How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do
Strategies November 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between someone who is amazing at what they do vs. someone who is the best in the world? Most of us would settle for amazing right? After all, a very small minority of people will ever BE the actual best in the world at something, so why try.

Here’s why you should try….

The path to becoming the best in the world – even if you don’t reach that coveted status – the journey of trying will position you so far above the competition, you’ll never worry about wealth again.

I asked several of the #funnelhackers in our community – the ones who are the best in the world at what they do – what they think gets you there. I’m calling them Besters.

FHL2018 SPOTLIGHT: Kaelin “Lady Boss” Poulin

Series November 10, 2017

Hey Everyone!


We’re starting a blog series here highlighting the incredible speakers who will be attending Funnel Hacking Live this year in Orlando, Florida from March 21st-24th.  If you’re want to know more about who is attending, you can always see here!


First up, I want to highlight Kaelin Poulin!


She is the incredible entrepreneur behind Lady Boss!


Kaelin is a master at building a community and a culture around the company that she has built on ethical values and amazing insight. The Lady Boss culture has exploded across social media and in real life. She has become an icon for change and has instilled a sense of purpose, hope, and dedication in her followers.


She built all of this,

Our Top Selling Marketplace Funnels!

Guest Post November 9, 2017

If you’ve been watching the changes ClickFunnels has been making to our User Onboarding, then you’re probably aware of our CookBook Marketplace where we can accurately pair your business with a “Best Performing” funnel.


These funnels are either free or paid, and typically the paid funnels come with better assets, cool graphics, patterns, designs and so much value that they’re a screaming deal.


While you’re here, I want to introduce you to some of the top-selling Funnel Designers in our CookBook Marketplace:


  • “Top Earner” Chris Murray: (71 transactions)
  • Blake Nubar: (145 transactions)
  • Charles Robinson: (204 transactions)


These users are killing it in our marketplace right now, and if you pay close attention to their templates,

Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates
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Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates

Travis Stephenson has earned TWO of our infamous 2 Comma Club Awards. In this episode he reveals the secrets behind chat bots and what he is doing with Chatmatic to decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates and increase attendance to webinars and LIVE events.

Show Notes

  • Fun fact of the day: you’re doing Facebook Messenger all wrong
  • Ask yourself if your bots are helping to stimulate a conversation
  • The more incentive we can put into Facebook posts, the more traffic can be directed to your website
  • What is more important: comments or views?
  • Using Facebook messenger as a notification center is king over Email or text
  • Travis Stephenson uses Facebook messenger to start relationships with his potential clients
  • Is Facebook Messenger replacing email?

The Blog Post That Will Save You From Kicking Yourself… Seriously

Did You Know? November 1, 2017

Ever want to sit at the feet of over a dozen cutting edge gurus across multiple industries at one time?


Ever want to get the information that will launch your career to the next level?


Want to get thousands of dollars of information and training for a fraction of the cost?


Want to go to the most insane gathering of entrepreneurs in the country?


Then why haven’t you bought your ticket to Funnel Hacking Live 2018?!


Okay, enough questions!


Here are the facts!


On March 21st, we’re kicking off Funnel Hacking Live in Orlando, Florida and it’s going to be the most insane, powerful, and life-changing FHL YET!

How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash
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How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash

Noah St. John have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses offline and online for over 20 years. One of the things he has learned is the importance of dealing with the space between your ears. Nothing holds people back more than their head trash. He explains what you need to do to “empty the trash” and get back on track at lightning speed. We also review the book funnel he is using to get a 70% opt in rate.

Show Notes

  • If you can get out of your head you can finally get to that funnel you need to make to get you going
  • Noah knows 3 secrets that smart people don’t know and end up wasting their money
  • Did you know your only building half bridges because your “Head Trash” is preventing you?
3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook
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3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook

Joel Comm has been on video and LIVE video since the beginning. He is a brand ambassador for 3 different LIVE mediums. He reveals what he has learned working with LIVE video for over a decade. You will get his live video playbook for listening to the podcast how best to connect with your audience.

Show Notes

  • Joel is an ambassador for several companies due to his use of Live Video
  • Smartphones and live video allow us to share our message with others with no cost to us
  • Don’t focus “going viral”, if you can tell a story and start a conversation it will go viral by itself
  • What if I told you your FaceBook Live is really not about you nor who you portray yourself to be?
  • Your audience sees through “house of cards” type set ups,

How to Stop Teaching on Your Perfect Webinar (and still deliver value)

How to Stop Teaching on Your Perfect Webinar (and still deliver value)
Strategies October 20, 2017 3 Comments

If any of you have read Expert Secrets, on page 167 – Russell confuses all of us teachers by suggesting we can’t teach during our webinars. What does he mean? How can you deliver valuable content to your audience, build trust, and make sales – and not teach?

Before we dig into what this actually means, it’s imperative that you’ve read the book. So stop what you’re doing and go get it, and then come back.

Awesome. You’re back.

The basic outline of the perfect webinar is this:

  • Build rapport
  • Take your prospect on a journey
  • Break false beliefs and rebuild them using three secrets
  • Create an irresistible offer (or stack)
  • Sell it to them

All the details are in the book,

How To Close More Clients At Higher Prices While Eliminating Scope Creep
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How To Close More Clients At Higher Prices While Eliminating Scope Creep

Adam Hempenstall reveals the secrets he uses to create Better Proposals that help close more clients at higher prices while eliminating scope creep. If you are in the consulting industry you need to listen to this. One of the biggest problems most consultants have is getting sucked in to the “scope creep” fiasco. You want to help and do the best for your client but this actually kills you and creates a terrible client relationship.

Show Notes

  • We’re all able to make better proposals so we can increase our incomes and field of influence
  • The proposals you make should be planned between you and your customer
  • Adam lets us in on how increasing your conversions is as simple as decreasing your output time
  • Have you ever thought of how much free work costs you?

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 is HERE!

Did You Know? October 18, 2017

If you’ve haven’t heard the news yet, you either need to check your social media accounts or get out from under that rock you’re living under!


Funnel Hacking Live tickets are on sale NOW!


Go get your tickets at right now and reserve your seat at the premier event of the year. Everyone is going to be there so whether you’re looking to learn or network, Funnel Hacking Live is where it’s at.


Stop by today and get your tickets before they sell out.


Last year’s event sold out in less than 48 hours and that is not a joke. We had people begging for months leading up to the event for a ticket and they never got them.

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