How Funnels Work for Artists, Musicians, DJs and Anything Else
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How Funnels Work for Artists, Musicians, DJs and Anything Else

Why Dave Decided to talk to Sammy:

Sammy “Shoebox Moses” or SB Moses (for those in the know) has played music around the world with leading chart breaking musicians. He also has a gift for laying down the perfect track to connect with anyone. He is an award winning musician and DJ who uses funnels to teach others how to connect with music and to become a “party hero” or a record breaking artist. He reveals how musicians can use funnels to market their latest songs and build a list of raving fans. He shows how funnels can work for any business even a DJ…

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How Sammy got his nickname and what it has done for his business marketing (4:21)
  • Sammy walks you through his funnel (9:57)

Quotable Moments:

“The more you give, the more you really do get back in your life.”

“If you are going to do something at all, do it well.”


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:     00:00   Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody welcome back.

Speaker 2:     00:18   Going back, and you guys hold on tight. This is going to be the ride of your life. I am so excited, so excited to have Japanese shoe box, Moses or SB. Moses says most people are getting to know him by today’s. So Dan, welcome to the show up. Bloody. I know we’ve been. We’ve been playing tag on this for just a hot second and I’ve been a little bit a little a world trotting lately. Globe trotting. I mean you’re in Kuala Lampur right now, so you’ve been done to go. You Got Austin coming back up and then Sardinia. I mean just a denier in Croatia to actually add to the list. It’s been nuts. Yes. So incredible. And the people that I get to play for lately have been just out of this world with like, I got to do a big show with snoop dogg and flow rider Florida, Georgia line.

Speaker 2:     01:10   And then, you know, those are all super, super fun and really exciting, but they don’t really hold a light to, uh, to all of the entrepreneurs I gotta be on because I get to do the AFS people too. So working with vitiated, Yanik silver, you know, one day, one day we’re going to be, we’re going to be at funnel hacking live. I, I’m telling you. Well, for those of people who don’t know what you do, tell people what it is. Why I’m so excited to have you on the show. Oh sure. Uh, well I am an international touring Dj and performer. So I played music for a living and I get to do it. You make it like it’s no big deal. You play music. You have to understand this guy we met down at TNC and I’m like, who is doing all their music?

Speaker 2:     01:57   And it was like the best, the best music I’ve ever heard. Any event. I’m like, this is just crazy, and so it’s not, you just play music and then you were so kind to send me different tracks and things. I mean, you’re, you have this ability to literally connect emotionally through music with people and to take them on a ride. It’s just crazy. I mean, it’s just insane. I wish I had a soundtrack playing in the background of our podcasts. We can, we can definitely do that for you, Bro. Most Asian. Yeah, absolutely. Uh, I really appreciate that. Uh, I think one of the things that, that has been blessed to do over the last 25 years has really learned, you know, what, what makes people move and so, and what I say moves what moves in internally, you know, like what moves their heart, what moves them in their seats. And um, I’ve been playing for Mine Valley’s a fest for a long time, which actually has given me this incredible of people that are from 1990 different countries every age you can think of. And then what they have to do is like all joined together on the dance floor. So my job is to go through enough music and enough genres and enough energy that I can get everybody together and I’ve done it. You know, I think it’s just because I’m old now I know how to do this.

Speaker 3:     03:26   Well, I’d say it was just so impactful for me to see that kind of stuff. I think the park that is exciting to me is you’re not only, I mean you hadn’t like, you’re just this multifaceted, multi-talented guy who’s got that going. You also are using funnels in a niche that people would never, ever think you could use funnels in and you’re also teaching other people how to do this kind of stuff. So help people understand what is what, how are you using a funnel in your line of work and what are you teaching people to do?

Speaker 2:     03:55   Sure. OK. And let me, I would love to back up real fast to, to kind of give folks the reason why we are really, really adamant about using funnels and, and why we do what we do as one of the big things.

Speaker 3:     04:07   I think the first thing we have to back up to is you have to tell people why shoe-box Moses, and that’s the most, that’s the first thing. I just glance by that story, that story first.

Speaker 2:     04:16   Yeah, absolutely. So, and that’s actually where I was going to go. So I’m glad we’re on the same page here. Cause when we went back, a lot of people know me inside the inside the marketing space as Sam t and I got to do one and I’m adopted from the Philippines and what I, one thing I got to do a three and a half years ago was go back and visit my orphanage in the Philippines. So we found my orphanage through facebook and just doing some crazy digging. And the craziest thing we found out once we got to this orphanage that I found out, I was literally left in a shoe box in a dumpster and they put me in a dumpster. And that’s how I started life. So, uh, I got so blessed. God had a totally different plan for me. So I was found, um, and I was adopted later by a family in the, in the United States.

