What I Learned Being On Shark Tank & Partnering with Daymond John
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What I Learned Being On Shark Tank & Partnering with Daymond John

Why Dave Decided to talk to Cowboy Ryan:

Cowboy Ryan reveals what it took to get on Shark Tank but more importantly how he sold his product to Daymond John after all 5 Sharks had said NO and the producer asked him to leave. He also talks about what he has learned working with Billionaire, Daymond John. He breaks everything down to the 1 secret he has learned and now implements everywhere he goes that is launching his new franchise. He also explains how to do all of it without any tech skills.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Cowboy Ryan talks about his journey on Shark Tank and what his end goal was (5:20)
  • The Value of friendship (10:58)
  • How Cowboy Ryan created his franchise (14:52)

Quotable Moments:

“The most valuable thing in business is friendship.”

“Your net worth is your network.”

Other Tidbits:

If your customers become your friends, the “know like and trust” is there. The foundation to a successful business is to become friends with the people you want to work with.


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:                           00:17                     All right, everybody today is experience is going to be literally life changing. I always, I, I pride myself on usually having a, at least a decent amount of energy, but the guy I’m about ready to bring on the show here so far surpasses me energy wise. Then I’m like, I don’t know where the show’s going to go. So with that I want to introduce to you cowboy Ryan, who is basically one of the. He’s become a dear friend of mine, but obviously you’ve seen him on shark tank. He’s a business partnering with billionaire Damon John. So tablo. Ryan, welcome to the show.

Speaker 3:                           00:51                     That’s what I’m talking about. Some of that while I’m at her duction down, I better live up to my potential and make sure that I at least try to keep up with your energy. They will never forget the first time I met you at TNC [inaudible] like you over there doing a video and I’m like, no way. Like that’s on the Android TV radio and I was just like, whoa. I get a chance to literally just meet the guy and or dude, I was so excited for you have been watching this show for a really, really long time and I’m like, wait, hold on. Late. I was star struck when I saw her. Like I maybe there’s a chance this guy, I’ll talk to me now I, I’m doing the interview with you. I just want to ask like you, if I could have abs like you, I, my wife would love me to death. I’m sure. Well, you know what? It’s really, really, really simple.

Speaker 2:                           01:48                     No, no. It’s not. Not Simple stuff. That is a lie.

Speaker 3:                           01:55                     OK. You know what? You’re right. It’s not simple, but it is just like building a funnel. OK. Let me ask you, be honest. It was building a funnel and making money as it’s simple. At this point, what I’ve done. Yes. But when I started it wasn’t. Well, that’s, that’s my point. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Like like now that you have the experience, you could build a funnel with any product, any business, and you could turn a profit on it, but it’s an experience you had and it’s the trials and tribulations and there’s the failures. It’s a, Oh this is the 48 on my built and this did not work. What is the problem? Take everything in life is a system an especially in business. It is a system and match what? I couldn’t be more excited to be on this interview with you because you know, I have purposely surrounded myself in, instills thrown us off with the best of the best in the world of business because you guys are so smarter than me in business and you’ve been doing it so much longer.

Speaker 3:                           03:02                     You can compress decades of me learning this into Jay’s. That’s the secret. So it’s so funny. You’re like, well I don’t, you know, it’s, it’s hard to get an ad like you actually, it’s not, but it’s a system and if you follow to the t it’ll, it’ll work every single time. Why? How do I know? I’ve been a personal trainer for 15 years and I’ve had 40,000 people lose 12 inches in 12 workouts. OK. Like literally and, and, but it’s a system. It took me a long time, Dave, literally to figure that out so you can get them. It’s just a system.

Speaker 2:                           03:39                     Part of that system I know does not include donuts nor does it include chocolate chip cookies. So I had to clear my office of all that stuff so I wouldn’t.

Speaker 3:                           03:47                     Well, after those background, looks like there’s bars on the window.

