7 Business Tips From Jeep Safari
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7 Business Tips From Jeep Safari

After Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018 Dave took his family to Moab, UT for Spring Break and the Annual Jeep Safari. Rock Crawling, Hell’s Revenge and Hell’s Gate taught him 7 different Business lessons that he shares the details with you here and how they can help you build your business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The power of who you know and the power of your network (3:55)
  • Understanding the importance of communication (8:35)
  • The importance of confidence (15:09)
  • The importance of teamwork (17:25)

Quotable Moments:

“You have to stay committed.”

“If you go with people who can see what you can’t see, your success will be a million times greater.”

Other Tidbits:

Sometimes disconnecting yourself from your day to day life and getting out in nature helps to reground you. It is a great trick to bring motivation and new ideas into your personal life and your work life.


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:                           00:18                     Going back, I am so excited to. There’s so much crazy cool, fun, exciting things happening here at the Home Office. Just got. Just got back from a week from spending time with family week before. That was our funnel hacking live event, so it’s just been a crazy, crazy time, but there’s so much exciting stuff happening and I just want to make sure that I share as much as I possibly can here. So what ended up happening on the last week of March was I ended up coming back from funnel hacking live. Literally came back on Sunday or flew in late Sunday and by Monday we were packed up and headed down to Moab for a to participate in spring break. And the week before, right before Easter, down in Moab is the annual jeep safari. And this is a fun, crazy, crazy event where literally thousands and thousands of jeep owners come in from around the country.

Speaker 2:                           01:11                     Everything from bringing, you know, having three and four g to being towed in driving though mg said all of what the intent of just kind of coming together as a community and experiencing nature and all the fun exciting things about that. So what I was while I was there, I had the opportunity to spend time with my two youngest sons, Christian and Jackson and my wife and the four of us were just there. It was really, it was a ton of, of exciting times for me. Primarily because of my boys love, love being out in, out of the wilderness and especially anything at all associated with jeeps. My wife loves being outside and, and just participating in nature. And so it was just really, it was just a fun time to connect with my family, especially after having worked like crazy during the funnel, hacking live and almost the entire first three months of this year.

Speaker 2:                           01:58                     So we ended the three months really with this massive opportunity to kind of celebration and excitement and while I was there I had the opportunity talking with, uh, with both my boys and my wife actually about just business ideas that were coming to me while we were actually on this jeep safari. So I wanted to kind of just spend just a few minutes here talking about some of the things that I learned and experienced while I was there. And hopefully this will help you in your own business. There’s really no orders specifically as far as importance on the things I wanted to kind of share here as much as I wanted to really let you guys know, just kind of how it all unfolded. So this isn’t in any specific order. It was more just as far as how the events kind of came about. So we were down there on, first day was spent just out mountain biking, having to a ton of fun out there.

Speaker 2:                           02:46                     And then we ended up, uh, coming into town. And what had happened was usually we end up taking my son’s jeep down to Moab. We did that last year and added a lot of fun doing it this year was a little different because he wanted to have put on his jeep and so for spring break and first birthday we squeaked, treat them to having, we’re having some lockers put on his jeep and the company that I’m having to do it here in Boise is the same company that I worked with, uh, to create Russell’s funnel hacker jeep. So we dropped it off at a company’s name is bucks four by four. So we dropped it off at his place and when I dropped it off at the guys basically said, hey, you know what Jeff, the owner is going to be down in Moab to. I said, oh great.

Speaker 2:                           03:26                     You know all that sounds. There’s thousands of people down there that will run into them, but if we do it’ll be a lot of fun while we get there. And they had called ahead and told Jeff that we were going to be down there. So Jeff reaches out to me and says, Hey Dave, is there any chance you guys are going to be available on Wednesday? And if so, let me know. So I said, yeah, you know what, I’m sure we could, but we’ll figure something out. So the first thing I want to talk to you about here is the power of who you know and your network. So we went down there with the intent really of just renting razors for a couple of days and having fun out there and then also just do some, a lot of mountain biking. But my son, Christian’s favorite thing in the world to do is to drive a jeep and to be out there really experiencing that.

