A Tale of Two Webinars. From $30K to $0. Read and Weep.

Guest Post Highlights September 10, 2017 7 Comments

So this is a story for anyone thinking about hosting a webinar to promote their product / service. Its an important lesson and will save you a ton of money and time..

Before we get into it, lets talk about how I got to be a writer for one of the most popular and HOT software companies on the planet and know nothing about said software? Or technology?

Words my dear Watson, Words.

They can get a girl far.

They used to get me into a lot of trouble when I was a teenager. I had a mouth on me.

If I am tired and hungry, watch out 🙂

I digress…

So, to tell this story and answer the question as to how I landed my ClickFunnels gig (it does involve some woo-woo stuff like journaling,

Single Registration Page For generating more leads

Guest Post Highlights July 6, 2017 18 Comments

If you are reading this you need to know something.

 I have personally created about 3 X 2 step funnels that have gone live in my life. Ok, I tell a lie, one has 3 steps.

 So, if you, like me don’t really know much about all this stuff… keep reading.

 If funnels, sales pages, pixels, split testing is all a foreign language… keep reading.

 If you are here because you keep hearing about how awesome and genius ClickFunnels is, but you have no idea how to implement into your business…

Keep reading…

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