7 Great Tools That Can Supercharge Your Site Traffic

7 Great Tools That Can Supercharge Your Site Traffic
Traffic Tips November 16, 2017

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve successfully built and officially launched your website. Whether you built your website to showcase your portfolio of products or services, drive conversions to your sales funnel or serve as an e-commerce store, it’s pretty much useless if your website doesn’t get any traffic.

Why is web traffic important?

Website traffic is the number of people who go to your website. It’s an important metric that many people vie to improve because no traffic means no audience.

When your site gets traffic, it means your content is being read and someone sees the products or services your business offers. Having more traffic means having more opportunities to increase your current pool of customers.

That’s why the content of your website is very crucial because it sets the impression your first-time visitors will get.

How to SEO Your Sales Funnel In 6 Steps

How to SEO Your Sales Funnel In 6 Steps
SEO Tips November 15, 2017 3 Comments

In this blog, I’m going to show you the path to SEO your marketing funnel in 6 simple steps.

To be honest, I’ve been staring at my screen for a long time. Maybe more than 4 hours. I was just sitting and waiting for a brilliant idea to pop up out of my head. I wrote a draft a couple of times but I wasn’t happy and satisfied with them.

I saw this post at SEOmoz: The SEO Path to Becoming a Great Funnel Owner and thought to myself that I was I was that brilliant. It’s a great article! It’s long but it’s refreshing and very actionable.

The author of that article is point on. As a sales funnel owner, I have also noticed that the different roles and strategies of an SEO have created a lot of buzz and controversies.

How Voice Search Is Shaping Online Marketing

How Voice Search Is Shaping Online Marketing
General September 22, 2017 2 Comments

Apple has Siri. Google has Google Assistant. Microsoft has Cortana. Amazon has Alexa. More and more tech companies are adopting voice search products.

Voice search is a game changer. It can be considered an entirely new search engine of its own. With more consumers embracing technology that are voice search-enabled, your marketing campaign should be challenged to adapt to this trend.

Virtual Assistants Or Techno Babble?

These virtual assistants have become the new revolutionary investments for technology providers. As more people get smartphones and other products that allow voice search, consumers are going on board bigtime. 43% of users say they do it because voice search is quicker than opening an app or going on a website. 21% say they don’t like typing on their smartphones.

This trend won’t be slowing down.

How to Make Sure Your Products Break Records on Launch Day

Funnel Strategy September 6, 2017

As any business owner will tell you, making sure the launching day of your product succeeds is almost always the most grueling part. Why? Because no one likes to see something they’ve poured their time, money, and effort into come to nothing.

So how do you ensure the opposite and launch your product to a new record-breaking opening?

Before you haphazardly start “aggressively taking action online,” the most important thing is to be strategic about your next steps. For one, remember to focus on your audience.

Whatever it is that you’re launching – whether it’s a website, brand, or product – you must keep in mind that it’s all about your audience.

When launching a new product, you have to increase your product’s visibility to your potential customers. Sometimes, that means moving your platform.

How to Create Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Guest Post Highlights July 21, 2017 4 Comments

Email is a great way to engage your audience. You can use it to learn more about your customers and find out what they expect from you. You can also utilize it to get more clicks and sales. Whatever your purpose, you have to do emails right.


Email marketing is more than just getting your audience to open your email.That is a huge part of it though. First having signups (using a great funnel) and then getting 10k inboxed and clicked on are both huge accomplishments. The focus on this article is to get the customer to click.


It’s about getting them to click your content and take advantage of your offers. How do you make sure that you’re getting engagement and conversions from your emails? Learn these five ways to make sure your email campaigns are on the money.

4 Sales Funnel Questions That 40k People Are Dying To Get Answers On From Russell Brunson 

General July 11, 2017 6 Comments

I polled over 40,000 marketers for one reason. I wanted to find out what they knew or didn’t know about sales funnels. Specifically the question was, “What would you ask Russell Brunson if you knew he would answer.”

Ground Rules For The Epic Question Battle

  • This was a business focused question. I will not ask anything to do with his personal or spiritual life.
  • This question is going to presented or on the Clickfunnels Blog if it is amazing.
  • I will give the winner (questions that make it into my post) a shout out tweet and post on my website Feedster.

I want to follow up to that and ask that you tweet or share this post. . I want to know the biggest question you would ask “Mr.

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