ClickFunnels’ Copy Tips: How to Deal with Costs Effectively

ClickFunnels’ Copy Tips: How to Deal with Costs Effectively
Copy Tips December 30, 2017

There is nothing more terrifying, when it comes to copywriting on a page, than broaching the subject of cost and payment. This is where it all comes to a head, right? This is where the rubber meets the road.

How do you keep people interested with what your offer is when you have a price tag that might scare them off? How do you stop scaring people away, even if it’s a larger ticket item?

You want the truth?

You’re going to scare people off with your price tag. That’s just the painful truth, but that’s okay. They’re not buyers! You don’t want them. But, there are some skittish people that you can delicately lead into your funnel. Here’s how to broach the topic with those customers who might still be on the fence

Tip #1: Don’t Highlight Low Costs

Surprisingly, people don’t like it when you brag about how cheap your product is. Why? Because it sounds like your product is cheap in quality if you talk about how low the cost is. It makes them question quality, strangely enough.

A lot of people are extremely eager to point out that they cost less than the competition that they have. However, there’s research that is pointing to the exact opposite. It makes people question the quality of the product.

So, keep away from highlighting how low your product or service costs.

Tip #2: Except in Small Ways

Except… in small ways.

So, rather than brazenly dedicating copy to how low your costs are or how reasonable your costs are, you should subtly remind them of the cost.

If you have a lower end product that is remarkably lower, then you can reaffirm the cost with a single world. Here’s an example.

“For the cost of $100.00!”

Instead, affirm the low cost for the value this way:

“For the low cost of $100.00”

While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it actually helps convert. But also notice that there’s isn’t enormous detail about why it’s such a low cost or expanding upon the price range. It makes a huge difference and people find that appealing. So utilize it!

Tip #3: Play for the Other Team

Another tool that you can use and should use, if you’ve been following Russell, is to answer questions your leads will have before they ask it. Think of it as kind of playing Devil’s Advocate with your own product.

What kind of questions are they going to have about your products? What are the obvious reservations that they’re going to have up front? Think of them and let them out to roam around and for you to deal with.

Why is this valuable for you when talking about costs?

Because it answers the questions before they can use them as a reason not to buy. It helps your price tag look more reasonable.

So figure out what might hold them back and answer it head on in your copy!

Tip #4: Focus on the Value

Finally, the best way for you to address the nervous topic, is to talk about the value.


Because the price tag that you inevitably put on it is going to be worth it. Value and providing it for your customers is the most powerful way of communicating to them that you’re legitimate and worth it. So, rather than focus on how cheap your product is, simply talk about what it is they’ll be getting.

It’ll be more powerful and it will help answer the questions in their minds.

Written by Korbin Voss

I'm a Billing Specialist with ClickFunnels and the ClickFunnels Blog Manager. Like you, I'm looking daily to learn more about how to effectively run an online business and build your tribe!

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