B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals
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B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals

James Smiley reveals the exact playbook he used to get hired by 48 of the Fortune 500. How he scaled sales of a $350M Silicon Valley SaaS company IPO (TeleNav), and train over 7,000 6-figure B2B sales reps! He talks about the 3 ways he closes deals and how you can too. James also discusses what it really takes to close 5 and 6 Figure deals and how to get paid to pitch the deal.

Show Notes

  • Average doesn’t really fit who James Smiley is
  • Developing a belief in yourself to get your product on the shelves and in people’s shopping carts at the checkout line
  • The breakdown of a funnel that pushes a product with a $100k to $1M price tag
  • The funnels that you can make to push a high equity product is so much easier than any of us even consider
  • James Smiley was able to get a man to pay him $5,000 to fly out to see him to push him more product for the client to buy
  • A lesson he was taught at a young age was to put you and the client on the same side of the deal table
  • James interesting experience that taught him how to sell your perspective
  • You need to believe and see that your product will get your client from the Hell they’re currently in without your product to Heaven
  • James breaks down the “Playbook” of pitching products


“It doesn’t matter what your selling abilities or skills are. What matters is ‘do you have a belief in yourself and in your product?”

“It’s the person you become on the route to achieving any goal that makes it all worth it.”

“Unless your Tony Robbins or you have some massive established brand that shows your philosophy rocks the world, businesses can’t pay for that. But if you change it into a system, now they can buy it. And this really just changed my whole selling perspective.”


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