ClickFunnels is one of the FIRST to join the new Stripe Partner Program

Announcements July 31, 2018

ClickFunnels has a huge announcement to make. We’re excited to have the chance to finally tell you guys the big news.

ClickFunnels has joined the Stripe Partner Program!

Most people today don’t know that only three percent of GDP is online. That’s why we’re excited to join the Stripe Partner Program to increase internet commerce and help companies start, develop, and grow their online businesses. Whether you have a coaching program, an ecommerce store, or you’re selling an info product, Stripe and ClickFunnels can help you.

By joining the program, our mutual customers will now benefit from the combination of ClickFunnels’ easy to build, drag and drop funnel building software with Stripe’s seamless payment platform.

ClickFunnels is dedicated to helping our customers build their own businesses and find financial freedom through the causes they’re interested in.

ClickFunnels and the GDPR

ClickFunnels and the GDPR
Announcements May 22, 2018 5 Comments

In response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be taking effect in the European Union on May 25th, 2018, ClickFunnels has updated our terms.

What is GDPR?
The European Union (EU) has taken a firm stance on personal data protection and privacy. In response, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been created in an attempt to protect the fundamental right to privacy and protection to all citizens within the EU. Specifically, this new regulation affects any entity, which includes websites, that processes EU citizens’ personal data. This does not matter whether or not you are in the EU physically. So long as you have visitors coming to your site, you are responsible for being compliant with GDPR. This even includes your marketing campaigns. So long as EU citizens might be affected, you are required to be compliant.

Our Affiliates are Making BANK!

Announcements January 25, 2018

ClickFunnels affiliates are crushing it and have completely crushed it this past year! It has been insane the growth and development that we’ve been seeing through the ClickFunnels community and how many new people have come to find that ClickFunnels for their business endeavors. It’s so cool and we love it!

clickfunnels affiliate making bank

But, do you want to know something really cool? The numbers that our accounting team has been collecting will blow you away when you get a look at them. Our affiliates have been making a killing and if you’re a part of the affiliate team, then our hats are off to you and your hard work promoting ClickFunnels!

Last year, we paid out $11,838,759.95 in commissions to our affiliates! Take a look at that number again! Over 11 MILLION DOLLARS to affiliates and we couldn’t be happier about that!

Funnel Hacking Live Spotlight: Anthony DiClementi

Funnel Hacking Live Spotlight: Anthony DiClementi
Announcements January 17, 2018

This year at Funnel Hacking Live, you’re going to get the opportunity to expand your knowledge on a multitude of incredible and fascinating topics. You’re going to revolutionize your business and your strategy when it comes to building your projects, offers, and company! But, did you know that you’re also going to get a chance to learn from a leading functional medicine expert in the world?

Anthony DiClementi is one of the foremost professionals in his field, working with countless professionals to transform their lives. Whether it’s their physique, energy, or mental clarity, Anthony has changed the lives of CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and clients from all walks of life and he’s here to give you his Biohacks to change your life.

Morning routines, which supplements you should actually start taking, how to breathe properly,

ClickFunnels and Zapier Power Team!

Announcements January 15, 2018

When it comes to ClickFunnels, we have a lot of great ways to integrate with other programs to help you run your projects smoothly. We’re all about doing what’s easiest for our customers to help them really maximize their benefit and skill with ClickFunnels! And, we’re proud to say that Zapier is one of our top apps that integrates with ClickFunnels.

clickfunnels zapier integration

Why should you care about Zapier? Because Zapier connects ClickFunnels to over a thousand apps to help make things run smoother and cleaner for you and your business to function. Take the busywork out of your day and let Zapier help ClickFunnels send all of your information to your email, orders to your warehouse, automate communication between your employees, and literally hundreds of other things that make your life easier.

Zapier also keeps you up to date on all the offers that join their ranks on a weekly basis.

Happy Thanksgiving from ClickFunnels!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from ClickFunnels!!!
Announcements November 23, 2017

It’s the time of the year where family, turkey, and gratitude all come together for one special holiday.

Here at ClickFunnels, we are fortunate enough to have some of the greatest customers and clients in the world. We’ve worked hard to listen to feedback and input from those using our program. We try to implement new features that help you save money and make your vision a reality. It is our goal to provide you with more and more value. It has been our guiding principle and intention to continue each and every day to give you the most.

We hope that we’ve been able to help you take your company to the next level!

We look forward to doing incredible things this coming year and we hope you’re coming with us!


Join the 2 Comma Club!

Join the 2 Comma Club!
Announcements November 14, 2017

At ClickFunnels, we CANNOT stop talking about the 2 Comma Club!

It is one of our greatest accomplishments and one of the coolest things about what we do! We help people take their visions and turn them into a reality every day. It is the coolest part of our job!

It has been a wild ride building out the 2 Comma Club and we wanted to let you guys know what’s been happening!

Since the beginning of ClickFunnels, we have been pushing for the 2 Comma Club to be the standard or goal for anyone looking to open a funnel through ClickFunnels.

To be a part of the 2 Comma Club, all you need to do is make 1 million dollars through a single funnel. Some of you might be rolling your eyes,

[Announcement] Send 13 SMTP Integration Now Live

[Announcement] Send 13 SMTP Integration Now Live
Announcements March 2, 2017 2 Comments

Let’s face it. Not all marketing emails get into your inbox. If you’re lucky, they’ll be sent through the Promotions folder. But for some, they end up going to the Junk folder.

With this in mind, ClickFunnels has partnered with Send13 SMTP Platform to make sure your marketing or affiliate marketing promotions get sent right to your email lists’ inbox without being filtered or junked.

What is Send13 SMTP?

Send13 SMTP platform lets you integrate through various marketing tools for funnels, social media, webinars, etc.

What’s different about Send13, you may ask?

Send13 is one of the only known service to welcome marketing service with hands-on support to make sure your marketing emails arrive in the intended inbox, not the spam folder.

[Announcement] Funnel Graffiti Is Now Available

[Announcement] Funnel Graffiti Is Now Available
Announcements February 11, 2017 2 Comments

Are you a die hard funnel builder and spend most of your time whiteboarding and designing funnels you plan to launch?

Or maybe you spend more time in ClickFunnels than at home with your significant other.

Either way, now you can take your sales funnel excitement to a whole new level!

Introducing…. Funnel Graffiti!

What Is Funnel Graffiti?


Funnel Graffiti stickers are re-usable stickers that can be used anywhere you like!

Some of our favorite places include:

  • The Television
  • Your Whiteboards
  • The Fridge
  • The Car
  • The Shower
  • And anywhere else you can think of!

Funnel Graffiti is the easiest way to plan out your sales funnel with elements like emails,

Automatic Custom Domain Setup Is Now Live

Automatic Custom Domain Setup Is Now Live
Announcements January 25, 2017 4 Comments

What’s a custom domain and why would you want one?

Let’s use WordPress and Blogger as examples. When you create an account with with WordPress or Blogger, you’ll be given your own free subdomain like or If you’re just starting out and trying to get the feel of managing your own content, it’s okay to make do with these sort of subdomains. However, once you’ve grown your content and if you feel that you already have a significant amount of traffic streaming through your site, it’s a good idea to change your or website with your own customised .com URL.

Custom Domains serve as a branding in the digital space. It makes your place in the digital sphere your own and it makes your websites more professional.

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