Get Paid $40,000 or More Creating Your Best Products
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Get Paid $40,000 or More Creating Your Best Products

Ryan Stewman details how he went from the Penitentiary to the Penthouse. He reveals why everyone is building their products backwards.

He details how he gets paid $40,000 or more to create killer products, to hire the best copywriters, design team and gets paid to advertise.

Show Notes

  • [02:00] Prolific mistakes created massive levels of success
  • [05:35] How to sell a product without a buyer feeling like they were just sold.
  • [06:16] How to get rid of sales anxiety
  • [06:56] How to set sales expectations
  • [08:00] Best salespeople are amazing detectives
  • [13:43] How to capture an IP address to follow up with people by phone
  • [16:51] A convict selling burglar alarms
  • [18:02] How to scale a business
  • [20:20] How to leverage time and money
  • [22:00] Why you must know your “zone of genius”
  • [25:18] Why you have to STOP creating content to sell
  • [27:10] Garth Brook’s tip to product creation
  • [29:19] Ryan’s passion project
  • [33:20] Affiliate excitement

“I am a prolific action taker man and when you take a lot of actions you make a lot of mistakes but I don’t know anybody better at bouncing back from the bottom than I am”
I always look at everything as I am there for a reason. Click To Tweet
“I get rid of sales anxiety by flipping it from me trying to sell them to interviewing them instead.”
You don’t get to talk to me until you’ve made ten sales. Click To Tweet
“Hiring the right sales people is the only way to leverage your time and money”
You must learn to leverage yourself to stay in your genius zone. Click To Tweet
“You gotta use, what you sell.”


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