How to Quickly Optimize Your Funnel Pages for Mobile

How to Quickly Optimize Your Funnel Pages for Mobile
#FunnelHacks September 24, 2017 2 Comments

There’s nothing worse than a GORGEOUS funnel page that is completely unoptimized for mobile. Remember that over 50% of traffic is now mobile, so we should all be thinking about MOBILE first, desktop second. So to that end, I’d like to give you a few tips on how to style your pages.

Understand the mobile experience is one VERTICAL list

This means all those fancy columns and lists don’t render on mobile the way they do on desktop. When you’re working in the Power Editor, any blue columns will stack. Here’s an example of a blue column on desktop…

…and here’s the mobile version.

It’s not horrible right? But it’s clear that this design was not designed for mobile first, but rather second. So there are a few ways you can deal with this!

How To Find the Leak in Your Sales Funnel

How To Find the Leak in Your Sales Funnel
Did You Know? September 11, 2017 5 Comments

Before we tackle this topic, you should know – most funnels don’t work when you launch them. Even if you’re a pro, it may take two, three, four, or ten tries until you get it right (just ask Russell who had to change his funnel for Clickfunnels six times before it converted). People who don’t launch their funnel because they are trying to get it perfect are deluded. Seriously. You’ll never know if it’s perfect until you launch it anyway, so put it out there – even if it’s ugly, boring, or lame.

That said, once it’s out there, how are you able to troubleshoot where the issues are when they come up? Here are some of my top tips for deciphering where your funnel might be leaking.

The Landing Page

There’s a super easy way to know if your landing page is converting.

Tips to Keep Your Landing Pages Compliant With Facebook

Tips to Keep Your Landing Pages Compliant With Facebook
Did You Know? September 7, 2017 6 Comments

If it’s not obvious by the 8 million questions regarding Facebook Ads in the Clickfunnels Facebook group, ads give people a LOT of trouble! Facebook changes its algorithm, Power Editor, and policies constantly. And if you’re using Facebook Ads to fill your funnel with traffic, as annoying as it is to keep up, YOU MUST.

I’ve just recently come back from a six week hiatus after my ad account got shut down. And in my research, I learned a few ways (right now September 2017) that will help keep your LANDING PAGES compliant.

Yes, your landing pages. Facebook is not just about the ad anymore — they also care a lot about the landing page that the newsfeed scroller lands on. I could write an entire other post on ads, but today I want to focus on your Clickfunnels landing pages.

11 Tiny Design Adjustments That Un-Fuglify Your Funnels

11 Tiny Design Adjustments That Un-Fuglify Your Funnels
ClickFunnels Marketplace August 17, 2017 12 Comments

Having just returned from the first ever Clickfunnels Design-a-thon, I’m greatly inspired to bring you some tiny design tweaks that make a BIG difference in the professionalism and style of your funnels.

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was to remember that in all things funnel, you want to focus on MACRO changes first if traffic isn’t converting. This means focusing on the OFFER, then the COPY, and then the AUDIENCE.

But assuming you’ve got those things in the bag and dialed in, here are some top tiny tips from 30 of the most talented funnel designers who just spent 2 days designing new funnels for the new Clickfunnels Marketplace coming soon. These are all super easy to implement, take about five seconds, and help fugly funnels look a whole lot better.

#1 Left Justified Non-Full Width Buttons

Everyone does centered buttons all the time.

How to Make a Great Blog Post As the Entry Point To Your Funnel

How to Make a Great Blog Post As the Entry Point To Your Funnel
Guest Post August 4, 2017 7 Comments

…and how you can make it right on Clickfunnels!

Move over free + shipping show-offs, there’s a new dog in town, and it’s called – The Almighty Blog PostOkay that might be a stretch, but it’s a strong competitor as a funnel entry point and should definitely be used in your marketing arsenal.

Today, I want to talk to you about how and why blog posts work SO WELL as entry points into your funnel. And I have some proof to back this up as well — one of my clients made $1 million dollars in about eight months, and 75% of the traffic came from blog posts!

Before we talk about blog posts, I want to outline two ways you can set up a blog post for a funnel entry point –

3 BS Facts About Sales Funnels That Everyone Thinks Are True

3 BS Facts About Sales Funnels That Everyone Thinks Are True
Guest Post July 19, 2017 7 Comments

The following three facts are what I would call “half-truths”. They are really WORSE than lies because they seem reasonable at first glance, and in many scenarios…do check out as accurate and correct. But not always.

This means, you could be sitting on a gloriously profitable funnel that has not reached its full potential because you are assuming the following…

BS FACT ONE: Sales funnels are broken if they are not profitable.

Lots of people getting started in sales funnels think that once the design and tech are done and the ads (or other traffic sources) start flowing, that if you’re not instantaneously profitable, the funnel is broken. While this is a definite possibility, there are other factors in play that you must think about before determining that your funnel isn’t working.

Hacks to Becoming The Fastest Funnel Builder in the World

Hacks to Becoming The Fastest Funnel Builder in the World
Guest Post July 3, 2017 66 Comments

When time is money, learning how to be fast at something that MAKES money? … Well…that’s like inventing the 48-hour day.

Funnel building is hard work. Anyone who’s done it knows the sweat equity to get even a simple funnel up and running! Copy, design, tech hookups, email sequences, ads, graphics…phew. *wipes brow

So I’m going to give you my best Funnel building hacks – the ones that will exponentially speed up every part of the process, so you can churn out more funnels … money.

But before I do, let’s break down the traditional sales funnel into all its parts and pieces. We’ll use a simple self-liquidating offer (SLO) funnel.

  • Landing Page (holding the free offer)
  • Thank You Page with a low-cost tripwire offer
  • Order Form
  • OTO Page with the special upsell
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Email Sequence that fires when someone opts in

We’ll avoid some the crazy email segmentation and abandon cart emails for this example for now.

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