Becoming the Best in the World until Your Legacy becomes a Stronger Incentive than Your Income
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Becoming the Best in the World until Your Legacy becomes a Stronger Incentive than Your Income

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian is the FIRST female Dream Car Winner Affiliate, she’s rocking her new minivan in style. Not only was she a Dream Car Affiliate though she is also a 2 Comma Club winner and even a member of Inner Circle. She has become the best at what she does and we’re excited for her to help you learn how you can do the same in your business.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • You can become the best in the world at what you do, if not the best than at least better than what you already were (1:50)
  • There’s importance with becoming obsessed with what you do (4:16)
  • The greatest in the world has mastered their craft to the extent where they are able to help others get to the same level they’re at (7:16)
  • When you teach others what you do, you can be learning more for yourself than you’re teaching your students (9:22)
  • The greatest success you can have is to mentor someone to the extent where they surpass you (10:06)

Quotable Moments:

“There’s only a limited ‘Best in the World’ slots. But I think a lot of people forget if you aim high, you’ll go a lot further than if you aim low.”

“I see this happen all the time with you, with Russell, and with all the people at ClickFunnels is this idea of obsession. People that become the best in the world become completely 1000% obsessed with what they are doing.”

“You see that happens when people become the best at what they do, they stop focusing on the money. They know that the money comes with the value and start to focus more on their legacy.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

How much are you willing to do for your business or clients?

Julie’s dentist told her a few years back about the importance of flossing, she had been told this her whole life and had little faith she could change this habit of forgetting to floss. However, she decided to take action and finally devote the time to develop the habit. Years later her she’s still flossing and she’s learned to apply this principle in her own business.

Life has more meaning as money becomes less of a focus and your legacy takes its place.

Julie has set the goal this year of becoming one of the best funnel building teachers in the world. She loves what she does and now that her dream has finally become a valid source of income she can really start to devote all her time into it.


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