How to Add 41% More Sales to Your Sales Funnel with Only a Few Clicks

How to Add 41% More Sales to Your Sales Funnel with Only a Few Clicks
General January 19, 2018

Let’s talk about Information…

Tim Ferriss’ book titled, “Tools of Titans,” featured the founder of CD Baby, Derek Sivers.

Sivers quoted, “If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be millionaires with perfect abs”…

While the quote is hilarious, it holds so much truth!


What if information was the key to earning more money in your Sales Funnels?

It turns out, we found that Active Users of ClickFunnels that have been around longer than a month typically make 41% more sales on their sales funnels when they incorporate a membership site with continuity. (Figures found with averages, results are not typical)

So are you an expert with something to teach? (if not, get Russell’s book “Expert Secrets” and find out how you can monetize on the simple information you have in your mind right now!

How to Fix A Broken Funnel
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How to Fix A Broken Funnel

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

People are always asking me what they need to do to fix a funnel that is not working the way they thought it would. Julie Stoian outlines the steps that she uses on hers and her client’s funnels. Realize almost all funnels when you first create them do not work as well as they should. You will want to listen to this one a couple of times. There is also a transcript of this episode so you can print off the details.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Your funnel can “break”. When it does, you’ve got to look at your numbers (1:21)
  • Fixing copy (4:17)
  • Sorry you have to hear this but you have to be willing to light a match to $1,000 for your funnel and ads (9:08)
  • Know that if your front-end funnel breaks even or has some percentage of profit then that is a successful funnel (10:52)
  • Change your funnels step by step and look at the numbers after each step (13:12)

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re just working on a $100 budget,

Funnel Hacking Live Speaker Spotlight: Anthony DiClementi

Funnel Hacking Live Speaker Spotlight: Anthony DiClementi
Announcements January 17, 2018

This year at Funnel Hacking Live, you’re going to get the opportunity to expand your knowledge on a multitude of incredible and fascinating topics. You’re going to revolutionize your business and your strategy when it comes to building your projects, offers, and company! But, did you know that you’re also going to get a chance to learn from a leading functional medicine expert in the world?

Anthony DiClementi is one of the foremost professionals in his field, working with countless professionals to transform their lives. Whether it’s their physique, energy, or mental clarity, Anthony has changed the lives of CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and clients from all walks of life and he’s here to give you his Biohacks to change your life.

Morning routines, which supplements you should actually start taking, how to breathe properly,

How to Scale Your Ads like “Purple”
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How to Scale Your Ads like “Purple”

Why Dave Chose to Interview Bryant:

Bryant Garvin has been running ads for over 12 years. He is the ads guy at “Purple”Where he spends more in a Day than what most companies spend in a month. He knows what he is talking about. He explains how to make partners out of your vendors. He reveals his strategy on using multiple networks to scale ads. He even discusses his top 3 hidden networks no one else is using.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Bryant has realized over the years how overly obsessed people get on one advertising outlet (1:16)
  • The price of focusing on one platform through looking at the cost to reach 1,000 people [CPM] (2:24)
  • The scaling of Purple Mattress to be able to spend $50k/day on Facebook ads and remain profitable (4:38)
  • Bryant breaks down why Youtube can be more valuable than Facebook for your videos (7:44)
  • If you’re looking to migrate your videos to Youtube,

Get Your Copy of Expert Secrets!

General January 16, 2018

If there is one book that can radically change your life and motivate you to start the business that you’ve always dreamed of, it’s Expert Secrets. Just look at some of the reviews on Amazon for it! It’s a life changing book! People are going nuts over this book for a single reason: It changes their life!

We’re launching another round of the Expert Secrets which you can get your copy of today!

If you haven’t purchased Expert Secrets, here’s the pitch. If you’re starting a company, how do you start something that is more than just a business? How do you get people to become excited—to ignite when they hear about your opportunity? Why do some people become Steve Jobs and Gary Vaynerchuk when others become Pete Smith the used cars dealer?

ClickFunnels and Zapier Power Team!

Announcements January 15, 2018

When it comes to ClickFunnels, we have a lot of great ways to integrate with other programs to help you run your projects smoothly. We’re all about doing what’s easiest for our customers to help them really maximize their benefit and skill with ClickFunnels! And, we’re proud to say that Zapier is one of our top apps that integrates with ClickFunnels.

Why should you care about Zapier? Because Zapier connects ClickFunnels to over a thousand apps to help make things run smoother and cleaner for you and your business to function. Take the busywork out of your day and let Zapier help ClickFunnels send all of your information to your email, orders to your warehouse, automate communication between your employees, and literally hundreds of other things that make your life easier.

Zapier also keeps you up to date on all the offers that join their ranks on a weekly basis.

Facebook Changes!

General January 12, 2018

If you haven’t heard, we’ll be the first to break the news to you. Facebook is making some changes and it’s freaking some people out. And, honestly, there’s some reason to be a little alarmed. But, the important thing is that we don’t have a whole lot of information yet.

However, here is what we do know. Facebook has notified the public that they are altering the news feed of those on the social media platform in an effort to combat “fake news,” as they’re calling it. This will also drastically decrease the amount of videos and ads, that are not paid for, from businesses and pages where promotional material is issued from.

How exactly? Well, Facebook has stated that those who pay for advertisements will not feel the effect of their sponsored dollars.

Pinterest Secrets
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Pinterest Secrets

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

Julie Stoian reveals her Pinterest Secrets. Pinterest has become a search engine more than just a social media site. Julie provides step by step detail on how you can use Pinterest especially if you have a product or service that can be shown through images. You will be surprised at the marketing opportunity that exists on Pinterest.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • If your audience is comprised mostly of women then you can’t afford not to be on Pinterest (1:23)
  • Not all of us have the eye for making things “Pinterest Worthy” but Julie has some tips for us to help up our game (3:49)
  • Using GroupBoards to get more eyeballs to your Pins on Pinterest (6:46)
  • GroupBoards have rules to follow,
7 Traveling Value Bombs
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7 Traveling Value Bombs

Why Dave Chose to Share about his time at Genius Network:

Dave Woodward attended Joe Polish’s Genius Network November 2017. Here he shares the value bombs he learned in the 2 days he was there.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • You can’t read the label of the jar that you’re in so you’ll need to look from an outside perspective to see what situation you’re really in (3:22)
  • Focus is something that you do, not something you have. You have to continually work on it to maintain it(3:46)
  • Jason Fladlien reinvented using testimonials, content, and getting 150 “yes’” (5:56)
  • Randi Zuckerberg’s balance of work and life (8:26)
  • Tony Robbins wants you to get obsessive with finding who you’re selling to and why they would want to buy (11:10)
  • Fall in love with your customer,

21 Details to Check Before You Launch Your Funnel

21 Details to Check Before You Launch Your Funnel
Editor Features January 8, 2018

Before you hit “GO!” on your funnel…And no, there isn’t ACTUALLY a “go” button…Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a smooth sail into the market.


This means you should do this for the entire funnel, not just individual steps

  1. Upload a favicon image that represents the funnel.

    To do this, upload a photo into your media library in Clickfunnels. Then temporarily place it on the page, and simply COPY the URL that populates in the image field.

    Then delete the photo (don’t worry, the link will stay active). Paste that link into the favicon area.

  2. Make sure you have a pixel or tracking code in the funnel if you’re using paid advertising (like Facebook or Google).

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