Speaker 2:                           03:53                     It maybe then that’s the daycare actually they keep those kids that didn’t come up with the office. So

Speaker 3:                           03:59                     that’s awesome. So tell me, because what I would like to do is really maximize your time, maximize your listeners time, but really just deliver some applicable a stipulations or distinctions that they could go, oh, what? And like literally by the time this interview is over and they could go, that’s it. I’ve, I’ve, I need to do that or awry overlooked this. I forgot about that.

Speaker 2:                           04:24                     Well let’s talk. So the great thing about Jews, as you mentioned, you’ve had the opportunity of dealing with some amazing, amazing entrepreneurs who are just your typical millionaire type of entrepreneurs. You’ve spent the last five years working almost side by side, hand in hand with Daymond John on not just your cowboy product, but other products as well, and you’ve also been getting become very good friends with Tony Robbins has been out to Fiji, been spending a ton of time with him, going to four different live events. So let’s kind of focus on those two and the business lessons that you’ve learned from Tony Robbins and from Damon John.

Speaker 3:                           04:57                     Awesome. Perfect. So what I’ll do is I’ll take you on my shark tank journey was a long journey. They say get on shark tank is actually harder than getting into Harvard. Now. I don’t have a chance of Harvard. So I said I’m so everything in business. It comes down to your mindset and it comes down what your goals are and it comes down what your focus is and comes down to then what your massive action is. So when I applied for shark tank for season four day, I had this winning workout formula lose 12 inches in 12 workouts. Like I said, 40,000 people lost 12 inches in 12 workouts and I’m like, wait a minute, I have the answer, I have the solution to cut down people’s workout times from an hour to a half an hour. Like unlike, I have this, but what do I do with this?

Speaker 3:                           05:46                     And I knew nothing about the Internet. I seriously thought you could not make money on there. I thought, well you e-bay and Amazon, they make money, but that’s it. Right? So I said I’m going to apply for ABC Shark tank because then maybe I could get on a bigger platform and I can get ahold of someone that could really go cowboy this where we do with your program here. Here’s where the lessons starts. I went through six months of interviews with producers over and over and over to really prove to them that I had to beat out 36,000 in other businesses who apply in 90 and his church. What is my goal? And the producer said, what is your goal? And I said, guys, here’s what my goal first is not. My goal is not to get money. Money is not literally going to do me any good.

Speaker 3:                           06:38                     It will help a little. But once you burn through it, it’s over. I said, what I want to get out of this is a mentor and one of the best mentors in the world in business to make money isn’t a millionaire. It’s a billionaire. And I said, that’s what I want out of this. To get one of those sharks to just see something in me and partner with me and say, yeah, let’s, let’s do this. Let’s, let’s ride together. And uh, because that was my goal along the six month journey, I stayed true to that goal and my, my real reactions, my decisions when I was in the shark tank, it shined. And that’s what came out these, these sharks. But for them, they just saw someone very high energy and entertaining, uh, definitely for sure. But what daymond saw was he saw the fire in my belly.

Speaker 3:                           07:33                     He saw the fact that at the very end, I’m actually, daymond was the second personality if you watch the episode, but that’s not how they edited. Here’s a second person now, and I was literally standing there. All sharks were out. They all said no, and I was just standing their shoulders back, head up, Chin up, proud. Like, like just looking at every one of them go. That’s a no, that’s a no, that’s a known. They’ll turn their head and they’re like, yeah, that’s a no, and then I hear this voice in the background and the producer going, cowboy, you gotta leave Gaba. Wait, you got to the stage. I wasn’t who I wasn’t leaving. Finally I said, you this will not be the last you see of Cowboy Ryan. I said, this is what I learned in Rodeo. You can buck me off. You can’t keep me from getting back on.

Speaker 3:                           08:19                     And I turned and started to walk out and then I heard Damon go, cowboy, I’ll invest in you. And it was. That was a game changer. That was five years ago, but here’s what I learned from it after I met Damon a few months after the show. And uh, it was, it was really cool. He’s really short guy compared to me is just very, very calm, collected really down to earth and got like for other people, which is amazing. Like he cares so much about other people and I was so I said, game and man, that’s gonna be exciting. Will take my lose 12 inches and we’ll do this, we’ll do that and I’ll be the next Tony Horton, P90x, whatever. He looks at me and he goes, he goes, I know nothing about fitness. He goes out, he owns a couple of my classmates, I believe was five crossfits.