Speaker 2:                           04:08                     And so I want to kind of the first topic here again is understanding the power of your network. And for me, I’d had the opportunity of working with Jeff quite a bit on a whole bunch of things related to office to Russell’s jeep as well as to my son Christian’s jeep. But more important that I’d had the opportunity of talking to him about what clickfunnels does and some of the things that might be a value to him and his business. So again, I didn’t do it for any intent of, you know, trying to, to get something out of it. It was just more he was asking marketing ideas and suggestions and tips and things and so I was just kind of given those to them. So the only reason I mentioned this is while we’re there, he ends up reaching out and saying, Hey David, would you mind coming out and going on a photo shoot with us?

Speaker 2:                           04:48                     And then you can take one of our jeeps and you and your family can just go out and have some fun with us doing some crazy, fun, exciting things. Will Christian was like, oh my gosh, yes, absolutely. We’ll cancel everything I want to go want to go on and go. And so sure enough, we spent the time, had contacted jeff and it just worked out that we able to do that. The place we were supposed to go for the photo shoot, the photo shoot. The guys didn’t show up and so he said, you know what? Forget it. Let’s just all. We’ll go out. We’ll just go four wheeling. Well, you have to understand that this is just passionate sex life. It’s been his livelihood for literally most of his life and so the guys were going out with our. Each one of them owns their own modification company or they own a company that has a product or service totally focused on the jeep industry, so these guys were highly extreme guys who when we talked about going four wheel and this isn’t just your typical four wheeling, no dirt and sand and all that kind of stuff.

Speaker 2:                           05:44                     This is more rock crawling type of thing. This is where we literally were going down things that were all going up, things that I really didn’t think a jeep was going to be able to get up and yet at the same time going down things where I’m again, I’m in someone else’s jeep and so I’m super, super cautious going, oh my gosh, I just don’t wanna do anything wrong to this thing. It was a brand new jeep had 2000 miles on it. They had just built this jeep and so it’s cool that he trusted us with this for me and my family to go out and do this. So first thing is understand the power of your network is your net worth, and this has been said a million times, but I really encourage you guys start doing things that provide value to other people. And as you do that, you’ll find that it increases your network a ton.

Speaker 2:                           06:29                     The second thing is, while we were out there, one of the guys had a, a rock crawling machine he’d created where it literally has 60 inch tires and this machine was built from nothing else besides just crawling through a ton of rocks, just huge, huge dropped. And we were following him. I was like, oh my gosh. So we’ve got five jeeps on this road, you know, falling through this rock crawling experience. And the one thing that, uh, jeff as well as guided bill said, is, Dave, the most important thing I can tell you is you have to stay committed. And I thought, man, it was funny because Christian, my son goes, dad, that’s like a awesome experience just for life. It’s a great thing to experience in life is the importance of that lesson as far as staying committed. And what we were talking about is you have to pick a line.

Speaker 2:                           07:14                     So if you’re climbing up rocks and everything else, you’ve got to pick a line and you’ve got to stick to it and you have to stay committed. Says the problem where people get hurt when the rock crawling and doing this extreme type of four wheeling is they start changing their mind of where they’re going to go and they make stupid turns or the they’d let up on the gas and instead of just continuing staying committed and going through it, he said, these jeeps and these machines are built to go through. This says, we’re not going to put you in any situation that’s gonna. That’s gonna. Get your hurt. But whatever line we pick, you have to stay committed to it. Even if you don’t personally believe you can do it. He says, if you’ll stay committed it, the machine will get you through it, and if you’ve listened to us and follow our our line and follow what we’re talking about, you’ll make it and I really have a terrible this terrible ego thing of I just rarely ever say no to a challenge and so I’m like off.

Speaker 2:                           08:10                     I’m all in. Totally. I will stay committed no matter what you guys put me through. I’m going through this thing and it was just a great experience to see my boys understand the importance of staying committed. So in business, once you pick a line and you’re going to go for it, keep going. It’s so easy to quit or think, oh, I just don’t think I can do it. And you give up. When you give up is when you find yourself getting hurt. The most. So staying committed was the second lesson that we learned. The third one was the importance of communication. Communication is key, especially in stressful environments and I think this is one of the things that a lot of people, they don’t spend the time and the energy that they need on understanding the importance of communication, of learning how to communicate effectively with people.