Speaker 2:     05:09   So fast forward after I find this information, I’m with um, you know, the mavericks and we’re all sitting on necker island chain with like for their, for Richard Branson, and they’re just like, what are you gonna do with this information, their shoe box. And we kind of were joking and then they’re like, I have no idea. And they, you know, it comes around to me talking about how I really admire the story of Moses because he was found on denial and he ended up freeing his people. And so I was kinda thinking about what we do with that. And they’re like, well, you’ve always been a little shoe box Moses. And all of a sudden it’s like being in. So that was the name that my family, my friends, like a shoe box, hey, what up as be Moses, how you doing? And so it has just turned it into this mission name for me.

Speaker 2:     05:59   And well it’s crazy. And the tie it back together with funnels. I’m now, I teach a ton of kids. How to become djs or vibe creators and I have a huge platform that we use to capture people’s emails and just to put them into a funnel to teach them some basics on, on how to be a really cool party hero or a DJ. And we love click funnels because it makes it so easy were djs. We, we don’t, we don’t know how to build funnels were just like, well heck, what are we doing it? Where’s the beat drop in this funnel?

Speaker 2:     06:38   They’re going to be a kick as hitting. So that’s what we, you know, with the ease of being able to integrate a system that lets us kind of express who we are even as artists inside of a marketing device. Um, that’s Kinda what has been amazing. So what we’re also trying to do is raise enough money to go back and fix the orphanage. And so I go back in August on the heels of using, um, it’s called Global Dj. Now that’s one of the engines for our mission, but it’s all powered through click funnels. And that’s why we use it. So in the shortest way to tell you that’s where the name came from and that’s what we’re doing. Not, no, I love it. So let’s walk through. You Got [inaudible] and you’ve got global dj now dot [inaudible]. So walk me through. So if a person wants to go, if they go to shoe box, what are they going to find?

Speaker 2:     07:33   You’re going to find all my music. You’re gonna find, uh, an ability to get on the list and like get my pre-mixes like when you got moved at that at traffic and conversion, you’ll have all the spotify playlists and stuff like that. And then they’ll also give you the option to just kind of jump on, jump on the tribe with us there. So that’s, um, that’s just my touring schedule. And so if I’m going to be in your neck of the woods, if you’re going to be in Sardinia, Croatia in June, fibs come, you know, you’ll know. So that’s two bucks, Moses. And then, um, with a global Dj, now what that is, that’s going to give you a bunch of free lessons that’ll actually give you two options. So we realized that most people are never going to be a festival Dj like what what I do, but everybody could be a party here.

Speaker 2:     08:18   And by being a party hero we want. We want you to be able to walk in. I want you to walk into click funnels one day, grab the ox cord and go check this out and I want your whole staff to be like, dude, what the heck? Where did you find all this music? And that’s, that’s been a part of here. So we show you where to find really good music. And then we had how to mix that music on a bunch of free apps on your phone. And that’s where a lot of people like to start a. But the, it’s really cool because if you go into that whole space, we can show you everything. You need to be a party hero all the way up to if you want to take it farther or you can be a, you know, a life cycle dj or event person or it can be a festival Dj. So there’s this, this echelon and this step by step places to go if you want to be a party hero. So that’s what we do at Global Dj. Now

Speaker 3:     09:13   I’m ready to go on the youtube video starting, but it’s so again, Global Dj. Now are you ready to be the party hero? And again, I love that whole idea as far as you define right there with a party hero is. And I can tell you since I have absolutely no rhythm and no beat and I can’t dance or anything else, my wife would love if I had any, any rhythm whatsoever. So I’m probably gonna sign up for your course just to kind of. But my kids are great at it and it’s one of the things I know right now with spotify, they’re always created all sorts of different tracks and playlists, right? So walk me through the formal. Been so started watching now and I obviously want to sign up here.