Speaker 3:                           09:14                     And he goes, I don’t five crossfits and I’d never been to India. And I’m like, wait, you just said that you’re going to invest in me and you don’t know how you’re gonna help me and you’re not into, into, into fitness. So then Dave, I was confused, but I remember I went on the show to get a mentor, not money. And so then I said, well then why did you invest in me? Just just curious. He goes, listen, cowboy, the lesson begins. I’m going to teach you how billionaires think. And he said, I have passed up more multimillion dollar deals in my life because I did not see myself being friends with that guy. I did not see myself wanting to go to a barbecue with him wanting to, you know, talk to him on Christmas or whatever, any said, secrets to a successful business and the senior to a business that you, you’re just juiced and you’re so excited to go to work each day.

Speaker 3:                           10:13                     You don’t even call it work is when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, but you’re doing it with your friends. And he goes, so that’s what I see with you. He goes, he does this look like a flooding guy out with say, well yeah, I’d say I’m pretty fun, pretty fun to hang out with. He goes, let’s just become friends. And he said, you know what? I don’t know, we’ll do some day down the road. I’m sure we’ll do something together. It goes, well, let’s just start with friends, and I was like, that’s fine. He goes, oh yeah. By the way, all my friends, they’re all now millionaires.

Speaker 3:                           10:46                     Well let’s go on on this fringe journey and so I’m gonna stop you right there because I think one of the keys that a lot of people kind of miss here as what you just talked about, I want to make sure people understand that value as far as friendship is too often people are so worried about the end result and again we, we joked around about it all the time. You know, people will buy from people who they know, like, and trust, but there’s more important than that. As far as business. I mean, I take a look as far as being a partner in clickfunnels and everything else. I have a eight year journey of friendship with Russell prior to click funnels now. So we just hung out. We did different things. His wife would come down to southern California on their anniversary. I mean, and we became friends way before became business partners and I think that so often people forget.

Speaker 3:                           11:34                     They’re so worried about the end result of getting that buck that I again, lesson number one from a billionaire, become friends with those people that you want to work with. Dave, you said. Exactly and you hear it all the time. No, like in trust and you know what? I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe the know, like, and trust. Scratch that. It’s the, this is my friend. And so your customers need to become your friend, your friend. Because guess what? If they’re your friends, then the know, like, and trust. It’s there. Yeah. You know, and all of a sudden. So the question. Yes, exactly. It is a friend ship that you end up creating a because now all of a sudden you’re excited. Total work with the person and you’re excited also to, to go to work or go do whatever with that person because you’re hanging out with your friends and so that’s where it started and you know what I was, I said, fine.

Speaker 3:                           12:30                     That’s what I got out of shark tank. I’m just friends with the guy and now you go, this is awesome. Well, right before the show, I just through website together, I didn’t know anything about websites and I threw on some workout videos and just downloads and diets like I had. I just threw stuff on a website and literally within a few weeks we did like 80 grand, which was mind blowing. I did everything wrong. I did everything backwards. I mean I like my, my worst. I was a mess right now. Here’s, here’s, here’s the sad part. Now that I look at it, now that I understand that the power of click funnels, the up-sells, down-sells like what you guys do, the power of it, that 800 grand, I’m sorry, that 80 grand could’ve been 800 grand and then right now I could have a seven, eight figure a year business, but I don’t because I just didn’t know.

Speaker 3:                           13:25                     I just, she was like, you’re not going to get the house I didn’t know. I didn’t understand. And what’s been really cool is over the last several years, you know, on my websites and I’m just getting going and click homes by what my websites I’ve done about seminar and $50,000 in, in, in videos and workouts and this and that. But listen, it is, here’s what’s amazing when you were on tv one time, especially on a national platform in 9,000,000 viewers and then has been rerun on CNBC all of the sudden, like the world just, they know who you are. Uh, but again, it’s. I didn’t know I went into the showgirl and I want a mentor, not Alma website expert, but you’re right, it is that friendship that you ended up creating. What end up happening is then for years I just ran my, my gym. I had a little 1200 square foot fitness training studio.

