Your Four Tips for Building FOMO!

Your Four Tips for Building FOMO!
Funnel Strategy December 20, 2017

A lot of people in our office toss out the word: FOMO

Honestly, I had no idea what it was that they were talking about. I kind of just grinned and nodded, trying to put the pieces together. Whenever Russell erupts in excitement and Dave starts shouting on one end of the office, someone would mutter under their breath:

“I got fomo…”

Working in an office with Russell Brunson, this came up all the time and when I finally got the nerves to ask someone, they said: “Korbin, are you serious? It’s ‘fear of missing out.’”

It clicked and it made complete sense now.

Going forward, it has been HELL hearing Russell and the others freaking out over new ideas, planned projects, and successes that we involved in. It’s powerful!

How to Create Black Friday Sales for Your Funnels

How to Create Black Friday Sales for Your Funnels
Funnel Strategy November 20, 2017 2 Comments

Black Friday is coming…the only time of year when it doesn’t look desperate to slash prices! If you’ve got funnels up and running, now’s the time (like TODAY) to create some kickin’ Black Friday specials.

Here are a couple ways to do it….

Get the PROMO script inside Funnel U

The Promo script allows you to create a special offer with a coupon code on your order forms. You can get inside the Funnel U members area where there is the code, plus a video training on how to insert it into your funnels! Then all you have to do is send out some emails with your coupon codes!

Create the “appearance” of sales with your order form text

A great way to add a Black Friday feel is to simply adjust the wording on the product description.

Top Tips for Writing A High Converting Webinar Registration Page

Top Tips for Writing A High Converting Webinar Registration Page
Funnel Strategy November 15, 2017

The webinar registration page is the most important page in your funnel. If people don’t feel that ache of curiosity, they won’t opt in, they won’t watch, and they won’t buy. Rather than leaving your webinar registration page to the end, make it the first thing you do!

Your webinar registration does not have to be complicated, and in fact – it’s one of the simplest and FASTEST pages to make. My recommendation is that you make the registration page FIRST, before anything else. By doing so you will have all the pieces you need to create the first half of your webinar.

Here are the three CRUCIAL pieces of info you need:

  • Hook
  • Tagline
  • Three Secrets

These are the three critical pieces of any webinar.

How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do
Funnel Strategy November 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between someone who is amazing at what they do vs. someone who is the best in the world? Most of us would settle for amazing right? After all, a very small minority of people will ever BE the actual best in the world at something, so why try.

Here’s why you should try….

The path to becoming the best in the world – even if you don’t reach that coveted status – the journey of trying will position you so far above the competition, you’ll never worry about wealth again.

I asked several of the #funnelhackers in our community – the ones who are the best in the world at what they do – what they think gets you there. I’m calling them Besters.

How to Stop Teaching on Your Perfect Webinar (and still deliver value)

How to Stop Teaching on Your Perfect Webinar (and still deliver value)
Funnel Strategy October 20, 2017 4 Comments

If any of you have read Expert Secrets, on page 167 – Russell confuses all of us teachers by suggesting we can’t teach during our webinars. What does he mean? How can you deliver valuable content to your audience, build trust, and make sales – and not teach?

Before we dig into what this actually means, it’s imperative that you’ve read the book. So stop what you’re doing and go get it, and then come back.

Awesome. You’re back.

The basic outline of the perfect webinar is this:

  • Build rapport
  • Take your prospect on a journey
  • Break false beliefs and rebuild them using three secrets
  • Create an irresistible offer (or stack)
  • Sell it to them

All the details are in the book,

7 Secrets for Writing a Business Blog That Converts Leads

7 Secrets for Writing a Business Blog That Converts Leads
Funnel Strategy September 20, 2017

A vast majority of contemporary businesses are well aware of the fact that writing a blog can bring them substantial sales benefits. It seems like everyone has heard that B2B marketers who use blogs get almost 70% more leads than those that do not. In such circumstances, however, it becomes difficult for the brand to differentiate from its competitors.

It is not enough to simply write a blog anymore. You need to learn the advanced blogging strategies in order to attract potential consumers. That’s why in this article we are going to reveal 7 secrets for writing a business blog that converts leads.

How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

Writing blog posts regularly is not easy but it is necessary to keep up with the latest market trends.

How To Find the Leak in Your Sales Funnel

How To Find the Leak in Your Sales Funnel
Funnel Strategy September 11, 2017 8 Comments

Before we tackle this topic, you should know – most funnels don’t work when you launch them. Even if you’re a pro, it may take two, three, four, or ten tries until you get it right (just ask Russell who had to change his funnel for Clickfunnels six times before it converted). People who don’t launch their funnel because they are trying to get it perfect are deluded. Seriously. You’ll never know if it’s perfect until you launch it anyway, so put it out there – even if it’s ugly, boring, or lame.

That said, once it’s out there, how are you able to troubleshoot where the issues are when they come up? Here are some of my top tips for deciphering where your funnel might be leaking.

The Landing Page

There’s a super easy way to know if your landing page is converting.

How to Make Sure Your Products Break Records on Launch Day

Funnel Strategy September 6, 2017

As any business owner will tell you, making sure the launching day of your product succeeds is almost always the most grueling part. Why? Because no one likes to see something they’ve poured their time, money, and effort into come to nothing.

So how do you ensure the opposite and launch your product to a new record-breaking opening?

Before you haphazardly start “aggressively taking action online,” the most important thing is to be strategic about your next steps. For one, remember to focus on your audience.

Whatever it is that you’re launching – whether it’s a website, brand, or product – you must keep in mind that it’s all about your audience.

When launching a new product, you have to increase your product’s visibility to your potential customers. Sometimes, that means moving your platform.

The Tips And Tools You Should Use To Improve Your Content Marketing

The Tips And Tools You Should Use To Improve Your Content Marketing
Funnel Strategy August 18, 2017

No matter what you’re trying to do with your content marketing, you need to be creating excellent content in order to do it. You’ll bring in more customers, raise awareness of your brand, and gain more followers if you’re creating content that speaks to your audience. Here’s some tips to help you create that content, and some of the best tools online that you should be using.

Tips for creating excellent content

First of all, you need to know that you’re creating the best content possible. Here’s some tips that will help you improve your content creation process.

Make use of infographics

It’s hard to overstate just how much an infographic can benefit you and your business. They’re an attractive and appealing way of sharing information with your readers, and they’re cost effective to make.

Write Compelling Product Descriptions With The 9 Steps

Write Compelling Product Descriptions With The 9 Steps

It’s hard to describe just how important a good product description is. It needs to appeal to readers, and show them just how much they need your product. Simply describing your product and what it does isn’t good enough If you need help with your descriptions, you’re in the right place. These 9 steps will help you get the perfect product descriptions written for your online store. Follow these and watch that conversion grow.

1. Define your audience, and write for them

The first thing to do before you write anything is to decide who your audience is. Product descriptions don’t work when you decide your audience is ‘anyone’. People are all different, and want different things. For example, a single man won’t have any interest in baby products. This is why you need to work out who your audience.

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