Speaker 2:     09:54   First thing you’re gonna do is you’re going to actually get in and you’re going to get, um, sixth free lessons that are really, really cool that teach you. One of the things that you probably noticed when I was mixed at traffic and conversion is that all the songs will seem to go together, not just with rhythm, not just because they’re all on the floor, but we actually mixed the songs in harmony. So the songs will actually mixing key it. So that’s something that a lot of people don’t realize. Like you know, if you, if you play a song by a flow rider and then you also play the song sugar by a, by a Maroon five, those are actually in the same key. And when you do them right, and then you can actually lead that one into a rather than B and stuff. But, but by the next artist, they all go together.

Speaker 2:     10:39   So it actually builds this big arc, the emotion, which is really cool. And you can do it with motown. You can do it with all those. So it’s going to teach you some really cool, those six free lessons you get, which is going to teach you how to make some phrase, how to make some key and then how, um, how that all works together. And then it’s also going to go. So that’s, those are the first three lessons, but you also get a little book that I wrote that I did as an pad, right? Because when you’re a, when I started in the wedding space, and so I was like, oh my God, what did we have to do to make money? Because Dj gear is not cheap. So this also, yeah, there’s also a little, um, opt in for a, uh, I think it’s like, I think I only turn into like seven bucks for this book, but it’s got 20 years of all of the stuff that I’ve taught in it are taught myself and had to learn and have a bit, get grab bits and pieces, have to learn how to really crushed a wedding, which is where I started.

Speaker 2:     11:37   And so it shows you what it takes to have like a $5,000. Set it up. How to lean on in everybody in the right frame of mind for a good party, um, how to find really good music. And then how to execute that with like if you, if you really wanted to, this book will show you how to do six or seven different events, no problems. So that’s the, that’s the other little opt in you’ll get. Um, and then after that, did you want to continue on, into the festival style part of it? We give you another. So there’s, there’s two really cool books that we give you. The second one is written by my partner who throws global dance festival global dance festival for those that are not familiar with the festival world has 60,000 attendees. I’m at it each year. So you’re just looking at this sea of people and Eco Tech who wrote the book on how to plan your sets for a festival of that size.

Speaker 2:     12:33   He gives you a free book on how he did that. And then if you want to take your career into really learning the art of how to be a Dj, that’s what you get from there. And it takes it from nuts to bolts on how to become a DJ and how to become, how to make your first thousand bucks as a Dj all the way up to how to be a festival Dj. And then we have a couple upsell paths that we’re just creating and those are. And this is nuts, I can’t believe we’re doing this, but we are going to bring people out with us. Um, and then echo tech and myself, we’re going to take people through a three day immersive. And then once you’re done, you literally get to walk on stage in front of 20 to 40,000 people or because it’s [inaudible] it’s 30,000 people each day and we’re going to bring you on stage and you’re gonna mix two songs with echo tech in front of a crowd.

Speaker 2:     13:22   So that is, what’s that offer conferences that. Yeah, that one’s a, that one’s 1997, eight or 9,000. It’s going to be. I thought I wanted it to be [inaudible], but I think we’re just going to keep it right around [inaudible]. So. And that’s a three day immersive. Yeah, it’s super sick. The, the, the global DJ product though, I mean each lesson that we used to teach it was right around a hundred bucks an hour and then Kostas would teach for like 2:50 an hour or Equitec is his real name’s Kostas by his Dj name, Zack Biotech. That’s the thing about Dj star guys. We’re going to give you like five names for what we do, but I’m so equitec teaches for like 200 bucks an hour. And the whole course is um, like two 97 for the whole thing. And that’s like, I think we did 80 lessons or something like that.

Speaker 2:     14:10   It’s quite common. Yeah. It’s just nuts how much, how much value is packed in there. So, and then we have a group of, of deejays around the world that use our stuff. Um, one thing that happens just like you know with, with people that get courses is that you have to stay inside the community to just be like, what did I do? How did I make this mix? How come I’m mixed? And I was like, crap, what did you do that we really try to keep everybody lined up and happy and, and, and not making train wrecks. Like if your DJ train, you’re not going to go very far. So we want to be a good Dj. So that’s. Yeah, and there’s really not a lot of courses that get taught, um, like we say from the main stage by the people that are throwing festivals.

Speaker 2:     14:54   In fact, I don’t even know if there is one. So that’s kind of this really beautiful, unique thing we’re able to do. Um, but again, my whole idea is to build out this platform. So you’re going to see, and this is what’s great too, is because we just stumbled on the click funnels over the last year and so we’re really in this great growth stage where we’re just learning how powerful this tool is and how far and how reaching it can be when it comes to showing. I’m not just how to Dj, but how to become an evolved performer. And so we’re using the membership platform inside this to also build out a evolve performer academy. And this is the next big step and this has been shaped to help students that make jet that might just be singers and they might be a piano player, they might want to be a dancer.

