How to Cut the Busywork with One Program!

General September 12, 2017

Cut your Work in Half with Zapier!

That might even be low balling it, honestly!


Let’s talk about busywork. Staring up a business comes with loads of busywork. It’s downloading email lists. Or, it’s downloading orders to have them shipped out or to even send it out through another email to your shipping crew. Or, you’re just trying to get Mailchimp to sync up with Gmail.


Lots of copying and pasting. Downloading and uploading.


Too much!


Your time is valuable, whether you’re launching your business or expanding it. You have deadlines to meet, goals to scratch off the list, and new projects to move onto. But, if you’re finding your day is getting devoured by busywork, then you need help.


Zapier is your hero to save the day.

Another program to get to know? It’s true, but it’s going to save you blood, sweat, and tears.


So, let me give you the basics and pitch to tell you why I use Zapier now.


But more importantly, why you should too!


Cut Down Your Manual Effort

The biggest selling point for Zapier that got me to actually go to the site and try it out was the promise to cut my busywork.


Time is incredibly valuable.


There is nothing more draining and exhausting then getting bogged down in busywork. It makes you feel like a kid in middle school again, just wanting that bell to ring. Well, that bell is ringing. Zapier is going to cut the majority of your busywork in half. How? By getting the most out of the apps you’re already using, saving you money from hiring people to save you time, and giving you the freedom to spend your time doing the things you want to do.


It’s all about gutting the time you’re wasting doing menial tasks.


Right there, I was hooked.


Maximize the Apps You Already Use

There are so many programs that you’re using right now that you’re probably not utilizing to their full potential.


Did you know that you can have Gmail communicate with Dropbox and then have Dropbox in turn communicate with Slack? Did you know that you can get ClickFunnels to immediately dump your gathered information into a Google Sheet doc? Without ever having to click anything! No, you don’t need to download anything. You don’t need to upload anything.


You just need Zapier!


Essentially, with Zapier, you can stop copying, downloading, pasting, uploading, or anything that needs to manually be done inside your Funnel! Why would you not want that? If you’re using these apps and you have to get into them daily, you’re working too hard.


Zapier eliminates that with a simple set up plan.


But we’ll get to that later.


The point is, if you have MailChimp and you’re not using the app to its full potential, why not? That’s costing you time and when you bleed time, you bleed money. Time is money! We all know that. It’s not a cliché! It’s practically a mantra for entrepreneurs!


If Zapier can maximize the communication and features of your Apps, it’s going to save you sanity and gets you on top of your game!


Save Yourself Money

So, if you’re not using Zapier, or you don’t want to get to know another program because you don’t have the time, energy, or you feel like you don’t even have the knowledge. Stop selling yourself short! This is going to revolutionize the way you spend your time.


Because, if you’re not using Zapier, you’re going to pay someone a lot of money down the road for something you can do yourself. Don’t pay “experts” something you can do yourself!


Do it yourself!


But, it’s not just about saving yourself from paying someone on UpWork to do the work you could do yourself in less than an hour. It’s also about getting the most out of any subscription that you’re already paying for.


Think back to the last section! You just read it, so it’ll be easy!


By getting the most out of your Apps, any time you upgrade to a paid subscription or a premium account, you’re not letting money slip through your fingers. Don’t we all want to make our money work the most for us?


That’s running a smart business.


Simple and Streamlined

So, you want to do this. You’re like me and you want to make the most of what you’ve got and make the most of every second of your day. Why is Zapier so great? Aren’t there multiple programs that can do this? So, what made me want to go with Zapier?




I use ClickFunnels! You, hopefully, if you’re reading this, use ClickFunnels! We are creatures of efficiency, simplicity, and efficiency!


Zapier is streamlined, simple, and with a few clicks and I’m saving myself half an hour a day, then an hour a day, and then more! The tutorials are easy and simple to follow, they have excellent support, and they help me get the most of everything I have going on.


For me, it feels like I’ve built a web slowly through the journey of figuring out just what it takes to build a successful online business. This web connects to dozens of Apps I use to successfully run everything and every day, more Apps show up that help make my life easier. Zapier makes sure that they really do make my life easier.


And, like I said, I’m a ClickFunnels fanboy. I’m part of the Cult-ure! I like it when things are clean and simple to make my life easier!


So, what do You Want Zapier to do for You?

No, this isn’t a rhetorical question.


“Make life easier?” Okay, great start. How!


Take the time to really analyze how you spend your time throughout the day. Heck, spend the week studying what you’re doing that is a drag, that’s taking you time, and that should really be easier. Take apart your company’s process and see if there is any point where you should have decreased menial tasks, take note and see if Zapier can free you from it.


Honestly, this is going to be the hardest part. We get comfortable with the routine that we set up for our businesses because it’s “just the way it works” but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way—or even the best way. This will be a great way for you to see where you’re actually suffering and how to help your company climb to a cleaner, smoother way. No one likes to break something that seems to be working just fine, but doing this now will save you down the road when things do start piling up or when things do start to fall apart because you’re drowning in busywork!


Save yourself the time, find out how to run your business smoother and take the time to actually ask yourself the hard questions and take an honest look at how you’re running things.


Like I said earlier, I’m a ClickFunnels fanatic and I love it when something takes a complex issue, figures it out, and saving me from recreating the wheel. Especially when it saves me from hiring a specialist to help me out for a hefty price.  Zapier is the tool to help me make things easier.


So, take a look at it and cut down on the manual busywork by maximizing your Apps through Zapier. Get those Apps to start communicating effectively and save yourself from spending money on a specialist later on down the road, Plus, Zapier gets the most out of your Apps, which is golden if you’re paying for a premium account. It’s there to make your life easier and that’s a pretty great thing in my book.


It’s worth it to check it out:


See what busywork you can save yourself from!

Written by Korbin Voss

I'm a Billing Specialist with ClickFunnels and the ClickFunnels Blog Manager. Like you, I'm looking daily to learn more about how to effectively run an online business and build your tribe!

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