Cable TV Sales Funnels {How They Onboard So Many People}

Cable TV Sales Funnels {How They Onboard So Many People}
Sales Funnels May 9, 2018

Optimum is a cable TV service that offers a range of different products to suit different budgets and interests. From the moment you land on the website, you are presented with some stunning offers. Indeed, they start by overcoming the first and most obvious objection – “I am already in a contract”. In this article, we break down this cable tv sales funnels.

The Master Behind This Entire Funnel

They attack objections throughout the funnel and that is the beauty of the entire Cable TV Sales funnels. They constantly attack what you are doing and why you are “thinking” about not buying today. That is the biggest lesson to take away from this funnel hack.

Contract Buyouts

Optimum Contract Buyout

The blue header spells out clearly that first objection – if you’re stuck in a contract, that’s not a problem. They will buy out a new customer’s contract, up to a value of $500. This means that anyone can take advantage of the offers on the site – and there’s certainly a huge number of offers to choose from.

Altice One

Altice Optimum

Altice One is the primary offer that you’ll see on the carousel – for $79.99 a month, for a two year contract, users can get a package of services including 220+ channels and 100Mbps Internet, with streaming services, and a pack of Showtime, Encore, Starz & Starz, and Cloud DVR (for one year) and more.

Altice Optimum Sales Funnel

Internet Only

OptimumIf the Altice One package is a little too much for your liking, then the $39.99 package for Internet access could be a more appealing buy, with WiFi and 100Mbps Internet, it is billed as a connected home package for all your devices.

Personalized Offers

Optimum’s sale funnel really begins with the Find Offers section, where they’ll take your address, and then tell you what is on offer in your area. They have a range of online install offers that will save new users a lot of money.

Support and Protection

Once you’ve joined their online service, you have the option of taking out their premier protection and support service. This costs $19.99 a month, and gives users remote support for their connection and services, as well as protection against mechanical failure – not just of the router or WiFi, but also your computers, Smart TV, LCD/Plasma or LED TV, and your tablet PCs. That’s an impressive package. Users are reassured that there’s no need to register their devices, and the package covers new purchases as well. The advisors are based in the USA, and members get unlimited tech support. Essentially, that one payment gives users a personal help desk. For the target audience, that’s a good offer, and it’s surprising that it doesn’t feature higher up the page.

There’s a one-off option of $39 to $129 to get people to come out to set up electronics and troubleshoot tech issues. They’ll do everything from setting up your WiFi to installing your home cinema system, for the flat fee.

Optimum Premier Support And Protection

If that particular service is too expensive for a new user, there’s a $6.99 service protection offer which covers problems with home wiring, jacks, connectors, and other issues. The idea behind this is that if you call out support, and it turns out that the problem is at your end, not theirs, then you won’t get charged the service fee. Users who take out that protection is given priority status when calling tech support.

Hundreds of Channels For This Cable TV Sales Funnels

The Optimum site is well designed and does a good job of laying out all the offers. The Cable TV and Internet features are well presented, but perhaps they could do more to make it clear what channels are on offer. It’s said that Optimum Core includes more than 220 channels, of which more than 65 are HD. Optimum Select includes 340+ channels, of which 110+ are HD, and Optimum Premier includes more than 420 channels, of which more than 145 are HD – however, save for a few icons below each of those “featured listings” it is not immediately obvious which channels are available. To find out, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click a link, and from there you’ll be presented with a scrolling box that doesn’t work very well. The list is in alphabetical order and stops scrolling at the lower end of the ‘B’s. If you’re sold, but want to make sure that you’ll get your favorite shopping channel, then that could be what kicks you out of ‘buy mode’.

Ads on TV and Viral

Altice, the parent company for Optimum, has recently launched a new short ad spot for their cable service, and the ad features Christiano Ronaldo and the hashtag #RonaldoFaster. The spot focuses on cable internet, rather than the TV service, and discusses the power of viral.

Another popular Optimum ad is the “Screens are Everywhere” one, which shows off their Cloud DVR and some of the channels that they have. This ad was voiced by Kyle Sauerhoefer, and it discusses Game of Thrones, Billions, and Shameless. Using popular culture in the sales funnel is a great way to attract attention.


Optimum and Altice have done a good job with their sales funnel. Their site loads quickly and is well presented, the pricing is clear, and they overcome most of the objections you’re going to have right off the bat. Once you know that the packages are available in your area, that the price is fixed for a given length of time, your existing contract is a non-issue, and there’s a support package to help you get started, it’s hard to find a reason not to buy. You’ll get fast Internet and a package of TV channels that includes all the major channels that most people would want, in HD.

It’s easy to sign up online, or you can pick up the phone and sign up that way. They’ve even managed to sneak in a Star Wars The Last Jedi reference – it’s now available on demand, apparently, and Optimum TV is your chance to watch TV the way that you have always wanted.

The only thing they’re really missing is that they don’t immediately capture people’s email addresses.

Written by Will Robins

Husband and Father, Will focuses on family first under God. If you are searching for an engaged audience, the kind we all dream of, then you have found the right website. Will uses a personality with amazing salesmanship in his teaching. He focuses on how successful websites have grown their viewers and engagement.

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