How To Be Ultra Spiritual
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How To Be Ultra Spiritual

JP Sears, THE YouTube Sensation shares his insights on creating content that is authentic and connects with your audience. He also reveals the 3 areas of life you must add humor to be Ultra successful. Be sure to check out his book at

Show Notes

  • Q & A with JP Sears
  • How to make your funnels more spiritual
  • Why JP loves Yoga
  • Why the title of his book “How to be Ultra Spiritual”
  • How JP discovered his character.
  • What’s Jp’s Morning routine.
  • How JP Built his culture?
  • How do you instill creativity?
  • How to Find humor in daily life.


“Be true to yourself. Be fricken authentic!”

“I don’t think you can build a long-lasting culture if you are not authentic.”


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