Speaker 3:                           14:20                     And daymond just kept saying, Hey, cowboy, I love your training philosophy. That’s awesome. Actually, I put him on my program and the next season he was in the best shape. He was pretty awesome. Here’s the mistake, really quick talking about a system. Here’s the mistake he was making. I went to his office in New York, he has an office on the 66th floor of the empire state building, and so he has a workout gym there, so he got on the treadmill and he started walking and I put a heart monitor to watch on him and during the treadmill has heart rate was too low, and then he went and did the workout and his heart rate was too hot and it’s in it’s real simple. Speak your walk up a little cheaper than the fat, and then during your workout we’d got to slow you down below. So you burn the fat.

Speaker 3:                           15:02                     Boom. There’s the system that is listening, that’s a magical formula. Like you got to work up in your heart rate so you burn the fat. Um, so he just kept pushing me saying, you need to create guys. This gets good when I tell you this, you’re gonna what? He said, you need to create a franchise model. He said, can, can you need to build me a model that is very inexpensive to duplicate? So I thought, idea, thought of idea, a thought, an idea, but I just kept going, I got what I want, I have a billing our mentor and he’s telling me to create a franchise model. So I finally did. I rodeod on the pro Rodeo circuit for about 14 years road, the bucking horses and I was like, you know, uh, we, we’re in the best shape of our lives. Intimidated because after the ride you had to run for your life and claim that.

Speaker 3:                           15:51                     And I said, wait, that’s it. So I went to the farm and ranch supply store in my town and I bought one of those fences. There’s the six bars in my gym, bolted it on the wall and then I made a little workout around it and then I put my clients on it and said, just try this too much to think of it and it. And it kicked their butt. Like they were like, whoa. Like you squat on it and climb up and down on it. You do push ups on it. So I literally whip date, I’ve created a franchise from a cell phone. I took the cell phone, I shot a quick video, 15 seconds, I sent it to him on his phone. He answered me, instantly, replied back and he said, that’s it, that’s the workout equipment, build a franchise around that and I’m like, for real.

Speaker 3:                           16:39                     So I did. And then I went on another reality show of Jillian michaels and I took that fence on her show and he was on spike TV and the creator of T-rex straps around your head, right? Like they were judges on the show. So I had to work them out and I worked with. And Julian hated the fence. Why? Cause it kicked your butt on TV. She threw it in the garbage and right. Thought I was on this show for six weeks and I won a couple of rounds and I won the category of the most results. This guy lost 26 pounds in four weeks. Ah. And then, and I, and I didn’t win the show, but I came home and then Damon texted me guys, it is so cool to like get the text messages from Daymond John. Man, my kids will see him on TV and they’re like, there’s Damon, and then all of a sudden you get a text from him, like he was in Denver.

Speaker 3:                           17:31                     He texts me and we went to dinner and he was like, hey, how’d the show though? And I was like, oh, OK, well thanks for joining. Don’t like the fence. And she thought it was a terrible business model. The damage took his head and he laughed and he goes, she don’t, she don’t know nothing about business. She’s never built a business. And he goes, besides, we manage your brand. Anyways. He goes, I love the fence. He goes, can you build me a showroom model for under 10 grand? Was like under 10 grand. You call what? I’m used to living on pork and beans and black coffee and during the real lean times he just live on the black cop and I think I could do it for five. He goes, no way. So he said, look alone, you five grand. Now this is about three years into our friendship.