Speaker 2:     15:47   They weren’t allowed to do this. And so I’m trying, I’m trying to not just isolate it to [inaudible] in the future because there’s so many performers out there. And so what I want to really build after they get through the global DJ product, they also have the option to become an involved performer or go to the performer academy with me, which has taken me. Or like right now I’m at this beautiful space where I can perform for a multitude of different people. But people that are really changing the planet, like a lot of people don’t get a chance to go visit Richard Branson or gosh, you know, even even watching the guys at traffic and conversion with what they’re able to to do. Um, and I know it keeps, you know, shamelessly plugging this at funnel hacking live when I played there. For you guys, it’ll be that same thing.

Speaker 2:     16:37   What you guys are doing is really helping the people that have never had a voice on how to market and how to get their, their stuff out there. So I know that with this platform, what we’re going to build is a place where one day people that have never learned how to make more than a thousand dollars of those performers can make five and 10 to 15,000 as performance. So we’re, that’s what we’re building right now because that’s what I, that’s where I got. And that’s what, that’s, that’s the dream. The dream is dead live. What I’m doing, where I show the airport, there’s a car that picks me up and it takes you to a remote beautiful island full of party people that are enlightened and [inaudible] waiting for with bated breath for you to drop beat and party. So that’s what, that’s what, uh, we’re building out too. So it’s called the evolved performer academy.

Speaker 3:     17:28   I think the part I’m so excited about is what your talent is, is crazy off the charts insane. But to the fact that you’ve now taken this skill set that you have and through funnels, you’re literally spreading it through the entire world to help other people do the exact same thing that you’re doing and know people say, well you can’t use it in music or you can’t it in this. And I’m

Speaker 2:     17:50   like, no, you really, really can. And this guy’s doing so congratulations on all your success. It’s so you so much. Yeah, it’s great. I mean, I mean we, I have and I started out as a guitarist and I’m, I’m building a platform. I mean I don’t think there is a limit to anything you can do with followed. I mean is there, is there. I don’t think there is, have to be the first one to do the Dj that was like, I don’t think I’ve seen it. Have a Dj two comma club winner yet. So you’ll be our first one. Perfect. That cannot wait because it’s the mission that is really driving us. And I would love what we would really love to do is be able to get back into this orphanage and get some of these kids into the, into the low performer academy, use click funnels to get their audience.

Speaker 2:     18:41   Because the big thing that you do as a Dj is you could produce your own music and then you got to get to that audience so they can get your music. And how are they going to get your music if you can’t get them into a fun funnel where they’re like getting value. And that’s the biggest thing is like they get value in this funnel. So one of the things that my team’s building right now is this beautiful space for my box Moses Platform. Um, what we built is. So you go there and you get a really cool, you know, like here is the summer mix that you need to use to be cool on the boats or whatever you need to do. And then the next part, then the next part of the funnel is, here’s the other, you know, we give them so much value inside the funnel and we can speak to them and segment the list and segment where they need to be and then by the time they get to we can offer them like, Hey, do you want to, you want to continue on and like learn how to become a performer from me and I can.

Speaker 2:     19:40   Or do you want to just keep buying? Here’s, here’s, well the next thing is not the form, but the cool thing is now we can introduce them to our album, not just do Amazon and not just this, but you’re like, by the way we gave you all this stuff. I wanted to let you know I also have an album out so I just released another album on itunes and Amazon, but how do we get it to people if we don’t communicate with them, get them into a funnel and talk to them about, hey, here’s a bunch of cool stuff. Because everyone was hammers. You see facebook and you have people drop it albums and they just hammer people like buy my album by album, but if you give them people the opportunity, do you give them some value through a funnel? Then by the time they’re like, oh dude, I’ll be your fan.

Speaker 2:     20:19   Thank you for all the free music like you. Like I look at how beautiful it was that I was able to just get your music and I didn’t know so special that we did that. I feel like everyone should have more music in their life and so that’s what’s great about a funnel for us and as an artist, as any artist, you send people down the funnel, you have the opportunity to touch them so they can know, like, and trust you with free value. They can really get a ton of good stuff from you before. They’re like, hey, just buy my album for nine bucks. By the time they get into that third, you know, funnel. They’re just like, wow, thank you for all the free music. I think I have a girlfriend now and I can introduce my music to somebody. You know. That’s, that’s the magic of, of, of being able to communicate through this style. It’s just not, I just didn’t know that we should do that. Like this is awesome. So that’s what we’re using it as a personal artists for outside of just teaching people stuff. It’s just a great way to give people value.

