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Get Paid To Do LIVE Webinars

Why Dave Decided to talk to Scott:

Scott Marshall shys away from the popular belief that automated webinars are better than live. By getting people to pay him to be on the webinar, he is able to increase his conversions.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Learn strategies to get people to pay you upfront (5:05)
  • How should a live webinar run? (8:20)
  • Lear about cost to webinar and back end sales (10:15)

Quotable Moments:

“The hardest dollar to get is the first dollar online.”

Other Tidbits:

Hosting live webinars or automated ones are not only personal preference. Knowing your market and what kind of webinar sales work best is key. Does you client base require the personal touch?


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward.

Speaker 2:                           00:17                     Hey everybody, you guys are in for a crazy ride today. I want to introduce you to Scott Marshall. Scott, welcome to the show everybody. Thanks for having me. Guys don’t know who Scott is. He’s one of our [inaudible] winners. He owns a company called [inaudible]. He’s also one of our round table hosts and I just found out that basically he just ripped off all click funnels, onboarding sequences in the company. So with that said, I want to introduce a Scott and you guys are gonna. Love the conversation today. I appreciate that. I really do shout out. So it’s been really cool though to see what you guys have been doing it. So really that is one of the main things we want to talk to you about today is one of the things Scott is having phenomenal success out his live webinars and these are different than the typical webinars that you guys are used to. So I to tell you a little bit about what he’s doing and what we what, what really is a live webinars. So Scott, what’s the live Webinar?

Speaker 3:                           01:09                     Yeah. So for us, we’ve had a lot of success in this area. Just to give you a quick background, like we do financial education and software, right? And so we drive people into a live presentation, typically go to Webinar and we have a live presenter inside of that. And then we also have built an incredible sales staff and so we look for key metrics through 90 minute webinar and we look for key metrics. One, we’ll look for how long you stay inside of that Webinar and then we do what’s called raised hands. And then based on those raise hands is how we build our sales pipelines and then we start selling you through our whole value ladder inside of that as well. And then before that, there’s a whole process of taking you through the value ladder that we all know through secrets of getting into a trip wire product. So either before you come to the Webinar, we’re giving you an opportunity to get, um, anywhere from a dollar to a $200 product that’s either going to be a trial or it’s gonna be a one time charge or it’s going to be a subscription because we know that when we get into the live webinar and you have one product, the chances of you upsell is anywhere from eight percent to 12 percent for us. And so

Speaker 2:                           02:22                     I understand because most people think of webinars as free. And I’m going to show this high ticket thing at the end. What you’re just talking me about earlier was you want to make sure you get money upfront. Absolutely possible. And I think the one we were just talking about was a dollar. And it gives you basically about 10 percent, 10 percent chance of that person who pays a block is going to then turn around and spend $8,000 with you by the end of the sale.

Speaker 3:                           02:46                     Yeah, kind of insane. Right? But so what we did is we funnel hacked. At this time, I think I just called it [inaudible] like I read literally Russell’s I’m onboarding sequence for click funnels. Instead of doing like a 14 day trial, why don’t we just give you a $7 trial for a dollar. Because what we found was through testing hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of leads that if someone just takes out their credit card and even if it’s ninety nine cents before they come into that Webinar, the chances of that end up selling for $8,000 flagship is 10 percent. And so it just makes sense. Make sure that the journey is, hey look, I’m going to show you this incredible system. I’m going to show you an incredible way how you can achieve your goal to get to where your destination is. But before you do, I want to give you the exact same tool that I’m going to use inside of this presentation, this live Webinar, and guess what, instead of paying hundreds of dollars, I’m gonna let you get it right now for a dollar.

Speaker 3:                           03:39                     You just have to cover the cost and the act of doing that is making millions of dollars because of this. Scott, I love that and I think people we’ve always talked about is the first dollar online person goes from being a prospect to a client or customer. It totally changed the relationship and so getting them to take that dollar out is a phenomenal, phenomenal opportunity for you guys. I think that’s just one of the biggest things that I see with working with a lot of companies is that they really don’t. They just don’t know the process, right? And they don’t know the right process for them. And when you’ve got like a salesforce or figuring out how you qualify an actual lead is so substantial to being able to scale up. And so when you’re talking on a huge budget, and I know everybody doesn’t have the same budget, it’s perspective, but when you’re spending 300 to $500,000 a month on leads and you’re getting 350,000 to 500,000 leads a month, you can’t, you can’t staff the volume that you need to go to work every single one of those leads.