Speaker 2:                           08:52                     So I realized when we were calling through these rocks, it’s not that we’re going super fast, but the problem was a wrong turn to the right or to the left. Lilly would break an axle, it would hit the jeep can roll. I mean this, this was one of those crazy rock climbing and types of experiences in a jeep that you literally had to do everything right. And so it was fascinating to me that uh, it wasn’t turn your wheels to the right or turn your wheels to the left. They changed that to where the communication was passenger or driver. And so every turn was, you know, hard, right? Was never ever used. It was her passenger, passenger, passenger, a little more. The passenger, a little more than passenger because everyone knows when you’re driving or. I mean, it was really easy in a GP, you know, which side the passenger and the driver’s side is, but people always mix up their right and their left.

Speaker 2:                           09:45                     And so I found it fascinating that the importance of communication and language and so while we’re out there, we had this great experience of learning the importance of really staying committed and then understand when you’re communicating with people to use language that takes away all ambiguity. And so as a driver it was really easy to understand which I’d with my driver’s side and passenger. And so they would say passenger, passenger, passenger or a three more inches driver, driver, [inaudible] driver. Uh, it was just fascinating to me to see how that was all, all doing. Uh, the next thing then was the importance of a mentor. And I can’t, again, I, you’ve heard me talk about this a million times, but the power of mentors, one of the things I have always believed there my entire life. You will get so much further in life by following someone who has already been there before you or who can see what you can’t see.

Speaker 2:                           10:34                     And this is one of the things that was really quite fascinating to me because here we had Ryan who, uh, basically his rock carving machine, 60 inch wheels that go over everything and anything. Well, we started going down this one area that literally there was no way in the world, the other machines, we’re gonna make it. They just didn’t have. They weren’t built for this. So here’s a guy who’s got tons of experience and you’d think he’d be able to do it all himself. And the very first thing he said is, listen, I need someone to guide me through this. And so what ends up happening is we got another person who’s got a ton of experience as well stands in front of him and is able to see what he can’t see just because of how high the rocks were and just the awkwardness of where it was.

Speaker 2:                           11:17                     And it was one of the things where it wasn’t always continuing going forward. Sometimes it was, stop, you’ve got to go back, you’ve got to get realigned for this before you got to get a different line. You can’t take that line. And so the idea here, and really what we learned was the importance of understanding. If you go with people who can see what you can’t see, your success will be a million times greater. The fascinating thing to me though actually was the roles became reverse in about 15 minutes. Where Ron now be. Ron Now became the guide for the guy who has been Ron’s guide. So here you would think, well, the person who was guiding wrong the first time as he was going through it would know exactly where to go. But again, even though he’d had the experience of guiding Ron when he’s driving it, it’s a totally different experience he couldn’t see.

Speaker 2:                           12:04                     And so because of that, he had to get help from Ron who could see where he was going. So in your life right now, whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, realize there’s people who’ve gone before you who you can either hire and who can guide you through that. Or there’s other people who may have experiences that you don’t have and they will see things that you, you can’t see. So be humble enough to be willing to take that kind of advice and more importantly, seek it out, find people who have gone before you and basically give you that type of advice and making sure things work well. That was one experience. This next experience was a crazy, crazy, crazy experience where, uh, one of the Rock, one of the experiences down there in Moab is this ride called Hell’s revenge here now instead of jeeps, we were in razors and we were racing all over this place.

Speaker 2:                           12:53                     And with a razor you can go a lot of places the jeep can’t go just because of the suspension, everything else. But the flip side is also true just due to the size of tires and suspension. Anything else? There’s certain things you just, there’s no way in a world of raisins to attempt. Well as we’re going through hell’s revenge. There’s one place where they said, listen, you cannot go down hell’s gate. Hell’s gate is one of the places you just cannot do in a razor. And we’re like, oh no problem. So we get to hell’s gate. And Hell’s gate is about 850 200 foot climb and it’s all with the vertical is just crazy because it’s, you literally are using your tires on the sides of the walls to climb up these huge crazy rocks up to the top of your going through hell’s gate to get up to the top.

