Wine Online – 3 Different Sales Funnels for the Perfect Bottle of Wine Using Google Ads

Wine Online – 3 Different Sales Funnels for the Perfect Bottle of Wine Using Google Ads
Funnel Strategy May 3, 2018

Thinking of creating a funnel? Check out these different sales funnels built for wine companies that help wineries move product and increase user retention. This is part of my “ideas for funnels” series. I am going through looking at useful funnels that you can easily build in clickfunnels to optimize your product and service sales.

Wine Funnels

The average annual wine production is around 36 billion bottles that are spread across over a million different wine labels. Each different sales funnels showcase Google Adwords with unique landing pages. The sheer amount of numbers makes it impossible for winemakers to set themselves apart from each other. But, the problems for winemakers everywhere doesn’t stop at the brick and mortar store. Selling wine online isn’t easy as well. With ever-increasing competition, wineries are finally recognizing the importance of digital marketing 101, and are adapting to not only increase brand awareness but drive digital sales using the digital platform.

Perfecting the Sales Funnel

Distilled to its most basic level, there should always be a deep and distinctive relationship between the sales funnel and the product. Here are three different examples of how wineries have used sales funnels to reduce the gap between the two and maximize their sales.

Example No# 1 is the world’s largest online wine store. The idea behind the design of their different sales funnel was to create a wine store where customers could conveniently find wines from a huge selection of brands.

The main features of this website are;Sell Wine Online Example marketing Funnel

Customized for Sales

The home page has been optimized in a way that makes it easier for customers to purchase. Wine Funnels

Free Coupon on Home Page

The brand provides a free coupon code directly on the home page, enticing the visitors who are interested to take advantage of the opportunity, rather than having to get a coupon code emailed to them.

30 percent coupon

When you look for the coupon you go here:30 percent takes you here

Use Of Apps

Apps are all the rage these days. This online store recognizes the importance of apps for direct to customer wine sales. Using a custom app, the customer has one more way to purchase wine from the website. Mobile apps are a great way to improve sales and are going to play a huge role in future ecommerce businesses. While it’s great to have your own business app, it is also important to make the existence of your app known. Placing a button right on the home page of your website is a great way to start building awareness of your app.

Sell Wine Online Example marketing Funnel

New Offers, Features and Gifts

It’s crucial to keep your main offering front and center, but what about the other products you offer. This is why any “featured” products or “gifts” should always be made visible for all the audience to see.

Make Use of Chat Bots

The website also has a chatbot that appears at the bottom right-hand corner to offer visitors with further assistance in finding the wine they want.

Wine Chat Bot

Wine Chat Bot

The trick is for online wineries to make it as easy as possible for their visitors to not just find their way around their website, but to provide them with the kind of information that will motivate them to become a paying customer. Sell Wine Online Example marketing Funnel

Example No# 2 []

Sell Wine Online Example marketing FunnelThis is another example of an aggressive sales technique that appears innocent to the audience, but more on that later. Bright Cellars are wine connoisseurs who select the finest wines from Italy and Spain to Portugal and South America. Unlike the first example, Bright Sellers has focused on a specific kind of wine enthusiast – customers who want to taste the very best in wine options from very specific countries.  These different sales funnels help wine enthusiast get the taste they want.

Start Off with a Quiz For Different Sales Funnels

Quizzes are becoming more and more popular these days, not just for recreational or humous sites, but also for businesses. It’s no surprise, quizzes are now a regular feature on Facebook posts and Twitter feeds. The reason is, that quizzes offer the audience with a fun and interesting way to not only spend their time but provides the host of the quiz with an opportunity to gauge the preferences of their audience while making sure they spend the most time possible on their website.  quiz

Customers are Drawn to Distinction

Sure, businesses can create content in the form of blogs and articles, but many customers today do not have the time to read paragraph after paragraph of content and prefer to breeze through information. But more importantly, they are naturally drawn towards the familiar. This is where the use of quizzes comes in. Bright Cellars has cleverly put quizzes to good use by offering it to their audience right on the home page. distinction

A Unique Wine Tasting Experience

Sell Wine Online Example marketing FunnelOne of the delights of visiting a winery is getting to taste all of the different varieties of wine. Bright Cellars have recreated that experience for the digital visitors by offering them a quiz that helps the customers find the perfect wine that suits their palate. Not just that, something as simple as offering a quiz to visitors, enables them to build a profile of each visitor who takes part in the quiz, making it easier for this digital winery to always deliver the products their customers are searching for on their site.

Example No# 3 []

Sell Wine Online Example marketing FunnelStation Plaza Wine and Spirits is a brick and mortar winery located in New York City. The winery is proud of their mission of “helping customers along their wine journey,” which is something they take quite literally. Visit their website,  and it will display a list of their wine offerings. Their different sales funnels are more product listings and testimonials from customers. They also focus on discount offers.

Who Doesn’t Love a Discount?

Visitors on the website are greeted by special offers and discounts that are currently offered by the winery. Apart from that, there’s a menu where customers can click on “recent emails” to find out the latest discounts, which further enhances the buying experience. Station Plaza Wine

Ending Note

Wineries need to integrate new digital marketing techniques such as funnels and quizzes to their existing communications strategy to help drive sales. Using the three examples of some of the best sales funnel strategies using Google AdWords should be able to get you off to a good start. Start your AdWords and take each user through a different sales funnels pages to optimize your website and convert.

Written by Will Robins

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