Launching A Funnel With NO Ad Budget
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Launching A Funnel With NO Ad Budget

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

I get asked all of the time how to launch a funnel if I don’t have any money to spend on Facebook or other Ad platforms. Julie Stoian provides 6 different ways you can use to get free traffic to your funnel. The key is to get started asap.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Traction Marketing, it’s kind of awesome guys. (0:58)
  • Dave and Julie stress the difference between a gift between a gift and a bribe. (4:54)
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is still something you can do and Julie breaks it down for us. (8:10)

Quotable Moments:

“Usually what happens is if you go out and help 100 people, 20 or 30 of them are going to go in and click on your profile and there’s your ‘Wallbait’ sitting right there.”

“If you don’t have money to send on a huge ad budget then what you do have is time. And so make sure that the time your spending is of value to you and of value to the person you’re reaching out to.”

“Again, it’s about delivering content that the platform, and the people on that platform, actually like.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

There is a fine line between a bribe and a gift to show appreciation. Dave tells us about how somebody who had sent a handwritten letter and miniature copies of Dave’s favorite book no bigger than his thumb. This gift meant a lot to him personally and although no favors were reciprocated, he gained a lot of respect for this man. Dave then contrasts this to someone else who gave Russel a somewhat thoughtful gift and shows up the next day expecting to be able to borrow some of Russel’s time. Although Russel pulled himself away from his work for this guy, their relationship ended there as he didn’t see any reason to associate with someone who would have such an entitled persona.

Links Mentioned by Dave: Come see Julie in Atlanta March 23rd and 24th and ask her your questions as she hosts one of our Round Tables!

Other Links:

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           Welcome to Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Dave Woodward:             Hey, everyone. Welcome back again to Funnel Hacker Radio. I’m your host, Dave Woodward, and, again, today, we have the one and only Julie Stoian with us.

Julie Stoian:                        Hi, guys.

Dave Woodward:             We’re super excited today because this is a topic that people are always asking about because everyone’s always like, “Well, gosh. I know you could spend money on Facebook and you do all these things to direct traffic, but what if I have no money and I wanna be able to get free traffic or build my funnel?” So, we brought Julie on to talk about how to actually do this, so what are some of the ideas or things that you have as far as ideas to make that happen?

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, alright. So, one of my biggest ways, obviously, it goes without saying that spamming and being promotional is not a good idea; but there is a cool way and I call it attraction marketing and it’s a little bit more intensive than turning out a Facebook ad, but this is a legit way to do it. So, the first thing that you should do is get your personal Facebook profile looking a little business-y. I know you’re not really supposed to use it for business, but put a nice cover photo up there, make sure your page is linked in your bio, and just get it looking not like you’re gonna show 8,000 pictures of your cat or something, alright? And make sure your avatar is your face, not a cat, not a dog, not a cartoon, your face and then, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go into Facebook groups; but before you do that, you’re gonna post on your timeline something about your webinar, or your funnel, or whatever.

You know what I mean? Post something and I call this, “wall bait” and this is like bait. It’s just sitting on your personal timeline where you have complete free rein and then, all you need to do is go into Facebook groups. Do not post, just answer questions. Your main goal is to just answer questions and be as helpful as you can, no malintent, no promo, no spam. Usually what happens is if you go and help 100 people, 20 or 30 of them are gonna go click on your profile. There’s your wall bait sitting right there.

Dave Woodward:             Oh, I love that.

Julie Stoian:                        Because that’s what they do. They look at your latest post, right? Don’t make it a weird selfie of you. Make it the entrance to your funnel.

Dave Woodward:             That’s a cool idea. I love it. Wall bait, I’ve never heard that term.

Julie Stoian:                        Wall bait, yeah.

Dave Woodward:             I might have to coin that. Well, it’s not trademarked, wall bait.

Julie Stoian:                        So, that’s my big way. If you need to fill up a webinar, you need to get 20 to 30 people on it, just help people and then, help people who would probably like your webinar and put the webinar on your profile, so that’s one way. The second way is to put it as the signature in your email.

Dave Woodward:             Oh, awesome idea.

