“Give A Shift” Funnel Stacking
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“Give A Shift” Funnel Stacking

Megan Smith Gill has owned a successful marketing business for over 15 years. She hit the point where she had to make a “shift.” The money was great but she was unfulfilled. She reveals the 5 Bull Shifts all entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them. She also details how funnel stacking has changed her business and why you have to stack funnels in your business.

Show Notes

  • [4:00] Megan’s Journey to entrepreneurship.
  • [8:30] How Megan’s past has helped her come up with 5 “Bullshifts”.
  • [14:30] What Megan uses to influence as many people as possible.
  • [19:00] Funnel stacking with Megan.


“People need to have options. I’m a firm believer that the funnels work best when they work together and support one another.”


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