Speaker 3:                           04:43                     So you’ve got to start getting qualifiers. And so instead of, if I can just go get [inaudible] now, those 3000 people that I know are highly qualified because they’ve already given me their credit cards. Well now like my cost of everything goes down. So it just makes sense as far as what are some of the strategies you guys are using to get them to pay you up front? Yeah. So we’ll do like a, we’ll bring them into just a basic, um, webinar funnel. You know, we’ll do a squeeze page. The higher will typically get like 35 to 40 percent on those squeeze pages so that we can get our cost per lead down. But what we typically do is we sell you on that dream destination right from the get go and the journey through that funnel and the drip series is re I’m reinforcing that, um, that destination, right?

Speaker 3:                           05:36                     So most people want to figure out how to make money, whether that’s online or, or through a system or through education. Right? And so what we do is during that journey is we want to give you a tool that’s exactly going to get you there faster, right? And so russell talks about this a lot, right? Is you’ve really got one opportunity to make that switch before you start stacking. And so from the get go, we start saying, let me take you out the current vehicle that you’re in, right? You want to retire earlier, you want to be able to take your family on that vacation that you’ve always wanted to do. You want to be able to pick your kids when you want to be able to pick your kids up. Instead of working 60 hours a week, we’ve got the system that’s going to get you there. We’ve got the car that’s going to take your time destination, but now let me show you how I can upgrade that car so you know, instead of, instead of you’ve got to go over hills. So instead of using your current tires, I’m going to put on fat or tire so that you can go off road, you can get the urban pastor. Here’s the tool that’s going to get you there. Um, you know, and it just worked.

Speaker 2:                           06:39                     So kind of the whole blue ocean is taking them off road. There you go. Absolutely. I think you, uh, I think you just gave me a new market implied before, uh, before I even realize that, but yeah, no, I think that’s amazing. So now you’ve got these people online and you’re doing webinars. You Do, you guys are, I mean you guys are doing serious numbers, I think you said like 42,000,000 in volume last year. 15, none of it through click funnels. 500,000 leads and modern. And you guys are doing some serious, serious numbers. So it’s pretty, it’s pretty intense. So now they basically, they come through your front end funnel. They pay a buck up to $200 or whatever it might be. What’s the back end?

Speaker 3:                           07:20                     Yeah, so the back end is where it really gets crazy for us is after we got you on that $8,000 flagship, um, which is like an education package. It’s really, um, it’s really giving you everything that you need to get started inside of this industry. But then what we do is we do backend webinars and we do back, I can sessions, we’ll do like training sessions and inside those training sessions were selling and you additional items to keep stacking it. Right? And so we teach financial education and so there’s always new tools and there’s always new courses, like we have a catalog of like 30 different courses and so at any time with our pipeline on the backhand, since we have, you know, we have 10,000 people that we’ve sold at this point and we’re constantly engaging them. We’re constantly, every month given them a new offer that they can then go purchase. And that’s where, that’s where the real money is forest, because that point we paid for the lead, we paid for our advertising. Now it’s just a case of letting them consume all of our product suites, suite of products

Speaker 2:                           08:24                     on the Webinar. Are you closing them on $8,000 sale or you taking an application and then having people follow up. What’s the how’s the weather and how that Webinar run is a we do,

Speaker 3:                           08:34                     hey look at this make sense to you, raise your hand or type in your phone number. And then we do like the option a, option b, you know like hey look, it’s gone down there. There’s a lot of people don’t understand what your hands are so it’s just like an engagement. A will ask engaging questions to make sure that this package or this offer or this system makes sense to use. And so it’s just a little buy in little micro commitments of, Hey, look, if you’ve seen when I, if, if this is making sense to you right now and you can see this opportunity, I want you to type in your phone number or I want you to say yes. Um, and we do that throughout the Webinar. And then at the end we say, hey, look, if option a makes sense to you and you want to take this offer, we only have a limited amount of seats. We do obviously urgency. We need you to type in your phone number right now and raise your hand. And so it’s, it’s really like a, it’s a micro commitment through the Webinar. And that way when you’ve got 500 people in the Webinar, you can’t just go call [inaudible] people right then and there. So that way the 10 to 20 percent of those people that raised their hand, I now have designated 20 sales guys that can just go and concentrate on those people first.

