7 Secrets for Writing a Business Blog That Converts Leads

7 Secrets for Writing a Business Blog That Converts Leads
Guest Post September 20, 2017

A vast majority of contemporary businesses are well aware of the fact that writing a blog can bring them substantial sales benefits. It seems like everyone has heard that B2B marketers who use blogs get almost 70% more leads than those that do not. In such circumstances, however, it becomes difficult for the brand to differentiate from its competitors.

It is not enough to simply write a blog anymore. You need to learn the advanced blogging strategies in order to attract potential consumers. That’s why in this article we are going to reveal 7 secrets for writing a business blog that converts leads.

How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generation Machine

Writing blog posts regularly is not easy but it is necessary to keep up with the latest market trends.

How To Get Local Press To Build your Business
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How To Get Local Press To Build your Business

Rarely do people who are building online sales funnels think of local media. Jeremy explains how using local media can actually build your business. The media attention can be use in your funnel. The local press also helps build your celebrity status thus allowing you to charge more. Jeremy details the step by step process of maximizing local media to build your business.

Show Notes

  • Guess who’s the father of a pig?
  • The traffic to be found outside of the Podcast Highway
  • Why is it so profitable being so local
  • Jeremy Slate has a 5-step content strategy
  • What do you put on your “Media page”?
  • Jeremy got involved in the local community by pulling a tank and being payed to fly to Peru for a service project,
How To Manufacture ‘Authority’
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How To Manufacture ‘Authority’

Adam Witty the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group and ForbesBooks.com has become an authority on helping others ‘manufacture their own authority’. He reveals how to ‘talk your book’ and why anthology books never create real authority. What does it take to become an authority that others trust and will buy from.

Show Notes

  • Donald Trump’s prime example of authority marketing to become successful and a President of the United States
  • How we all can manufacture more authority in the marketplace
  • Write the book and you’ll etch your name into your niche
  • Turn an interview into a book and into your next lead generator
  • What Adam Witty suggests considering when preparing your next book for publishing
  • Bait the hook to suite the fish, not the fisherman
  • Not everyone should write a book,
How To Sell a Marketing Funnel and Why Websites Are Dead
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How To Sell a Marketing Funnel and Why Websites Are Dead

Websites are dying. Mike Killen reveals why marketing funnels are the only way to grow your business. If you are interested in creating funnels and selling them, Mike will show you step by step what you need to do. How much can you charge for your funnels? How can you monetize your services.

Show Notes

  • What would you say the difference is between a website and a funnel?
  • Mike gives us two reasons to explain the importance of specializing in a nich to sell your service
  • Now that we know the importance of niches, how do we know which nich to get into?
  • You’ve found your nich, the vertical you want, and your RI…how do you sell that funnel?
  • Getting content out so you can help your customers SO you can get MORE customers
  • Mike Killen talks about why conversations and dialog with customers is such crucial component to success
  • The art of the follow up
  • Just how do we put a price point on a funnel?

How to Cut the Busywork with One Program!

Did You Know? September 12, 2017

Cut your Work in Half with Zapier!

That might even be low balling it, honestly!


Let’s talk about busywork. Staring up a business comes with loads of busywork. It’s downloading email lists. Or, it’s downloading orders to have them shipped out or to even send it out through another email to your shipping crew. Or, you’re just trying to get Mailchimp to sync up with Gmail.


Lots of copying and pasting. Downloading and uploading.


Too much!


Your time is valuable, whether you’re launching your business or expanding it. You have deadlines to meet, goals to scratch off the list, and new projects to move onto. But, if you’re finding your day is getting devoured by busywork, then you need help.

How To Find the Leak in Your Sales Funnel

How To Find the Leak in Your Sales Funnel
Did You Know? September 11, 2017 5 Comments

Before we tackle this topic, you should know – most funnels don’t work when you launch them. Even if you’re a pro, it may take two, three, four, or ten tries until you get it right (just ask Russell who had to change his funnel for Clickfunnels six times before it converted). People who don’t launch their funnel because they are trying to get it perfect are deluded. Seriously. You’ll never know if it’s perfect until you launch it anyway, so put it out there – even if it’s ugly, boring, or lame.

That said, once it’s out there, how are you able to troubleshoot where the issues are when they come up? Here are some of my top tips for deciphering where your funnel might be leaking.

The Landing Page

There’s a super easy way to know if your landing page is converting.

A Tale of Two Webinars. From $30K to $0. Read and Weep.

Guest Post September 10, 2017 5 Comments

So this is a story for anyone thinking about hosting a webinar to promote their product / service. Its an important lesson and will save you a ton of money and time..

Before we get into it, lets talk about how I got to be a writer for one of the most popular and HOT software companies on the planet and know nothing about said software? Or technology?

Words my dear Watson, Words.

They can get a girl far.

They used to get me into a lot of trouble when I was a teenager. I had a mouth on me.

If I am tired and hungry, watch out 🙂

I digress…

So, to tell this story and answer the question as to how I landed my ClickFunnels gig (it does involve some woo-woo stuff like journaling,

“Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward
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“Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward

Derek’s rags to riches to rags and on the way back up to riches contains lessons of value for sure. He reveals the conflict many business owners have when the money is great but you are not aligned with what you want to do. Then after it is all taken away you get to choose how to re-build it. This is how he made that choice and what you can do too.

Show Notes

  • Trust Funnels
  • Derek’s strategy for getting out your product effectively and profitably
  • His breakdown of his funnel for BeYourMessage.com
  • Transitioning to applications
  • To be a coach for somebody, you don’t have to be the master of that field. Just know more than somebody else
  • Derek Hendricks’ confidence in his price point
  • Failing Forward
  • How Derek got to being interviewed for the broadcast


“Once I started understanding funnels I understood that once you starting leading people down what I like to call the yellow brick road towards your land of Oz,

Tips to Keep Your Landing Pages Compliant With Facebook

Tips to Keep Your Landing Pages Compliant With Facebook
Did You Know? September 7, 2017 6 Comments

If it’s not obvious by the 8 million questions regarding Facebook Ads in the Clickfunnels Facebook group, ads give people a LOT of trouble! Facebook changes its algorithm, Power Editor, and policies constantly. And if you’re using Facebook Ads to fill your funnel with traffic, as annoying as it is to keep up, YOU MUST.

I’ve just recently come back from a six week hiatus after my ad account got shut down. And in my research, I learned a few ways (right now September 2017) that will help keep your LANDING PAGES compliant.

Yes, your landing pages. Facebook is not just about the ad anymore — they also care a lot about the landing page that the newsfeed scroller lands on. I could write an entire other post on ads, but today I want to focus on your Clickfunnels landing pages.

How to Make Sure Your Products Break Records on Launch Day

Guest Post September 6, 2017

As any business owner will tell you, making sure the launching day of your product succeeds is almost always the most grueling part. Why? Because no one likes to see something they’ve poured their time, money, and effort into come to nothing.

So how do you ensure the opposite and launch your product to a new record-breaking opening?

Before you haphazardly start “aggressively taking action online,” the most important thing is to be strategic about your next steps. For one, remember to focus on your audience.

Whatever it is that you’re launching – whether it’s a website, brand, or product – you must keep in mind that it’s all about your audience.

When launching a new product, you have to increase your product’s visibility to your potential customers. Sometimes, that means moving your platform.

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