Speaker 3:                           18:16                     OK? And I’d never gotten any money from enough. He goes, I’ll tell you what, I’ll loan you $5,000 to go build it out. He goes, by the way, that’s alone. You have it back, but if you can build it for that, do it. So I did, I built it. And then that was my experience with the first click funnel. I got somehow found click funnels and I built a funnel for my first gym. I ran some facebook ads to it and literally within a month or two I had a hundred and 30 members at this location. And then I opened a second one and it was the coolest experience ever. And next thing you know, I have 300 members within like three months in two locations. And then, and then I told Damon, I sent some videos of these new gems. He was like, I love it.

Speaker 3:                           19:03                     He goes, I’m going to go get ABC to do an update on shark tank of what you’re doing. So he came back and uh, so they did an update on shark tank. And then after that we got entrepreneurial magazine, got ahold of us for his magazine, got a hold of us. And they did a story and then we’re on the ABC update of Shark tank and we started getting. I started getting all these phone calls, people wanting to buy a franchise person. I got to 40, I got about 50 people, like one of my friend Dave, you’ve got to understand I’m a broke cowboy, that rodeo fence idea. And I built a franchise around it because my new friend, daymond John, is like just building a franchise. So. So I built one, right? So I’ve got like 50 people standing around with their checkbooks going, how much is this franchise? I’m ready to buy one and Dave here, get this bid day would goes, Oh God, wait, by the way, he goes, I don’t know a damn thing about franchising.

Speaker 3:                           20:04                     You’ve gotta be kidding me. I’d been on this journey for like two years building this franchise who was standing on money you don’t know about franchising? He goes, no. He goes ballistic. You’re going to learn how a billionaire operates. He goes, I don’t have to know anything about a franchise. He goes, all I gotta do is know somebody who is an expert in franchising. And then we will create a new friendship, will get to know each other, and if it looks like it’s going to work out, then we’ll create this new franchise. And I’m like, OK. He goes, give me a couple of months and let me find somebody come much later. He brought me these guys that they have a company called. I love kickboxing. We have about 70. Yeah, that’s it. Mike. Pearl. Mike, yeah. Mike and nick. Mike and nick. Yes. So he introduced me to those guys.

Speaker 3:                           20:55                     I flew out to New York, I met these guys. I got to take a tour of their headquarters and I was blown away because I had this vision of if you could open these small gyms and do an Internet launch first and sell passes and then open the gym. Like that’s the way to do it. Not Open the gym and then spend a bunch of money trying to get people in the gym. Because I was a trainer for Gold’s gym for years and then three millions of dollars and years trying to recoup your investment and I’ll walk into this guy’s headquarters. This is what they’re doing. They have a hundred and 50 employees and when Dave, when they launch a franchise, they literally, they will spell out 800 gym passes online before they even open the doors. And I know the guys is. Michael and nick are amazing, amazing business people.

Speaker 3:                           21:46                     Cool software. They’re actually building. I’m actually going to be with them next weekend. No Way. Michael, big roof for me. Uh, so, so, so that’s where it began. But, but here’s, here’s where it goes at the end of the day and me hanging out with him, Michael is like, hey, you know what, I, you know, I just invited you in, share all my secrets with you. You’d go back, apply it to your cowboy, Jim, do whatever you want with it, you know, at least I can help out. He goes, if there’s, if there’s any way we worked together at [inaudible] and I heard this word again, you know what he said, let’s get to know each other. And I’m like, thrill you gotta be kidding me. Like now here’s, Michael has 700 franchises. And he goes, in fact, he goes, I was sold on your business, on what you’re doing. I saw you on TV, saw your lot of high energy, but I want to see eye-to-eye and just kind of get to know you to really find out who you really are.

