8 Strategies For Increasing Landing Page Conversions

8 Strategies For Increasing Landing Page Conversions
General April 22, 2018

At the heart of any good sales funnel is a high-converting landing page. As the gateway into any funnel, the landing page (or squeeze page, as it’s often called) is your opportunity to hook your prospects in, enticing them to move forward. Well-designed landing pages often lead to epic conversions. When they’re not, they lead to frustration and defeat. So, the big question that most people have is, how do you increase landing page conversions?

How do you design landing pages that lure prospects in with sizzling headlines and irresistible offers? What are the primary strategies that lead to an inevitable increase in sales and conversions? And what are the potential pitfalls that you should avoid when designing and constructing, not only your landing pages, but your entire funnels as well?

Sales Funnels 101: The Mechanics Behind Selling Online

Sales Funnels 101: The Mechanics Behind Selling Online
General April 19, 2018

Anyone who’s mildly interested in business needs to understand the concept of the sales funnel. But what are sales funnels and how do they work? In essence, they’re automated sales processes configured to increase sales and conversions. At the end of the day, sales funnels offer the path of least resistance and highest probability to growing and scaling a business fast, no matter the present size, industry or niche it’s in.

Sales funnels are also quite possibly one of the most important concepts in business.  They help you sell on autopilot. They can take your company from zero to hero in lightning speed. Think weeks and months as opposed to years and decades. That’s how important they are. Thus, by understanding and wielding prowess over this single business concept, you can literally hop on your own personal rocket ship to the moon.

How to Start Making Money with ClickFunnels

General April 18, 2018

There are over 61,000 people using ClickFunnels right now. That’s a huge chunk of the entrepreneur world. Right now, the ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club is growing larger and larger with customers who are aggressively making their dreams a reality. If you’re not aware, to join the Two Comma Club, you have to process over a million dollars through a single funnel to be eligible for the award. Right now, if you’ve never started a business, you’ve never built a funnel, or you’ve never even sold someone on anything, you can start the journey through ClickFunnels right now and get the tools you need to start making your dreams, your vision, a reality.

When I say that ClickFunnels is revolutionary, I don’t mean that lightly. There is no company in the world that is quite like ClickFunnels. If you are starting with nothing or a part time job,

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Round Up

General April 3, 2018


This year in Orlando, Florida, we were able to take over Coronado Springs where we put on the best Funnel Hacking Live so far, and I don’t mean that lightly. Three thousand Funnel Hackers, some veterans, and some coming within days of just hearing about ClickFunnels or Russell, which is astounding! Each and every one of them were treated to the event of a lifetime. This year’s event was one that is going to be difficult to beat next year, but we’re up to the challenge. But, before we dive into next year’s event, I think it’s important to take a moment to reflect on just what and incredible event we all experienced.

It’s hard to break down Funnel Hacking Live into just ten incredible parts, but I’m going to give it a chance. While there honestly wasn’t a moment at Funnel Hacking Live that honestly didn’t feel like it was gold,

10 Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Pages

10 Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Pages
General March 7, 2018

Landing pages are usually the introduction you have with potential customers and leads. They find your ad appealing or you have a great post on Facebook that’s going around, and this is what they see. You’ve piqued their interest and now they’re looking to see just what it is you’re all about. It’s your moment to shine. If you’ve invested in landing page builder that works best for you, you’ve probably customized everything. Everything should be set and ready for them.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the landing page is the copywriting. We tinker with color, perfect videos, and make sure our images are on point, but the writing can sometimes overwhelm. In fact, writing powerful copy can be downright intimidating for most. But, how do you write copy that gets your leads to actually engage with your offer?

7 Benefits of Network Marketing

General February 28, 2018

Network Marketing

Have you ever felt the desire and the drive to start your own business? To become an entrepreneur that sets their own hours, answers to themselves, and seeks their own fortune! It’s the dream of many to find their own place in the world where they have their own control over how they live their life and where they work. It’s a noble goal. To create your own business is the foundation of American culture. It’s taking a part of capitalism into your hands. One of the ways to do this is to start network marketing.

Very few of us actually went to college for a business degree and those who did go to school for a business degree still have no idea where to make your first move. Going and starting your own business is intimidating.

6 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Conversion Optimization February 21, 2018

Increase Landing Page Conversions

There is one surefire way you can succeed in business in the long term. And that is to ensure that your landing pages are converting. If you can consistently spend $1 and make $2 or $5 or even $10 or more, then you have a profitable offer you can scale. However, when your landing pages aren’t converting, it’s like throwing money into a fire. It just keeps burning and burning and burning.

So, how hard is it to build landing pages that convert? Or simply to increase conversions on existing landing pages? Is it really that complex or convoluted? Or, is it simple and straightforward? We’ve all watched people like Russell Brunson quickly build out a funnel in under an hour that goes on to become wildly profitable. But can anyone do it? 

8 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnels

General February 14, 2018

How to Drive Traffic to Your Funnels

Traffic is the lifeblood of business. Like it or not, you need to drive traffic to survive. You also need traffic to thrive. And if you want to make money online, thriving is what you need to do. But like most entrepreneurs, you’ve likely struggled with driving traffic to your sales funnels and your offers. Clearly, it’s not easy. With so many traffic-driving strategies, it can certainly feel overwhelming.

If this problem hasn’t plagued you yet, then you’re likely fresh to the scene. If you’re not, and traffic arrives in leaps and bounds, then a BIG congratulations is in order. You’re obviously doing something right. The cool thing about traffic is that it often leads to sales. Not always. But often. If you’ve optimized your funnels, the copy, the up-sells and down-sells, the one-time offers,

ClickFunnels Increased Customer Satisfaction upto 94%

General February 12, 2018

One of the driving forces inside of ClickFunnels is the idea that we could make the designing and building of sales funnels easier for our customers so that they have a uniquely streamlined and clean experience with our program. Customer experience is the difference for so many people and we’ve been looking to deliver top notch service since day one.

In fact, we’ve taken enormous steps in expanding our customer service teams, in both billing and technical support. Clickfunnels is proud that our company is a fraction of the size of our competitors without compromising our top-notch service. We’re continually monitoring the competition to make sure that we’re a step ahead on what customers want, need, and expect from a customer service department. And, we’re still crushing it.

But, what’s the most insane thing about our 94% satisfaction for the month of January 2018,

11 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages

General February 9, 2018

Increase Conversions landing page

Conversions are where the magic happens. It’s the intersection that culminates in all the facets of your business coming together to make a sale. All of your marketing, your development, and all of your design comes together to help bring your product to the masses. You can have all the traffic in the world, but it does nothing if you cannot complete the sale. Conversions are the defining moment that makes your business work for you.

Everyone wants to increase conversions. More conversions equates to more money. The more money you make, the more you can spend acquiring new customers. There’s no downside to boosting conversions. It’s the very essence of running and building a profitable business.

However, if conversions were easy, every business would thrive. All you would need to do is build a great product or service,

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