How Mike Took A $300 Facebook Ad And Turned It Into $11,000 In Revenue
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How Mike Took A $300 Facebook Ad And Turned It Into $11,000 In Revenue

Mike Caldwell reveals how a career ending tragedy as a firefighter/paramedic was the best thing that could have happened to him.  How this tragedy has fueled multiple 6 figure businesses in just a few short years.

Mike  reveals how he turned a $300 Facebook Ad into $11,000 in revenue within a month.  He lays out out step by step what it takes to be successful in business and helping other grow their companies.

Show Notes

  • [01:56] Mike’s story of breaking his back, arm and leg as a firefighter/paramedic to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • [03:46] TIP on how to get amazing testimonials.
  • [04:56] How Mike took a $300 Facebook Ad spend and turned it into $11,000 in revenue
  • [07:02] What are Mike’s most successful funnels that are working today you can copy?
  • [08:23] Why business owners should never use Groupon.
  • [09:52] Mike’s secret system to getting 36X return on his client’s Facebook ad spend
  • [14:26] Why traditional brand advertising doesn’t work
  • [15:24] How his marketing overbooked his wedding calendar
  • [17:12] How tragedy has allowed him to pursue his passion “living off grid”
  • [19:23] Mike’s 3 keys to success
  • [21:02] How to reach Mike


Podcast Transcript:

  • Hey Mike, really inspiring story.

    Can I ask you if you can help me with facebook ads? Can we get on a skype call?


    Antonio Burazer
    Skype ID: ‘razzorsback’

  • I really liked this podcast! Been sharing it with people in the same kind of markets (off grid living…).

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