7 Reasons People Leave Your Landing Page

7 Reasons People Leave Your Landing Page
Funnel Strategy March 8, 2016 7 Comments

Are you confused as to why your landing page has a low conversion rate?

Are you getting traffic from your paid ads but no return on your spend?

These are clear signs that your landing page may have some issues and needs to be reviewed.

If you have low conversion rates and aren’t getting a return from your ad spend, then you need to work on your landing page and not invest more to get more traffic.

Putting more money into your paid campaigns may get you more sales, but it will not increase conversion rates or ROI so you will be no better off.

To help you diagnose what is wrong with your landing page, I have listed 7 of the most common causes of landing page failures.

Remember though that it is always best to make one change to your landing page at a time to split test whether that change does, in fact, lead to increased conversion rates.

Here are 7 reasons why people leave your landing page before taking action:

1. Poor Or Outdated Landing Page Design

 time for update1

The reason people may be bouncing from your landing page is because of its design.

If the layout of the landing page is poor or the design is outdated, then people are more than likely going to click to go back to the search results to find a better alternative.

We all love to look at things that are attractive such as the sunset, a piece of art or a well-presented dinner.

This counts for landing pages too. People want to land on a page that is visually striking in all the right way and is also easily digestible.

2. Content That Is Unclear

You have just a few short seconds to attract the person who has landed on your page and entice them to stay.

Because you have just a few short seconds, it is important that the content on the page is clear and compelling.

Make sure that you have one main heading as well as a few clear subheadings.

These headings should outline what you are offering and its main benefits.

Make this easily skimmable so that it can all be digested in a few short seconds.

Another thing is to make sure that these headings and content is clearly visible.

For example, having a white heading over an off-white background isn’t going to draw the eye easily.

3. Too Many Popups

Pop-ups have become very popular over the years, and almost every online business now has a popup asking for people to sign up for their newsletter or to get an exclusive offer.

While these popups have become a familiar sight on landing pages, it is important not to have too many popups so as to frustrate people or to distract them from your main goal.

I have been on a website before that has had a pop up in the center of the page asking me to subscribe to a newsletter, a pop at the bottom of the page asking if they can help me with anything and a pop up on the side of the page asking for my email address again for something I didn’t bother reading about.

This all happened in a couple of seconds which overwhelmed me and led me to click back to the search results page.

Your landing page should have one main goal and no distractions which having popups can cause.

4. Having An Auto Play Video

For me and many others, there is something about landing on a site and being bombarded by a video auto-playing that puts me off and makes me click back.

When I am working at the coffee house or o the train in between meetings, I find it embarrassing if some booming voice comes from my laptop.

I click on the website in a split second!

People like to have control over what content the wish to see or read which is why you should give them the choice of whether they want to watch your video rather than forcing it on them.

Having said that, this isn’t ALWAYS the case.

Split test it and see if it lifts conversions because ultimately, that’s the right answer.

If you visit some of ClickBank’s highest converting offers, most of them have VSLs which autoplay.

So this one could go either way.

5. Too Many Forms To Fill

One of the most distracting things about a landing page is when there are too many forms to fill.

As I said before, your landing page should have one goal and one goal only.

If you try and offer too many things at the same time, it is going to confuse people who will lead them to click back and go to a competitor.

To stop this from happening, have one solid form to capture leads on your landing page.

You can perhaps have two forms if you have a long scrolling landing page but you can split test which works best for your particular niche.

6. Your Offer Isn’t Relevant Or Enticing Enough

One of the main reasons why people aren’t converting on your landing page is because the offer either isn’t good enough or isn’t relevant to them.

You should map out your different customer personas and create landing pages that will be 100% relevant to each persona.

For example, for someone that has bought from you before you wouldn’t send them to a landing page with a first-time buyer offer.

As well as making sure the right people see the right offers, it is also important to make sure that your offers are enticing enough for them to give willingly of their information or buy.

For example, which do you think would be more enticing to people;

  1. To find out more information, fill out the quick form below.
  2. For a free 14 day trial, fill out the quick form below.