Julie Stoian:                        In your email, put a little tagline and be like, “Hey, do you wanna know how to … ” whatever. Then, put a link there, so that’s another way. The third way is to get on podcasts.

Dave Woodward:             Like this.

Julie Stoian:                        Yes, so start looking for podcasts. Lots of podcasters need interviewees, it’s a constant need, so find podcasts where your target audience lives and make sure that you have a really easy link because it’s all audio. Don’t be like, “Go to, keyword groups, keyword funnels… ” You know what I mean? Make it easy, so that you can say it and then, people can go to that link.

Dave Woodward:             I think that’s one of the main things. Obviously, for those of you guys who are listening to Hacker Radio, you know I have a lot of people on, I always give them at the end. The key here, anytime you’re on a podcast obviously, you gotta provide a massive amount of value before you start doing any self promotion or anything like that.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             But, most hosts are gonna be very generous with you as far as … If you’ve just provided 20 minutes of value to their audience, they have no problem saying, “Hey, you know what? Where can they find you? Where can they reach out to you?”

Julie Stoian:                        Exactly.

Dave Woodward:             And keep that super, super simple. I’ve had some people where it is this huge, long thing. I’m like, you have to understand, people are either driving, they’re exercising.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             They’re not going to remember that.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. Make special links for, you know, I was on EOFire, and he was like, you know, make a link that’s your domain slash fire.

Dave Woodward:             Yeah.

Julie Stoian:                        Right? So do you do the same thing? If you’re on Dave’s podcast, it’s like,

Dave Woodward:             Yep.

Julie Stoian:                        Something like that.

Dave Woodward:             Yeah, JLD does a great job. Anytime you listen to his, his links always end in “fire”.

Julie Stoian:                        “Fire”, yeah. So, podcasts are a great way, email signature. You know, it’s … You have to … It’s more slow going. If you have no ad budget, it’s just more slow going. Obviously, you can do things like Pinterest. We have an episode on Pinterest, right?

Dave Woodward:             Yeah.

Julie Stoian:                        Pinterest with blogs, which lead into your funnel. You can do that. You can also do guest posting on other peoples’ sites, where there’s already an audience.

Dave Woodward:             Oh, that’s a cool idea.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             Guest posting as a blog?

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. So, offering to guest post on, you know, somebody else’s blog, where they will provide you with a link. And so, then you can add the link to your funnel that way.

So, obviously, traditional PR publicity can get tons of traffic, if you get a good media piece, you can get a lot of traffic that way. And then, JV partners. This is a huge one, like Dream 100.

Dave Woodward:             I’m a huge believer in that.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. So [crosstalk 00:04:59]

Dave Woodward:             We just actually had, I mean this is one of my favorite topics here, is Dream 100. It was really fun. We had Christopher Voss, who has come in on a couple of my Facebook lives.

Julie Stoian:                        Yep.

Dave Woodward:             Has followed Russell. He was super kind the other day, and sent me a very, very genuine gift. I had done a Facebook live, right around Christmas time, about one of my favorite Christmas carols, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, and … So, my post was basically, “God is not dead, nor doth he sleep”, which came from the carol.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             And he actually had written a handwritten note, sent me this little, tiny treasure chest, where you open it up and inside were two little, tiny books, about the size of my thumb, which were picture books about the carol, and they had bookmarked that piece there, as far as “God is not dead, nor doth he sleep.” And then, today, walked in the office and … Russell loves getting presents.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             So, if you want to get on Russell’s list, send great presents to the office. But it was really cool, because he sent a very personal thing to Russell. As you know, Russell is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-Day Saints or Mormons, and the first prophet was Joseph Smith, and he and his brother Hyrum were both martyred, and … Basically what happened was, there was a little bronze, I don’t know, what is it three inches tall? Something like that?

Julie Stoian:                        Statue, yeah. A little …

Dave Woodward:             A little tiny thing, but it was the thought that he put behind it.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             And it was really cool, because Christopher basically had taken a picture of the one that he had on his desk.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             And that was on the back of the letter, and then he had enclosed that in his gift to Russell. Again, not asking for anything, it was just totally, “Thank you so much, I’ve gotten all this value from the content you’re providing, and my way of saying thank you to you was just by sending this.” So, it’s kind of cool.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             Julie and I were both there as Russell was opening it.

