How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant
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How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Akbar Sheikh has become a very successful funnel builder. More importantly he has become even more successful at making his competition irrelevant. He reveals his secrets to getting publicity and influencers to help establish his authority.

Show Notes

  • What does irrelevant actually mean?
  • How funnel hacking applies to making your competition irrelevant.
  • The 7 secrets to success.
  • The importance of likeability with funnels and business.
  • How to utilize 100% of Facebook Marketing.


“There are so many funnel builders. That has zero relevance to me because there is only 1 Akbar.”

“We can only use like 5% of our brain. We do the same with Facebook. It’s like using a Ferrari but only using one cylinder.”


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