Funnel Hacking 101: Design Hack Tips

Funnel Hacking 101: Design Hack Tips
Design Tips November 29, 2017

Funnel Hacking gets thrown around a lot in the ClickFunnels community. We do call ourselves, Funnel Hackers, after all. But, what is Funnel Hacking exactly? It’s made people millions of dollars. It’s made average people, looking to make ends meet, into passionate powerhouses in their fields. And, It’s revolutionized industries and is the cutting edge of research.

So, how do you start Funnel Hacking today?

Well, let’s start with some basic design tips, brought to you by our in house graphic designer, Jake Leslie.

Step 1: Pick Your Target

So, with Funnel Hacking, there’s a bit you need to bring to the table before you do it successfully. You need to know what your product is, who your audience is, and where they’re located. This is Russell Brunson 101 and if this is sounding confusing to you,

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