Speaker 3:                           22:44                     And, and from that point, Dave, it’s been two years with Michael and next week they’re starting to build out of the franchise locations. So cool sellies. But, but again, Dave, it goes back to that friendship. But the problem is we want to rush it. We just want to look at the big picture. We want to look at, you know, what, what can I get today? How can I make money? How can I feed my family and we overlook the most valuable thing in business. And it is that friendship and it’s the coolest thing ever. Because again, now my Michael and nick and Scott, all those guys that died of kickboxing, now I look at them as like good friends of mine, not just, oh well we just. We partnered up and oh my gosh, I can tell you that I’ve had this conversation is literally in the last week, probably four different times, a couple of times with my kids. I literally had the conversation with Stephen Larsen last night and

Speaker 2:                           23:46                     then another gentleman the other day. That whole idea as far as you either buy your way in or work your way in, they both work, but the end result is you have to establish that friendship and whether you buy your way in through a mastermind or you work your way in like you did through that kind of stuff. I just cannot stress again, I think of all the lessons you and I’ve talked about as far as from Tony Robins, from billionaires and things. That number one thing, as far as the importance of you build those friendships get. It goes back to the trite saying as far as you know, you can take a look at your network. Your net worth is your network and it is reasonable because that it’s, it’s so valuable because it’s, again, you get to know each other. I mean you and I’ve gone back and forth since TNC has been, what, three months I’m taken with ever because you would never spend the time to get on my podcast. Only finding I’ve been graced by your presence.

Speaker 3:                           24:40                     No, that’s great. And here’s what’s really cool. Now what I. What I do is I make these one minute motivational videos and I just sent him a handful of people and I know you’re getting. Sometimes I feel bad because I’m not going to my bombarding, but the feedback that I’m getting from you guys as I needed to hear that today, things like it’s a quick get in and get out, but again, it is. It’s building that friendship first because we’re in such a rush to get the profit to land the deal, to land the cell. So for here’s an example for your listeners. I’m sure you have people right now listening to other funnel builders, right, and I’m sure you got people that are, that are agencies or they’re really good at facebook ads are driving traffic, so here’s what I would do is if I was those guys, I would just get to know somebody that they really need in their business, really get to know them, become friends with them, and then go, hey, you’re incredible building funnels.

Speaker 3:                           25:34                     Well, Hey, your incredible building traffic. Well why don’t we partner up? Why don’t we team up together and do this together? So now all of a sudden we create something and that’s how you scale a company is you let. And that’s what Tony robins always preaches, is that you literally lets you build your business around going. What is your first, your passion? Not Well, yeah, I’ll do that job. No, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t need someone in my company that, yeah, I can do that job. No, I want somebody that’s like, oh, give me that job. That’s what I want. And during the lean times, if you can’t pay me for a few weeks, all still do that job with passion because that’s what I love to do and you and you form that new company. And so dave and Damon has hundreds of companies out there now and he’s taking this person and this person and he just introduces the two and then he gets a little piece of the action because he put the deal together and I’m just like, oh well that’s how billionaires think.

Speaker 3:                           26:36                     Oh, that’s what they do. So that’s what I’m going to do. And it’s, it’s amazing to get to see like business does not have to be as hard as we think it is. And it’s like, it seems like everybody wants to build their own little castle and they and they do their own little thing and they don’t let anybody know what else, what they’re doing. When they have their guns up on the, on the metal, on the park and they’re shooting, they’re shooting all their competitors. When it’s like, wait, where’s an idea what of us who are competing against each other? Why don’t we thought really big and we teamed up and you specialize in the funnel. You specialize in the traffic, you’re specialized in the social media. You specialize in landing us a podcast interviews as much as we can because you know what I mean, and that’s what Dave, that’s what I see. Looking from the outside in at click funnels. That’s what you guys are doing. That is your specialty is that I don’t see you right now building funnels. Somebody else does it right? You know how to do it, but you’re the personality guy. You’re the guy that’s like, man, I’m an ally in the interviews and this is what my specialty is, [inaudible]. I love it and I’m passionate about it and I am the funnel radio king.

Speaker 2:                           27:56                     I could talk literally for hours as we get close to wrapping things up here, how I know I’m going to get bombarded by people saying, Gosh, you know what? Hooked me up with Cowboy Ryan. How do I get ahold of Gaba? Ryan, want to reach out to you or tell me what? How can we better serve you?

