5 Secrets To Effective Sales Funnel Popups

5 Secrets To Effective Sales Funnel Popups
Funnel Strategy February 28, 2017

Ah, popups. You can love them or hate them, but one this is for sure…they still have the potency to compel action. And that reality is not lost to marketers.

Afterall, popups can come off strongly to your visitors especially when you’re going for a hard sell. They may also come off as spammy, in some cases. But don’t take popups too lightly! They do have their benefits if you stop and analyse them clearly.

There are various kinds of popups, all with different uses. Here are some of the most used popup types:

1. Exit-intent popup. This kind of popup shows when a visitor is leaving a particular page or a website.

2. Content-based popup. This kind of popup only shows on specific pages of the website or on specific steps of a funnel.

3. Time-based popup. This kind of popup only shows during a specified amount of time.

4. Scroll-based popup. This kind of popup is intended to appear when a user scrolls through a specific percentage of a page.

While it’s true that almost nobody likes popups, I’m pretty sure that is effectiveness is something we can’t miss. Sure, most users may find them annoying, but when executed properly, you’ll find that even annoying popups can turn into powerful mediums to deliver your message and close that lead and convert it into a sale.

Benefits of popups

1. It commands attention

This makes popups especially useful if you want to make your point across your visitor, in case they missed it. Having a popup literally forces your visitor to pay attention to the popup before they can carry on and read through your page, exit your page or do any other action on your page.

2. They are great for lead generation

As stated above, they are great for getting attention. This is probably why lead generation activities are particularly effective when done through popups.

3. They are great for saving a sale

Another great thing about popups is their ability to save a sale. By offering discounts and other promotions or by laying out the features of your products, you give your visitors a chance to review everything again before they decide to finally exit your sales funnel.

While popups are incredibly effective, do take note that it comes in large parts to how you execute your popups and the message you want to relay to your visitors. To help create a winning popup setup in your sales funnel, we’ve laid down 5 key elements to effective sales funnel popups you have to remember.

5 Secrets To Effective Sales Funnel Popups

1. A compelling copy

A good popup is nothing without a compelling copy. After all, a popup doesn’t do anything if you don’t actually tell your visitors what you want them to take action for. This means that conversion-driven copies are wonderful for popups and it would do you good to remember leveraging them.

Not sure about your writing prowess? Hiring copywriters isn’t included in your budget? No worries! Funnel Scripts is a great tool for generating powerful marketing and sales copies you can use to create your compelling copies. It’s also a great tool to help you develop your copywriting skills along the way. Click here if you haven’t register for a copy yet!

TIP: Add a sense of urgency and scarcity to your popup copy! By doing so, you’re giving the customer the impression that there isn’t much time before the stocks run out or the time runs out before the offer ends! Numbers can be pretty persuasive, always remember that!

ClickFunnels lets you add countdown timers that give popups that sense of urgency. All you need to do is to Login to your ClickFunnels account > Go to your funnel > Choose the page where your particular popup is > Add New Row > Add New Element > Select from the choices of countdown timers available > Click and drag in place > Save.


2. Clarity and Relevancy

A good popup is not cluttered with too much information. Cluttering your popup with too much information will only confuse your visitor and may end deterring them from converting instead which is far from the popup’s goal. With that said, clarity and relevancy of information is important. Be clear with your offer and make sure that the information stated is relevant to the popup’s headline.

3. Test your popups

This should go without saying, especially if you want to test out how different layouts, CTA button formats, etc. affect your popups effectivity. If you have more than 1 popup specification in mind, testing them out and using the one with the ideal performance is key.

Did you know that you can test up to 3 variants of your page? If you have more than 1 variant of popup in your particular funnel step, you can test them with ClickFunnels.


Here are some of the most important elements of your popups to test:

1. Headline

2. Imagery

3. Call-to-action Button design

4. Body Copy

5. CTA Copy

4. Social Proof

It’s probably one of the most overused element, but it’s still effective. Social proof is still an effective element to engage your visitors and compel them into taking whatever action your popup is telling them to do. Social proof such as testimonials, social shares, and feedbacks ensure your visitors that you are serious about your offer and you have proof.

TIP: While this element is something that makes a good popup, remember to keep it short.

5. Design

Design is one of the elements that can make or break your popup. Elements such as branding graphics, logo, fonts, button design, image of your product or your service, image that depicts your popup headline are some of the things you should consider.

Now that you know the secret elements that make a good popup, it’s now time to plan and map out your winning popup that converts!

Do you have working strategies to ensure the success of popups in your funnel?

Do you have any tips you want to share?

Comment below and share with us!

Written by Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickfunnels. He is known as the 'Sales Funnel Architect' and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. You can also listen to his podcast 'Marketing on The Move' and look him up on Facebook.

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