Speaker 2:                           13:44                     Well, we came around this corner and for some reason we decided we’d just go take a look to see if anyone was coming up as we go over there. We look down this hundred 5,200 foot drop and there’s a guy who had literally had flipped his jeep and he’s on his side and he’s now just starting to walk up. And I’m like, oh my gosh, are you OK? Just totally freaking out. I mean this is again a huge jeep with probably it probably close to 60 inch tires as well. But because he took the wrong line and everything else, he had flipped and he’s, it’s on its side and he was able to get out. But the way it’s positioned, there’s no in the world this deepest getting out by itself. And so he came up, he’s in complete shock, has no idea what’s going on, and he just, he’s asking for help because I’m OK, but I don’t know how I’m gonna get out of here.

Speaker 2:                           14:31                     So I’ve been took off an eraser, went to go get another, another jeep or something to help. And it was fascinating to me. Just keep this real quick here. We ended up getting one jeep that was way too small, but by having that one jeep sitting there kind of became an alarm to all the other chiefs that were driving by will. All of a sudden we now have probably about 10 or 15 other jeeps who were all sitting there and now crowds were gathering on both sides up and down the cliffs dying to see what’s going to happen here. The amazing thing to me was the importance of confidence. And that’s really the lesson I want to bring up here as far as the business. If I learned here, and that was all of a sudden this one guy walks up and says, hey, hey buddy, don’t worry, we’ll get you out of here.

Speaker 2:                           15:15                     And it was the confidence and the way this guy said it, where it literally it put everyone else’s mind at ease. It was the most bizarre, weird experience. It was. He had such competence. He knew exactly what was going to happen and literally within just a matter of minutes, he brought three other jeeps into position. All of a sudden we’ve got three winches going down this cliff tied into this guy’s jeep and it wasn’t just tying into. It was it had to be in certain places and he literally was guiding each one of the winches and where it had to connect to and and making sure that it wasn’t on an axle, that it was on a column and making sure that everything was done safely. This is a guy who had such massive confidence in what he was doing to help this other guy get out that the instant leadership, everyone else just basically sat back because this guy knew exactly what he was doing.

Speaker 2:                           16:04                     My only reason I’m mentioning that is to understand there are certain things in your life where you’re going to find that confidence. Even if this guy didn’t know exactly what to do because of the how confident he was, he was it. Put everyone else’s mind at ease and when you’re a leader and your or as an entrepreneur and you’re guiding your company, realized that there are times when it may look like that jeep is going to roll and it’s gonna. Go down a hundred feet to the bottom and just be smashed into oblivion where you literally have your. Everyone else is looking to you and you’ve got to have the confidence to help them to feel a little comfortable. If nothing else that you know what? Listen, I know this looks like the cheapest gonna fall. I know it looks like we’re gonna. This product’s not gonna launch.

Speaker 2:                           16:47                     I know all everything is stacked against us, but trust me, I know what we’re doing here and we’re gonna. Make it through and it was just fascinating for me to see because of how confident he was. Everyone else’s mind was so put these and the intensity of the emotions where everyone’s heart is palpitating. Oh my gosh, this thing is going on. Some people could die here. I mean, it was a crazy, crazy situation. Everyone’s mind was put at ease. The next thing I learned was the importance of teamwork and it was fascinating to me. Were literally this guy who had all this confidence brought in three jeeps and had each one of them. He basically told them exactly where to go to make sure that the line from there went down to his. His jeep was set up properly and he. Everyone basically listened to this guy and they all worked together as a team to where literally these three jeeps hold this other jeep up a hundred feet up this crazy rock cliff and without destroying the jeep.