The 14-day free trial would be a lot more beneficial than the alternative offer.

7. Landing Page Not Relevant From The Paid Ad They Clicked On

time for update1

I see this happening quite a lot with businesses who aren’t wholly experienced with paid advertising.

While I understand getting traffic to your landing pages is important, it is even more important that the traffic converts so you get a return on your spend.

Having a paid search ad that states something that cannot be found on your landing is a sure fire way to make bounce from your landing page and waste spend.

To stop this from happening, make sure that what you offer on the paid ad is exactly what you offer on the landing page.

For example, if I clicked on a paid search ad that said “loan calculator” I would expect to see a loan calculator on the landing page.

If I see a form on the landing page rather than a calculator, I would be inclined to click back to the search results to find the loan calculator I was looking for.

Nothing good comes from offering something on the paid ad that you don’t offer on the landing page.

All it will do is waste your ad spend and discourage people from clicking through to your website again.

Bonus Reason Why People Are Leaving Your Landing Page

8. Slow Loading Times


I’ll give you a bonus reason people may be leaving your landing page before taking action which is if it loads slowly.

There is nothing worse than clicking on something that piqued your interest on Facebook only to see a blank screen and a rotating loading icon.

People live fast lives and do not have the time to wait for your landing page to load even if they wanted to see what you had to offer.

If they wanted to see your offer they will just search for it and possibly ending up clicking on a competitor instead.

Make sure your landing pages load under 2 seconds to avoid wasted ad spend.

Landing Page Review Checklist

Now that you know some of the main reasons why people are clicking away from your landing page before taking action, it is also important to know what else to look for when reviewing your landing pages.

I have listed below a quick checklist which you can print and refer to when split testing and optimizing your landing pages.

  1. Does your landing page load in under 2 seconds?
  2. Does your landing page have too many popups that may distract from the goal?
  3. Are your headlines clear and compelling?
  4. Is the content on your landing page easily skimmable?
  5. Are you sending the right people to the right landing pages?
  6. Have you proofread for spelling and grammar errors?
  7. Is your landing page designed for mobile?
  8. Is your landing page well designed?
  9. Do images on the landing page distract from the call to action?
  10. Does your landing page have trust signals such as testimonials and brand logos?
  11. Is the form on your landing page easy to fill?
  12. Have you turned off auto play on any videos on the landing page?
  13. Does your landing page have one goal and one goal only?
  14. Is your landing page completely relevant to the paid ads it is linked to?

Have you come across something on a website that has made you click away without taking action?

It would be interesting to hear so leave your comments below.


Written by Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickfunnels. He is known as the 'Sales Funnel Architect' and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. You can also listen to his podcast 'Marketing on The Move' and look him up on Facebook.

7 responses to “7 Reasons People Leave Your Landing Page”

  1. Is it really that bad if the Video is on Autoplay? I mean, I think for professional, bigger businesses it would be not the most professional-behavior to set the video on Autoplay. But for squeeze pages, I see everyone having an Autoplay Video and I am sure there’s a reason for that. You only have seconds to capture the visitors attention and if they still need to click on a video where there’s not much else than a video on the page (VSL page for example), then I would find it kind of annoying.

    The Landing Pages for the DotComSecrets Book from Russel for example has AutoPlay too.

    Would you make a difference here?

    • Autoplay is best to split test. It works better in some niches than it does in others. I’d always recommend split testing what’s been mentioned here and see how it affects your conversions 🙂 Just keep in mind some advertising networks (e.g. Facebook) don’t like autoplay and may penalize you for it, so always check that out before you start running paid traffic to avoid you ad account being shutdown.

  2. Gary says:

    Is there a way to compress a background image file to speed up load times?

  3. Joshua Reed says:

    You hit it with not auto loading videos but let us not forget the sites that start auto playing music as well. This is just as bad for most sites!

  4. Kate wilson says:

    Thank you for sharing these points i will definitely keep in mind and hope that people will land on my page and take action.
    Thanks & regards

  5. Borgmans Wesley says:

    Very great article STEPHEN ESKETZIS 😉 And a lot of Golden Nuggets here.

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