How to Cut the Busywork with One Program!

Did You Know? September 12, 2017

Cut your Work in Half with Zapier!

That might even be low balling it, honestly!


Let’s talk about busywork. Staring up a business comes with loads of busywork. It’s downloading email lists. Or, it’s downloading orders to have them shipped out or to even send it out through another email to your shipping crew. Or, you’re just trying to get Mailchimp to sync up with Gmail.


Lots of copying and pasting. Downloading and uploading.


Too much!


Your time is valuable, whether you’re launching your business or expanding it. You have deadlines to meet, goals to scratch off the list, and new projects to move onto. But, if you’re finding your day is getting devoured by busywork, then you need help.

OH NO! I Need Help with My Funnels! 5 Places to Find the Help You Need!

Did You Know? August 23, 2017 2 Comments

You’ve got this idea in your head, a plan to start laying the foundational stones for your own personal empire and it’s going to be great. You’ve got your products, spent hours figuring out the nuts and bolts of supply, and costs, and traffic. Now is the time to act and you’ve found ClickFunnels, the perfect platform to grow your client base, sell your product, and you’re seeing limitless possibilities.


Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow, but one day, you’re going to hit a wall. It’s just how business works. Some of you may not be designers or programmers. You may just want to sell your book or training program.


Which means when you hit that wall, you’re going to need some help.



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