[Free Funnel Giveaway #2] – Medical/Health Lead Funnel

[Free Funnel Giveaway #2] – Medical/Health Lead Funnel
General February 29, 2016



Who Can Use This Funnel?

This sales funnel is perfect for anyone in the medical or health industry who wants to increase clients to their medical practices.

Anyone from chiropractors to dentists will find this right up their alley and will allow them to start marketing to their audience almost immediately. This funnel paired with targetted traffic will allow you to start building a list of hot prospects for consultations where you can sell them on your services or into a consultation.

What Are The Highlights Of This Funnel?

Contact Phone Number


By including a phone number on the top of the page, this adds credibility to the business and shows that you’re reachable via multiple contact methods and are in fact a real business. The fine addition of “Talk to our specialist today” allows you to customize this section of the funnel to your specialist or receptionist’s name to add a personal touch or alternatively you can leave it as is.



A headline is a key to any successful sales funnel.

At the very top of this medical lead generation funnel you’ve got the opportunity to set the headline you’d like to use to target your demographic.

You can make this location specific based on where you’re driving traffic from or use it in a different way if you’d prefer.

Regardless, the clear headline at the top of this page makes for a create overarching label of the funnel and allows you to draw attention effectively.

Optin Box


This optin box allows your prospects to enter their information so you can have them claim their free consultation with you.

There’s also a new feature with the dropdown box which you can use to qualify prospects.


Written by Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickfunnels. He is known as the 'Sales Funnel Architect' and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. You can also listen to his podcast 'Marketing on The Move' and look him up on Facebook.

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  1. Joe Vajda says:

    I have a question Stephan. If I build a funnel for a local business who is in control of the funnel and how does the process work? I know I have the Click funnels membership but if I quit the membership what happens to the funnels I have built for customers? Thank You Joe Vajda

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