#1 Traffic Mistake And How To Avoid It
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#1 Traffic Mistake And How To Avoid It

Chris Brewer has been a running an agency helping business owners get the greatest ROI out of their traffic. They recently changed their agency tag line to “A Full Funnel Agency” to work with businesses on every part of their funnel. Traffic has been an obsession for years and in this episode Chris reveals the #1 traffic mistake and what you can do to avoid it.

Show Notes

  • Chris Brewer was one-upped by his daughter * cue dramatic music *
  • If you only use one traffic source you are then at the mercy of that one source’s conditions
  • Chris lets us know the importance of slowing down
  • Good funnels with the right pitch for the right audience is what will make the difference
  • Chris dumbfounds Dave with the amount of useful marketing platforms
  • Engagement Opportunities: Your branding is what’s keeping somebody on your product
  • We’re able to customize our audiences on Google
  • Optimize your email list
  • Chris Brewer tells the great story of a band using Funnels to track their fanbase


“A lot of people talk about diversifying your income, the most important thing is diversifying your traffic source.”

“The internet makes it possible to not Nike level branding opportunity but to have pretty darn close, especially in your niche.”

“The question to ask your buyers is: how do they use my product? How does it benefit or improve their lives?”


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