Speaker 3:                           28:10                     Well, here’s how you can better serve me a in one last thing that I’ll say that better serve you guys more. My natural thing, my entire passion that I would do forever for free if I could, is motivating, motivating people. So I visit businesses and I go in and I have a like a business strategy, OK? X, Y, Z. I go in, I work with their mindset and by the time I’m done, whether it’s an hour or a day, like literally helped these guys just elevate what they’re trying to do. So one of your business or a business owner and you’re just like, you know what? We just need, we need to bring some life in her company. Again, I would love to wherever you’re at coming to your location and definitely help you out. So that’s one thing for sure. I’m, here’s the thing, here’s what I’m looking for.

Speaker 3:                           28:56                     Dave, is the cowboy brand. I know it’s a seven or an eight figure business that I could build a two. Right now. This is where it’s at. I’ll build out a membership site. It’s full of content. I built a ton of different funnels, given away a workouts given away diets, giveaway DVD stuff, so I’ve gone through all the funnel process. The majority of the foundation is there, but here’s what it is. It’s, it’s a, it’s a. it’s a race car, but it’s like, man, this thing will run through second quarter, but it needs fine tuning. I don’t have that and I just don’t know what to do, so what I am looking to do, Dave is find the right person or people out there who want to partner with me who actually want to have some equity in the cowboy and work with me to build this and build this empire because I just need to specialize in what I specialize in and have somebody else who’s a specialty at the click funnels.

Speaker 3:                           29:53                     You know the funnels up generally because here there was one last thing. I’ve already talked to Damon. This is what he needs for his companies that he invests in. He does not do this. They do nothing with the company’s invested in nothing with their websites at all. They’ve not been at all. I know because I’ve been through this, I sold diamond on the idea. I said, let me be in charge of coming in and working with your companies. Let me be in charge of getting your company’s right before it airs on Shark Tank and 9,000,000 people go to your website and he goes, cowboy done deal. He goes, but really simple. Just show me the numbers. Show me what you do with your brand first and then yeah, you got full rain. So that’s a partnership that I’m looking for someone who wants to really scale massively and, and build this brand, but also have an opportunity to build a team up with named John to Cowboy Ryan [inaudible].

Speaker 3:                           30:48                     They can just go there, Dave, and there’s a button there that just a length assist this partnership and click on it, put in their info and uh, I’ll get ahold of them and uh, we’ll just, we’ll just chat away and then, you know, again, all I’m doing is applying what I’ve learned from a billionaire. I love it. So much fun having you on as always, and we’ll hopefully have me on it maybe later this year. Maybe an update or some time next year. Definitely for sure and I hope even if I don’t get the invite one day I’m going to show up you guys as front door riding on a horse to ride in the front door to meet Russell and your team. We’ve actually tried to increase our security just because of people like, you know. That’s a really good idea. Anyways, Galloway. Thank you so much.

Speaker 3:                           31:44                     Again guys, go to Cabo, Ryan Dot com and you can click on partnership and a team up with Ryan Gabrielson. Yeah, always a pleasure and just remember it’s all about building the friendships and gave again talking about build a friendship or the friendship. No, I couldn’t be more excited with where I’m at. Getting to know you guys now. When I watch videos I’m like, that’s my friend. He like, no, you don’t know him. I’m like, no, please don’t actually, while you’re heading out, here’s what I’m gonna do. I know it’s pretty cheesy, but I’ll never take a photo. What we’ll do, there you are, you’re smiling. Take a photo of you taking the photo holder. OK. Are you doing a photo of me taking a photo? There it is. OK, John, just to validate it. OK guys, what’s up? Here I am with the famous. Gave a one word, the fun video. Just say, hey, cowboy. What’s up? Hey, cowboy up you guys. Now you know that’s not just a stage that you guys remember. The secret and business is building friendships. First. Money comes last. Hey, appreciate it guys. Or Dave. Thanks again. Body. Alright, take care of him.

Speaker 4:                           32:57                     Know one of the things that means a ton to me is the person who reviews that you guys leave on itunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate it and leave a comment. All the comments, I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so. If you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day.

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    I gotta say, I love Ryan’s story. Super inspiring, this guy doesn’t give up!

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