How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite
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How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite

Mandy Keene is the mind set coach for all of Russell’s Inner Circle Members. She has been coaching high end achievers for over 20 years. She reveals what you need to do as an entrepreneur and small to mid-size business owner to take your company to the next level. She details what the DISC test reveals and how you can hire the right people for the right position.

Show Notes

  • Taking yourself to the next level as an entrepreneur starting with your mindset
  • Knowing who you are is essential to finding where you work best and who you work best with
  • The penguins need to be in the cold so why take it out of the place they work the best in?
  • Becoming Vulnerable will make you more coachable
  • Finding your coach
  • The importance of self-care


“A fisherman can’t smell the fish, because you’re in your world sometimes you don’t realize what is holding you back. And that’s the biggest value of a coach is that they can tell you things you’ve become blind to.”

“If you hire for the right role everything will go a lot smoother.”

“Take an inventory of where you’re at and if you don’t have a coach get a coach and they’ll help you bridge [from going to sleep grouchy and tired to not wanting to go to sleep because you feel so successful and you’re just so pumped to work] and it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business and in yourself.”


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