Speaker 2:                           17:44                     It was fascinating to me. I was just like, oh my gosh. It was crazy. And so my only reason mentioned that is to understand the value of a team. We started off with just one jeep and I think as an entrepreneur sometimes you start off as just a solopreneur and when doing that Solo Preneur, you literally as much as you want to do it, sometimes you just can’t do it by yourself. And all of a sudden when the [inaudible] was pulled away and we brought three other jeeps in, those three jeeps together had. It wasn’t just the power of one, it was the power of all three of them became more like a power of 10 or 15 or 20 people pulling this jeep up. And I think it’s important as an entrepreneur to understand in business, don’t be afraid to work as a team and whether that’s when you’re first starting off and you’re outsourcing different things, you don’t have to do it all.

Speaker 2:                           18:31                     Don’t try to be that solopreneur. The next thing we learned was the importance of culture. And I’ve. We joke a ton about in click funnels here about the idea as far as co chair and really kind of building that cult, but it when you’re sitting there in Moab and all you are seeing are thousands and thousands of jeeps. All you see are jeeps. It’s, I’m sure it would be very similar to a go into a Harley Davidson convention or go to Sturgis and anybody who doesn’t have a harley is kind of feeling like they’re just out of place. It was the same situation here. If you didn’t have a jeep, you totally felt out of place. If you have a. I saw some land cruisers and I saw some some trucks where they lilly just didn’t fit in and it was just fascinating to me to see how important the culture, the whole jeep culture was.

Speaker 2:                           19:20                     You got thousands of jeeps and everyone wants to belong to this whole jeep culture. Get the irony to it was as much as everyone wants to belong to that culture, everybody also wants to be somewhat unique and every jeep had it’s own modifications. Every jeep had it’s own things that were unique. They so they all started off as a jeep, but everything, even though they’re a part of the same culture, they all had done unique things to help themselves stand out. And I think that’s what makes click funnels in our community is so much fun is everyone works together as a, as a culture, but at the same time, everyone has their own products and services, things that are unique to them. So those were seven and the business tips that I learned from Jeep Safari, one bonus I’m going to toss in here and that is just the power of getting out in nature.

Speaker 2:                           20:04                     There’s my wife loves studying yoga and shock grows and all that kind of stuff and I’m sure there’s. She knows a ton more than I do on this kind of deal as far as shockers and the importance of being grounded and all that kind of stuff. I can just tell you that when you’re out in nature, it just clears your head. You receive inspiration. I came back so overly excited to get back into work, but also just motivated with a ton of new ideas and suggestions and things that we can do that’s going to help us build click funnels even that much faster. So I would highly recommend that you guys especially. I mean I’ve spent a lot of time in big cities and I love, love the excitement of a big city, but there’s just something powerful about getting out in nature. And I even right now I’m barefoot here in the office.

Speaker 2:                           20:44                     I love walking around barefoot. I love having my feet touched the ground I love, uh, just getting dirty and having fun, being out in nature and experiencing that kind of stuff. I just believe there’s so much health and vitality. I mean this planet was created for us to enjoy and to get to know it better. And I think the, the importance of us personally spending time out in nature at times these days kind of gets everything is all about virtual reality and everything else. There’s nothing more important to me than actually experiencing real reality of getting your feet in the dirt and sand and just having fun. And I’d encourage you guys to take some time, get involved in nature, take a break from what you’re doing and just enjoy it. Again, I thank you guys so, so very much for all all that you guys do to support us at click funnels, but me personally, I can’t express enough gratitude as I was at funnel hacking live and there’s so many people come up to me and comment that they had listened to this podcast.

Speaker 2:                           21:38                     I really touched me a ton. I’m, I’ll do a different podcasts more about that, but for those of you who listen, I do want you to know how much I appreciate it. I hope you have the best of luck in all that you’re doing with your work and your business and your dreams and your everything that you’re going for, know that you do matter to us here at click funnels, but most importantly you matter to the people that you serve and you have a mission and I just would hope that as you’re out there that you’re you’re going for and you’re doing everything he possibly can to serve those people who you’ve got God given talents to do. Have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon.

Speaker 3:                           22:09                     No, one of the things that means a ton to me is the person reviews that you guys leave on itunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate it and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind, I really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all these guys do have a great day.

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