ClickFunnels is one of the FIRST to join the new Stripe Partner Program

Announcements July 31, 2018

ClickFunnels has a huge announcement to make. We’re excited to have the chance to finally tell you guys the big news.

ClickFunnels has joined the Stripe Partner Program!

Most people today don’t know that only three percent of GDP is online. That’s why we’re excited to join the Stripe Partner Program to increase internet commerce and help companies start, develop, and grow their online businesses. Whether you have a coaching program, an ecommerce store, or you’re selling an info product, Stripe and ClickFunnels can help you.

By joining the program, our mutual customers will now benefit from the combination of ClickFunnels’ easy to build, drag and drop funnel building software with Stripe’s seamless payment platform.

ClickFunnels is dedicated to helping our customers build their own businesses and find financial freedom through the causes they’re interested in. With our user-friendly software, we’re helping entrepreneurs all over the world build out their businesses with easy drag and drop editors. We’re solving the greatest problem that entrepreneurs have faced since the birth of the internet. How do you build your company online without spending a fortune? ClickFunnels has helped answer that question for you and Stripe is helping you run all of your payments now.

We believe that removing barriers to online commerce helps more new businesses get started, levels the playing field, and increases economic output and trade around the world. Together with Stripe, our mission is to bring more commerce online and increase the GDP of the internet.

Written by Korbin Voss

I am the Project Coordinator here at ClickFunnels as well as the Blog Manager. Like you, I am looking to find the best information and actionable material to implement with online business and entrepreneurship.

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