ClickFunnels in Zapier’s Top Ten!

General December 14, 2017

Have you heard the news?

Zapier and ClickFunnels are continuing their beautiful friendship!

This year, ClickFunnels made the list of top ten Zapier users! That means, our customer base has caught wind of just how cool Zapier has and how fantastic our two companies go together. It’s one of the greatest integrations for our customers because Zapier packs a punch when it comes to value.

Think of just how complicated a funnel can get? You could need email lists downloaded, leads sent to spreadsheets, Trello, Facebook, Gmail, and all the other apps that you could be using at any one time to get your company on the roll. Funnels are all about maximizing your sales with your leads and customers, and Zapier is about maximizing the efficiency of your apps.

9 Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White
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9 Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White

Garrett J. White is the founder of Wake Up Warrior. He recently hosted his 2nd annual WarriorCon where Russell Brunson Spoke. While I was there I was so impressed with what Garrett has created. After being humiliated at the event I decided it was time to take notes. I am so glad I did. I reveal the 9 marketing secrets I learned.

Show Notes

  • CULTure
  • A good culture in a business makes you feel left out not being involved
  • You are going to suck at first, but you won’t be at that state forever
  • It is your audience, YOU should know them
  • What might be possible if I just believed?
  • You’re going to have to lead by example
  • Show your appreciation
  • Always change and always improve;

Funnel Hacker Cookbook: Hero Funnel

Funnel Hacker Cookbook: Hero Funnel
Funnelhacker Cookbook December 14, 2017

When you sign up for ClickFunnels, one of the first things you’ll do is see Russell Brunson’s smiling face encouraging you to try your hand at your first funnel.

And that is the Hero Funnel!

If you don’t have your copy of the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook, get your hands on a copy of it and get to know your funnels. Honestly, there is nothing more valuable to someone who wants to start building funnels for their business. It is the perfect combination with a new ClickFunnels account.

They go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

Or, money and your bank account!

Today, we’re going to break down and go through why you want a Hero Funnel and how to effectively utilize your funnel. So, let’s get to know your funnels!

Success Secrets Of A College Entrepreneur
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Success Secrets Of A College Entrepreneur

Ricardo Leite Jr. is a college entrepreneur and immigrant from Brazil. Recently married and struggling to pay the bills reveals what he did to turn opposition into opportunity. Listen to find out how he is using ClickFunnels to split test products before he buys them thus drastically improving his success.

Show Notes

  • Ricardo was running out of funds for the month and was introduced to Amazon and soon had a near $3,000 surplus in his funds soon after
  • Fusing Clickfunnels and Amazon
  • Sell a product before you have it
  • Ricardo has learned from his entrepreneurial experience thus far that you need to take action


“We were talking about the principle of selling something, before you have it here.”

“If you have an idea that you want to pursue and you highly believe it’s going to work you should try it.

FUNNEL HACKING LIVE 2018 Spotlight: Jason Fladlien

FUNNEL HACKING LIVE 2018 Spotlight: Jason Fladlien
Funnelhacker Community December 12, 2017

As you’ve found out so far, FHL2018 is going to be one of the greatest events on the planet. It’s heaven for entrepreneurs!

At ClickFunnels, one of our continual mantras is to provide value for our customers.

For Funnel Hacking Live, we’re looking to over deliver on a monumental level!

One of the many aspects of the entrepreneurial world that we are happily involved with is the webinar world. It’s an incredible way for you to provide value to your customers and to truly build your audience. As long as funnels exist, webinars will be one of the best tools to utilize them and to get your offers in the minds of your audience.

In fact, we at ClickFunnels are constantly utilizing webinars in our own programs and offers!

Get Paired With The “Perfect Funnel” For Wherever Your Business Is At RIGHT NOW

Get Paired With The “Perfect Funnel” For Wherever Your Business Is At RIGHT NOW
Funnelhacker Cookbook December 11, 2017

Have you considered ClickFunnels “daunting” before?

Maybe you signed up, you listened to Russell tell you how quick and easy it is to get started, but you still ended up canceling your account because it just didn’t click for you?

Turns out… Over the last year or so, we’ve found out a major flaw inside of ClickFunnels.

The problem was that when we signed a user up with ClickFunnels, we were delivering a broken funnel and asking them to fix it.

You can only imagine the amount of frustration this must bring to some one whenever they’re trying to get their business off the ground and we’re throwing another road block at them!

This WAS the case…

But recently, we’ve FIXED THE ISSUE!

You may have noticed the recent launch of the “Funnel Hacker CookBook” (Order Yours Here!)

Inside of this CookBook,

Copy Tips: Headlines that SLAY!

Copy Tips: Headlines that SLAY!
Copy Tips December 8, 2017

Four Tips to Getting Your Headlines to Do More!

There are, like, millions of articles, stories, posts, polls, videos, ads, etc. that are thrown out on the internet daily. Should I bump that number up to BILLION? Maybe. The point is, content is a never ending flood of material that washes over the internet daily.

It’s more like an avalanche actually.

It piles and stacks up and everything gets buried beneath more and more stuff that gets out there.

To combat this, we have to put out content CONSTANTLY! A great post might go viral and get shared a ton, but it’s not dependable. It’s not an instant cure for your content worry.

But, regardless of how good the material is, that’s not what gets people there in the first place.

Secrets to Attending LIVE Events
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Secrets to Attending LIVE Events

Fastest and best way to grow your business is by attending LIVE Events. After attending hundreds of LIVE events over the last 12 years, Dave Woodward reveals his secrets to attending live events. What you need to do before, during and after the event. He also tells you those things you must not do while at a LIVE event.

Show Notes

  • The people you will meet at live events are most often the best kind of network
  • Dave has always been a huge believer in investing in yourself by attending a live event
  • If you go to a live event you will be more productive even leading up to the event
  • The audiences you find at live events are one of the most captive audiences
  • Words of caution: prepare for the people you’ll be meeting and want to connect with
  • Dave wants you to know,

Traffic Triage: How to Save Your Ad Money!

Traffic Tips December 7, 2017

You start a company or you have a company and you find out that you need to have an online presence. People need to find you. They don’t even know that you’re out there. They don’t know that you have the information or the services, or product that is going to revolutionize their life.

So, the burden falls onto your shoulders to go out there in the wide digital world and get them.

Now, the first instinct for you to want everyone!

Go after everyone, because the fisherman with the large net catches many fish, right?


That fisherman catches shoes, garbage, and a bunch of nothing!

You need to know where the fish are before that net is of any value to you. This is a step that people skip all the time and the first step to traffic is knowing who your customers are.

SEO Tips: Starting Your SEO Journey

SEO Tips December 6, 2017

Okay, don’t be embarrassed, but I’m going to ask a question I need you to answer honestly.

Are you neglecting your SEO presence?

Okay, now I want to ask a question that some of you might be expecting, especially if that last question didn’t make sense.

Have you started your SEO presence?

Search Engine Optimization, as people who don’t like abbreviations say, is your rankings on Google and other search engines when people are looking for you, your information, or your product. It’s how your name or product shows up on Google searches or other search engines or websites. How do you get it there? How do you go from starting out to getting ranked?

It’s actually simple, so long as you’re intentional about the things that matter. With the application of what follows,

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