Facebook Video Ad Secrets
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Facebook Video Ad Secrets

Wilco is the founder of 2 software companies that he has built using Facebook ads. He details his strategies for video ads that convert on Facebook. How to create stories in your videos, how to split test and generate the greatest ROI from you ad.

Show Notes

  • When to running Facebook ads.
  • The importance of testing and buying data of your Facebook ads.
  • How emoticons will help your video ads convert.
  • Other tips and strategies with video ads like storytelling and average time for video.


“You don’t have a real business unless you have traffic.”


  • Wika Fever

    This will help smaller business’s take off & HELP people to Achieve their “DREAM’S”
    Very interesting Concept and WORTH everything you put in.
    Using Clickfunnels.com & Connectio.io together MAY just Revolutionise the way forward in Marketing history and make it possible for YOU or Anybody to make make the Dream Numbers & Conversions Possible.
    Achieving Your Goals Faster !

    Rob Taylor (wikafever.com)

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