How to Create Black Friday Sales for Your Funnels

How to Create Black Friday Sales for Your Funnels
Strategies November 20, 2017 2 Comments

Black Friday is coming…the only time of year when it doesn’t look desperate to slash prices! If you’ve got funnels up and running, now’s the time (like TODAY) to create some kickin’ Black Friday specials.

Here are a couple ways to do it….

Get the PROMO script inside Funnel U

The Promo script allows you to create a special offer with a coupon code on your order forms. You can get inside the Funnel U members area where there is the code, plus a video training on how to insert it into your funnels! Then all you have to do is send out some emails with your coupon codes!

Create the “appearance” of sales with your order form text

A great way to add a Black Friday feel is to simply adjust the wording on the product description.

FHL2018 SPOTLIGHT: Natalie Hodson

ClickFunnels Community November 17, 2017

It’s very rare that we have the pleasure of witnessing someone exploding into the level of success right in front of us as Natalie Hodson has.


It has been incredible watching her meteoric success when it comes to members of the ClickFunnels family.


She has with incredible insight, extreme risk, taken to her audience with a real and authentic experience that has massively engaged both her followers and anyone new coming to her community.


Taking the fitness and lifestyle industry by storm, Natalie has taken on major competitors and has shown people globally the truth in what we perceive as perfection.


Changing the lives of her community through eating, fitness, and an overall lifestyle overhaul, Natalie is bringing value to her customers the moment they encounter her.

Magnolia Secrets
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Magnolia Secrets

Dave Woodward visits Magnolia Farms and shares the marketing secrets he learned from Chip and Joana Gaines. While being there in Waco so many things became apparent he just had to share what he experienced.

Show Notes

  • There is an art behind going on a micro vacation, especially when it comes to us as entrepreneurs
  • Whichever direction your competition is going, don’t go that way
  • To re-edify what Russell always says, be an attractive character
  • Dave really does love urgency and scarcity
  • Going digital to physical, technically is a step backwards but really only propels you forward
  • If you can create authenticity and culture you hold your audience a lot longer
  • Create an experience your audience will buy into and not want to leave
  • The puppy dog close


“When you go against the grain,

7 Great Tools That Can Supercharge Your Site Traffic

7 Great Tools That Can Supercharge Your Site Traffic
Did You Know? November 16, 2017

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve successfully built and officially launched your website. Whether you built your website to showcase your portfolio of products or services, drive conversions to your sales funnel or serve as an e-commerce store, it’s pretty much useless if your website doesn’t get any traffic.

Why is web traffic important?

Website traffic is the number of people who go to your website. It’s an important metric that many people vie to improve because no traffic means no audience.

When your site gets traffic, it means your content is being read and someone sees the products or services your business offers. Having more traffic means having more opportunities to increase your current pool of customers.

That’s why the content of your website is very crucial because it sets the impression your first-time visitors will get.

How to SEO Your Sales Funnel In 6 Steps

How to SEO Your Sales Funnel In 6 Steps
Did You Know? November 15, 2017

In this blog, I’m going to show you the path to SEO your marketing funnel in 6 simple steps.

To be honest, I’ve been staring at my screen for a long time. Maybe more than 4 hours. I was just sitting and waiting for a brilliant idea to pop up out of my head. I wrote a draft a couple of times but I wasn’t happy and satisfied with them.

I saw this post at SEOmoz: The SEO Path to Becoming a Great Funnel Owner and thought to myself that I was I was that brilliant. It’s a great article! It’s long but it’s refreshing and very actionable.

The author of that article is point on. As a sales funnel owner, I have also noticed that the different roles and strategies of an SEO have created a lot of buzz and controversies.

Are you with the ClickFunnels Affiliate team?!

Did You Know? November 15, 2017

Are You Working the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?!


ClickFunnels is all about bringing value to our customers and one of the offers we have is our affiliate program.


We are invested in our affiliate program and our affiliates are the best in the industry!


Our affiliates are given incredible opportunities within our program and there is absolutely NO BUY IN! You’re not paying us a cent!


We’re paying YOU!


We have paid out over 8 MILLION DOLLARS in affiliate commissions!


You have the chance to get in on this right now! There is nothing stopping you!


If you know people who can utilize any of the ClickFunnels offers available in our affiliate program,

Top Tips for Writing A High Converting Webinar Registration Page

Top Tips for Writing A High Converting Webinar Registration Page
Did You Know? November 15, 2017

The webinar registration page is the most important page in your funnel. If people don’t feel that ache of curiosity, they won’t opt in, they won’t watch, and they won’t buy. Rather than leaving your webinar registration page to the end, make it the first thing you do!

Your webinar registration does not have to be complicated, and in fact – it’s one of the simplest and FASTEST pages to make. My recommendation is that you make the registration page FIRST, before anything else. By doing so you will have all the pieces you need to create the first half of your webinar.

Here are the three CRUCIAL pieces of info you need:

  • Hook
  • Tagline
  • Three Secrets

These are the three critical pieces of any webinar.

3 College Secrets From An Entrepreneur Class
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3 College Secrets From An Entrepreneur Class

Dave Woodward taught BYU’s Entrepreneur Class. He revealed 3 secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. They are the same 3 secrets ClickFunnels used to blow bast 100 million in total revenue in 3 years.

Show Notes

  • Does your current job have anything to do with your major you got in college? Even if you say no, it was still important you got that degree
  • Speed limitation: There’s really no reason for you to go slow
  • A new strategy that you can try is selling the product BEFORE you have it
  • Getting something done is most often better than getting something perfect
  • Important point is to not finish (this really made the college students laugh)
  • With you hiring “A Players” you will save time and money believe it or not
  • If you want to become an “A Player” you have to compete and respond accordingly


“So often we set these barriers up just by saying ‘You know what I can’t do it’”

Join the 2 Comma Club!

ClickFunnels Community November 14, 2017

At ClickFunnels, we CANNOT stop talking about the 2 Comma Club!


It is one of our greatest accomplishments and one of the coolest things about what we do! We help people take their visions and turn them into a reality every day. It is the coolest part of our job!


It has been a wild ride building out the 2 Comma Club and we wanted to let you guys know what’s been happening!


Since the beginning of ClickFunnels, we have been pushing for the 2 Comma Club to be the standard or goal for anyone looking to open a funnel through ClickFunnels.


To be a part of the 2 Comma Club, all you need to do is make 1 million dollars through a single funnel.

Get Your FREE Domain with ClickFunnels!!!

Updates November 13, 2017

Have you heard the good word?!


You can register your domains now through ClickFunnels! How awesome is that?!


ClickFunnels is growing and providing our customers with more and more convenience to help make your life easier! We want to cut out as many middlemen as possible! Your business should not be strangled by other programs and platforms.


So, we’ve made it so you don’t need to operate with another hosting site to integrate your domains with ClickFunnels! Just skip the middleman and go through ClickFunnels! Not only are the prices equally competitive, but they’re also easy to find with just a few clicks with our search feature.


It’s a value that our customers have been asking for and we’ve delivered.

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