Speaker 2:                           09:46                     Raise your hand and then you’re having an basically enter their phone number in. And those people who basically you are reaching out to the

Speaker 3:                           09:53                     like, no, we already have their phone number on the deck, but you know how this game works. A lot of people when they’re coming into a Webinar, they’re either putting in the wrong phone number and so this way it’s a double combination

Speaker 2:                           10:05                     if you don’t mind, tell me what, what’s your cost to get a person on a Webinar? Our costs of Webinars, about $20 to actually attend. So 20 bucks to get someone to actually attend the Webinar and then you’re back in sale is 8,000 bucks. And any idea as far as how many people it takes to get one sale?

Speaker 3:                           10:29                     Yeah. So we go through, that’s a great question. Um, so we go through about 350,000 leads a month to get a anywhere from 300 to 350 sales. It’s pretty strong. So the other way that we look at this too is um, because one of the things online micro products, so strip on products and it’s really a big focus for me. What I know is I sell about 2000 of the micro politics a month and 10 percent of those will buy the 8,000 system for every 2000 buyers that I can get. And that cost per acquisition is about $90. It takes me about $90 to get someone to buy a, a dollar trial, $9 $90 I’m getting that has a rebill. So even if they don’t buy the flagship product, I’m still making money because on a continuity. But I know there are those 2000 people, 10 percent of those every month are buying or a thousand dollar flagships and that’s how we’re able to get the scale ability.

Speaker 2:                           11:36                     So is it 10 or 10 percent of 10 percent? You’ve got 200 people who were basically spending 8,000 bucks with you.

Speaker 3:                           11:43                     Yeah, that’s. Yeah, that was going to work out pretty well. Yeah. It’s uh, it’s, it’s why we’re able to staff as many people as we are and in that back into the company as long as we are. I think that’s fantastic. So again, some of the main things here as far as takeaways obviously is getting people to pay up front to attend the webinars and then once you’re on the Webinar to get them to raise their hand and enter in something, a personal value to them, like their phone number and you’re following up with those people. Now more of a warm call is adverse to cold call because they asked you to call them, are you getting any additional information or you haven’t been on an application or anything beforehand or is it just enter your phone number and some I’ll you call. So we haven’t done that yet.

Speaker 3:                           12:28                     That’s the next evolution for us. And we’ve done it with a few other processes. But, um, we haven’t done it on a grand scale of doing the whole um, high end, uh, application. Uh, we’ve seen like Russell’s and we think it’s genius and also get whites on the weekend warrior like his, it was pretty good. So we’re going to try to implement that at the end of this quarter or next quarter to see if we can get some kind of extra, um, conversion rates there because that is, it’s genius. Scott, you’re doing a great job, but I’m excited again. Uh, you’ll be at funnel hacking live. One of our two comma club winners is also one of our two comma club coaches. Will be, I mean, at our round table evening. Absolutely. And again, uh, so people want to find out more about, just got where they reach out to you. Yeah. So they can, um, they can go to Scott from scouting that calm, which is Scott a number for our m Scotland that com.

Speaker 3:                           13:20                     Or they can go to two comma funnels, [inaudible] and that’s t w o comma funnels that come stock. That’s awesome. Was We get close to wrapping things up. Any other words of advice you have for our funnel hacker community? Believe in the process. I’m staying at it and the biggest thing I see with new people and just people that are trying to make it to that next level is like, if you think you should do it, like you should probably do it. Whether that’s a follow-up sequence, whether that’s adding another page inside your funnel, whether it’s like spending that money, uh, investment in yourself, like go with your gut and just do the actual works. Great Advice. Well, again, Scott, appreciate you taking time today and wish you all the best data was my pleasure.

Speaker 4:                           14:03                     I know one of the things it means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on itunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate it, leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it. And again, thank you so much for all you guys. Do you have a great day?

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