How To “Birth Your Funnel” And Why You MUST
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How To “Birth Your Funnel” And Why You MUST

Julie Stoian is an authentic action taker driven by results. She has built a loyal following of entrepreneurs. She uncovers the secrets to her 6 figure months. She reveals why you must “birth your funnel” if you ever hope to have success. She details the process for simple product creation that will get your product sold before you create it.

Show Notes

  • [4:15] How Julie has built such a strong community.
  • [6:00] Why it’s so important do things for free.
  • [12:00] How to teach people to design.
  • [16:50] The growth that Julie and her company has experienced after “Birthing her Funnel”.


“Too often people create the product first then create the funnel and sales page after.”

“Build products that you know your community will love.”


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