Facebook Changes!

General January 12, 2018

If you haven’t heard, we’ll be the first to break the news to you. Facebook is making some changes and it’s freaking some people out. And, honestly, there’s some reason to be a little alarmed. But, the important thing is that we don’t have a whole lot of information yet.

facebook changes

However, here is what we do know. Facebook has notified the public that they are altering the news feed of those on the social media platform in an effort to combat “fake news,” as they’re calling it. This will also drastically decrease the amount of videos and ads, that are not paid for, from businesses and pages where promotional material is issued from.

How exactly? Well, Facebook has stated that those who pay for advertisements will not feel the effect of their sponsored dollars. However, those who are not paying for ads will feel the difference as it will drastically decrease the amount visible content that isn’t being paid through Facebook.

So what does this mean? Well, the initial fear is that it’s going to mess with the way pages interact with those who are following them or like them. Granted, nothing is certain right now and there’s no way of knowing how people are going to react to these changes and what Facebook will do in response to feedback.

We’ll keep you in the know while more information comes out!

Written by Korbin Voss

I am the Project Coordinator here at ClickFunnels as well as the Blog Manager. Like you, I am looking to find the best information and actionable material to implement with online business and entrepreneurship.

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