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General February 12, 2018

One of the driving forces inside of ClickFunnels is the idea that we could make the designing and building of sales funnels easier for our customers so that they have a uniquely streamlined and clean experience with our program. Customer experience is the difference for so many people and we’ve been looking to deliver top notch service since day one.

In fact, we’ve taken enormous steps in expanding our customer service teams, in both billing and technical support. Clickfunnels is proud that our company is a fraction of the size of our competitors without compromising our top-notch service. We’re continually monitoring the competition to make sure that we’re a step ahead on what customers want, need, and expect from a customer service department. And, we’re still crushing it.

But, what’s the most insane thing about our 94% satisfaction for the month of January 2018, is that a year ago, in February 2017, our satisfaction score was reported at 76%. While that’s still nothing to shy away from, our support teams dedicated themselves to stepping up and accomplishing something that seemed impossible. And they succeeded.

That’s the kind of aggressive approach to customer service that ClickFunnels wants to be known for. And, if you haven’t reached out for help yet, what are you waiting for? Our tech and billing teams are waiting to help you in any way that they can. But for those of you interested in how we rose from 76% to 94%, let me give you the details.

Why Does Increasing Customer Satisfaction Matter?

One of the defining characteristics of a company that cares is whether or not they’re willing to actually retain their customers. We believe that ClickFunnels has the power and potential to help every business that takes a trial with us. We want to make sure that everyone who comes to us with a strategy or an idea of what they want to do has the tools and the assistance to help solve the problems they encounter.

This kind of active customer service is what has built us such a loyal and active following that we fondly call our Cult-ure. We care about our customers and our customers in turn show a devotion to us that we want to respect and provide for. Continually striving for ways that we can better accommodate and assist our customers is vital to our growth and ability. We invest in our support teams because they are often the first interaction many of our customers have with ClickFunnels. So, that first interaction needs to be exceptional to let them know what the ClickFunnels community is all about.

April, 2017:

That’s where Mark Bangerter comes into the picture. As Director of Customer Experience, Mark enacted a plan in April to help drive our customer service to a new level that is unprecedented in our industry. Ultimately, ClickFunnels was growing at an enormous rate and we did not have the support staff capable of handling the influx of popularity that we were noticing.
However, hiring bodies to fill positions wasn’t enough. Mark wanted to focus on support agents who were aware of multiple factors. We wanted them to have a customer centric approach to their support and we needed them to be knowledgeable about ClickFunnels. The hunt was on and ClickFunnels began to grow.

May, 2017:

While ClickFunnels continued to search and hire the right members for the right positions, ClickFunnels began focusing on Agent Performance. One of the keys to boosting agent performance is by tracking agent performance and helping to set standards for our agents to reach. Another great asset that was implemented was our Rockstar Program where we bring a reward factor for our customers to reach for. Throughout this month, our numbers continued to rise.

June and July, 2017:

While we continued to hire more support agents to fill out roles that were in demand, we made two large changes over the two months. Our support heads began attending support conferences to see where we were lacking and excelling to better gauge our performance. It was also a great place to network and find new ideas that could be implemented in our own program.

Secondly, we launched an agent onboarding program to help train new agents. While we were looking for potential agents that were familiar with ClickFunnels and our philosophy, but we wanted a uniformed approach. This was a great factor to make sure that all of our agents start with a similar base knowledge to help provide a systemized and consistent approach to responses with our customers.

August, 2017:

With continued growth and the implementing of larger teams, August brought a unique experience for our support team leads. Mark implemented the first team lead Quarterly Meeting. We have agents all around the world and the majority of our support team is distributed in remote positions. To help build culture within our own company, we brought out the team leads to share what challenges they faced and what tricks and implementations were helping them thrive. It was the beginning of a great bonding experience that helped bring valued members of our company together.

Secondly, ClickFunnels tech support launched a two-tiered support system to help our customers with immediacy. We developed a live chat team to quickly address questions and concerns that were quick responses and fast fixes, so customers were not left waiting for simple solutions. The second tier was established to help moderate and resolve more in depth issues that would take more time to address.

September, 2017:

Mark Bangerter launched a partnership with Solvvy to allow our customers to find solutions themselves through their unique self-service software. While this might seem strange, it has actually built up to be a huge asset for the company. Customers now feel confident in posing questions, knowing that they can find resources to solve their issues and avoid a support queue. We have learned that while customers learn differently, they also find solutions differently and Solvvy has helped us reach many customers who previously were not reaching out to us.

October, 2017:

Our customer support development continued with Solvvy and we have implemented an entire team for documentation to help optimize Solvvy for our customers. This has boosted our support Docs considerably to help our customers seek out solutions to their problems without contacting a support representation. Our customers now have a prolific resource where they can learn and grow. We have given control to our customers in solving their own issues.

November, 2017—February, 2018:

With all of the pieces in place, it was now just a matter of letting the resources and pieces that we had implemented take effect. While we continue to add agents as they were needed and running them through our training regiment, our numbers began to increase. It was incredible to see what kind of growth and development our customer satisfaction numbers were showing. Mark Bangerter reports his numbers weekly in our company meeting. He highlights those agents who provided exceptional service and provides accountability.

Ultimately, check out the numbers that Mark reported for February 2018:

Customer Satisfaction Increase

Our amazing support team was able to hit Mark Bangerter’s goals and we hit that elusive 97% customer satisfaction. ClickFunnels has increased customer satisfaction to the tune of 97% and that is continually our goal. ClickFunnels has taken an approach to continually build up eagerness in our agents to serve. This has drastically improved our customer relationship with support. We intend to continue this approach and maintain a healthy 97% customer satisfaction

The Goal:

In summary, ClickFunnels had a clear and intentional objective to increase our customer satisfaction to 97%. While this goal ultimately seems daunting and nearly impossible, understanding that we’re assisting customers with a broad variety of issues including cancellations, complex feature integrations, and sometimes customers whose attempts at doing something cool caused a major break, we still pursued it. Setting the goal was the first step in approaching the daunting aspect of increasing our customer satisfaction.

The Man for the Job:

To implement this, ClickFunnels sought out the man for the job within our company who was unquestionably, Mark Bangerter. With a keen eye and a knack for finding solutions, Mark took the proactive approach that ClickFunnels needed to address customer satisfaction. Mark understood that 76% was an incredible number, but he could envision ways of increasing our customer satisfaction to 97%.

The Team:

Increasing Customer Satisfaction started with finding a way to implement teams of customer support effectively and intelligently. From training and equipping our new recruits with a uniform knowledge base. We were able to grow customer satisfaction and helped us provide intentional support by holding our teams accountable and setting strong objectives. Our team is continually growing and pushing forward to make sure our customer satisfaction remains around 97%.

Fast Solutions:

Our customers do not have the time to waste waiting. If there are simple solutions, our customers have access to them. So, to build customer satisfaction, we intentionally created resources for our customers. To get the solutions they’re looking for on their own or with quick, timely responses. This had a major impact on increasing our customer satisfaction numbers. All thanks to the implementations of live chat support and programs like Solvvy.

If you’re a ClickFunnels customer and have a question or concern, we’re ready to help. Our support teams are eager and waiting to assist. We feel that our customers are most effective when happy. Plus, happy customers help change the world through ClickFunnels. We want to know how we can provide value to you today. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Written by Korbin Voss

I am the Project Coordinator here at ClickFunnels as well as the Blog Manager. Like you, I am looking to find the best information and actionable material to implement with online business and entrepreneurship.

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