “Mr.

Why I ditched my Fancy $12K Website in Favor of single Registration Page. (and I’m generating more leads than ever)

Guest Post July 6, 2017 10 Comments

If you are reading this you need to know something.

 I have personally created about 3 X 2 step funnels that have gone live in my life. Ok, I tell a lie, one has 3 steps.

 So, if you, like me don’t really know much about all this stuff… keep reading.

 If funnels, sales pages, pixels, split testing is all a foreign language… keep reading.

 If you are here because you keep hearing about how awesome and genius ClickFunnels is, but you have no idea how to implement into your business…

Keep reading…

Hacks to Becoming The Fastest Funnel Builder in the World

Hacks to Becoming The Fastest Funnel Builder in the World
Guest Post July 3, 2017 64 Comments

When time is money, learning how to be fast at something that MAKES money? … Well…that’s like inventing the 48-hour day.

Funnel building is hard work. Anyone who’s done it knows the sweat equity to get even a simple funnel up and running! Copy, design, tech hookups, email sequences, ads, graphics…phew. *wipes brow

So I’m going to give you my best Funnel building hacks – the ones that will exponentially speed up every part of the process, so you can churn out more funnels … money.

But before I do, let’s break down the traditional sales funnel into all its parts and pieces. We’ll use a simple self-liquidating offer (SLO) funnel.

  • Landing Page (holding the free offer)
  • Thank You Page with a low-cost tripwire offer
  • Order Form
  • OTO Page with the special upsell
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Email Sequence that fires when someone opts in

We’ll avoid some the crazy email segmentation and abandon cart emails for this example for now.

What Singing Stars in the Movies Can Teach Us About Audience Targeting

What Singing Stars in the Movies Can Teach Us About Audience Targeting
Guest Post February 21, 2017

This is a guest post by Design Pickle. Enjoy!

Design Pickle on a rock tour means we have music on the brain these days. Which is great, because the music industry serves up a multitude of lessons marketers can use to improve their business. Today we explore audience targeting – what it looks like when it’s done well, different approaches to targeting, and even how not to do it. The music industry provides us a fantastic setting, specifically movies about music, to see these targeting lessons in action. Let’s rock!

Target Practice

Remember the movie “La Bamba” with Lou Diamond Philips playing Richie Valens? Of course you do. Remember the scene in the movie where Richie and his band are playing at a venue…behind a fence…getting beer bottles thrown at them…obviously in the wrong place?

Why Your Funnels Aren’t Converting Like They Should

Why Your Funnels Aren’t Converting Like They Should
Guest Post February 20, 2017

This is a guest post by Sixth Division. If you want to learn more about our process for creating funnels, feel free to check out our latest eBook. You can download The 7 Step System for Creating Killer Funnels That Work in Any Industry for free on our website here.

Putting together a killer funnel is crucial to any modern business.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to build funnels that are both reliable and are capable of scaling. After all, the end goal of a funnel is to create predictability in a business.

It’s important to recognize that there is a big difference between a funnel that works, and funnel that converts.

A funnel that works means that it functions as designed 100% of the time. A funnel that converts means that it produces the necessary return on investment.

The Prosecutor’s Method of Marketing Funnel Construction

The Prosecutor’s Method of Marketing Funnel Construction
Guest Post February 15, 2017

This is a guest post by Todd Brown. To learn the rest of Todd’s system for engineering your own big money, evergreen customer-generating marketing campaign, go here.

“How do I know what things to say and in what order to say them in my marketing funnel?”

It’s a question I’m asked at least once a week.

And, while I can’t give you specifics, since each niche, market, product, service, etc., is different, I can tell you a simple way to think about the construction of your marketing funnel message.

I call it, simply…

“The Prosecutors Method of
Marketing Funnel Construction”

As a fan of real crime stories and high-profile court cases, I’ve always enjoyed watching a good prosecutor in action.

Seeing how,

[Guest Post] An Insider’s Advice On High Risk Payments & ClickFunnels With Alex Roy

[Guest Post] An Insider’s Advice On High Risk Payments & ClickFunnels With Alex Roy
Guest Post December 6, 2016 7 Comments

Here’s some insider advice on high-risk payments and ClickFunnels.

Launching a new e-business is an exciting milestone in an entrepreneur’s career.

Keep in mind, if you sell certain products such as continuity programs, instant downloads, member access, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, weight loss products, and skin care, or engage in certain business practices like multi-level, affiliate marketing, moderate chargeback models, or trial sales, you may find yourself stonewalled by a payment processor.

Simply put, you can seemingly have everything in place, yet fail to launch your business on time, or at all, because you can’t find a payment provider who will partner with you to accept credit cards.

You may have been turned down by a payment aggregator, like PayPal, Braintree or Stripe, or you may feel they are not a good fit for your business.

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