Speaker 2:     21:17   I just am so excited about what you’re doing because I hear people say, well, it doesn’t work in my industry. I’m like, trust me, it works in any industry and I love seeing what you do in the music industry and not only just in the music industry but in teaching other people and it goes back to that whole thing because you are honestly, you’re like one of the most giving people in the world. Even though we weren’t able to get you to funnel hacking live. You’re like, you know what Dave, here’s the track shoes for this. Here’s the track is you use this, here’s the track use for this. And be like, dude, this like so cool. And it’s just as who you are. And I think that’s what is so exciting is as people understand, the more you give, you really do get more back in your life.

Speaker 2:     21:52   I don’t know how else to say it that way, but it’s. Yeah, absolutely. I just, I just know events too. So I was like, listen, if you want people to remember your event beyond the event, drop this song, have, have, have your people deliver that message with this as the backbone. And I, I totally agree with you like to book and what you said, the more value you can get into people, the more that you will ultimately give back. But it just feels good to give. And I think it’s great to be able to give inside of a, of a, a mechanism that will help you, you know, build a fan base, especially as an artist. I mean that’s one of the things that’s one of the big parts of what we teach inside the involve performer academy and Global Da. Now it’s like, OK, you’re going to be a DJ, you’re going to do this.

Speaker 2:     22:42   How do you keep your fans? This is called the funnel. You need to talk to them through a funnel, you need to give them value through through a funnel and by the way the best place to go is click funnels to build that, so even the things like band camp and bamboozle and all the platforms that teach you how to build a a website for your stuff, they don’t have the breadth or the. The ease of building a funnel like click funnels does. For us at least we haven’t seen it and I know that that’s when when new djs come to us for like how did you amass a following of people and stay connected with them with just like a random email campaign that doesn’t seem to work. But with click funnels, you can put in dope videos, you can make it a lot more engaging the then you can make it way easier for, you know, someone that’s very.

Speaker 2:     23:37   Especially these young kids are so hit with tons of media and all that is all that in emails. Don’t necessarily always do that for them. They have to kind of see a lot of stuff. So a funnel is a lot easier. Like we’d get people through the funnel a lot faster because if you look at an artist so you can see that they got like six dope videos, like oh my God, I can’t believe I got all these videos, they’re right here. And then they can go to the next thing. And then the books easy to buy everything. Like super easy to do. Emails I think are kind of the for us, it makes, it kind of makes me cringe because I was like, do kids even go there? And yeah they do for artists, but they really like, they really liked the funnel so they like a funnel provide like the way you guys have set it up.

Speaker 2:     24:19   So I know people are going to be dying to see if they want to hear more about you and how to get your music. So how do they get your actual music? That’s a shoe box. Moses [inaudible] right? And you can find it on spotify at showbox Moses to. And it’s all one word. Shoe-Box Moses. So that last album that just dropped this called come over and that one just came out. So we just put that one up I think a couple weeks ago or no, I’m sorry, about a month ago now. So yeah, shoebox Moses is where everything is. Sb Moses is also, they’ll tie to the same thing. SB, or shoe-box mostly. And then the funnel is Global Dj Right. People want to reach out to you. Where, where do you, where do you want people reaching out to yet? Shoe-Box. Moses. [inaudible] for sure. And that, that one, because that’ll tell you they can get to the global dj now there as well.

Speaker 2:     25:14   But I, I honestly, I’m like hey, let’s get you some free music saying just like partying and the applicant part II and then if you want to start learning how to Dj, that’s all in there too. But I just want people to get some good music and get some good vibes and I think right there is the best place to start. Awesome. Well any parting words as we start wrapping things up here? Oh man, any parting words? Um, I think one, thank you so much for having me on the podcast. That’s, that’s the biggest thing and I think for me, the parting words, if you’re going to do something well, this my dad’s words, he always says this to me, but if you’re going to do something well, if you’re going to do something, do it well. So that’s, that’s my parting word. We’ll leave it on that. Sandy, thanks so much. We’ll talk to you soon. Yeah, thank you.

Speaker 4:     26:07   One of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys lead on itunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day. OK.

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