Julie Stoian:                        Yep.

Dave Woodward:             And it was touching to Russell, because he put so much thought into it.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             On the flip side, we had someone who is dying to spend, wants an hour worth of Russell’s time, wants him to film a video, wants him to write the foreword of his book, sent a gift to the office, and then just shows up. And I’m like, it doesn’t work that way.

Julie Stoian:                        That’s not how you …

Dave Woodward:             That’s the wrong way to do it.

Julie Stoian:                        That’s called a bribe.

Dave Woodward:             Yeah, exactly.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, so the Dream 100 is building those strategic relationships, because at some point there may be a situation where there’s a win-win for both of you, and then you can leverage their audience, you know. But it’s gotta be like … You can’t be weird about it. This is the thing, it’s about being thoughtful and giving value upfront first.

Dave Woodward:             Yeah.

Julie Stoian:                        And so, one, you know [crosstalk 00:07:22]

Dave Woodward:             I don’t wanna cut you off there, but …

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             The whole idea is what Julie just said. I can’t stress that enough. It is being thoughtful, and giving value.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             So often, everyone, it’s “What’s in it for me, what’s in it for me, what’s in it for me”, and that, especially if you don’t have money right now to spend on a huge ad budget …

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             Then what you have is time.

Julie Stoian:                        Right, right.

Dave Woodward:             And so, make sure that that time is valuable time for you, as well as for whoever you’re reaching out to.

Julie Stoian:                        Exactly. And you know, people can smell genuine.

Dave Woodward:             Oh, yeah.

Julie Stoian:                        Like, I wanna build a relationship versus I just want something from you. But, you know, Dana Derricks, who wrote the Dream 100 book, he’s basically said, “One Dream 100 person, who could give me a shout out, is worth thousands and thousands of dollars in ad money.”

Dave Woodward:             Totally agree with that.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. So, there’s a couple of other things you can do. SEO is still something you can do.

Dave Woodward:             We were talking about that just the other day with R.L. Adams here in the office.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, so you know, in order to use SEO and get organic traffic, your content has to be amazing, you know. It has to be ten thousand words, amazing, keyword rich. It’s even better if you can get out on an authority domain, like Entrepreneur, Incs, Forbes, like that, you know, so that it can rank up. And then if you can get a link on there into your funnel, you know, you’ve got just free traffic, all the live long day.

Dave Woodward:             So, let’s talk a little more about that, ’cause I think this is something a lot of you guys who are listening could do. When we’re saying “keyword rich”, there’s a difference between keyword rich versus keyword stuffing.

Julie Stoian:                        Yes.

Dave Woodward:             So, if you don’t mind, kinda define the difference there in what we’re talking about.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. So, Google’s really smart now. Google used to not be smart and gone are the days, you know, where you could, let’s say you wanted to write an article on funnels, you’d just write “sales funnels” like eight million times, right? That doesn’t work anymore.

You do want your keyword in some strategic places. You want it in the title, you want in the permalink, so the link that comes in the end. You want it in your meta description of the post, and you want it in a <h1> tag inside the post itself, and you also want it one or two times in the content. Ideally, hyperlinked as well. But that’s about it. The rest of time, you need to take that keyword and think of all the other ways that you might say that keyword.

Dave Woodward:             Is that the LSI we were talking about yesterday?

Julie Stoian:                        That’s the LSI, yeah, latent semantic …

Dave Woodward:             Index.

Julie Stoian:                        Index, yeah. And so, you would think of other ways, like maybe you would use pipeline, or sales funnel versus funnel, or sales pipeline, or maybe you would say, lead generation, or something like that, because Google wants to see all the words that you would say like a human would say, not like a machine. And then, make sure all of your photos and images and everything on the page also have keywords, or those LSI words that are like that.

Dave Woodward:             I think that’s the part a lot of people forget, are the images.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             You get a lot of … It’s crazy how many people click on images, how many people, I mean … Those images, actually, is a great place to make sure you have those keywords.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, and Google image search.

Dave Woodward:             Yeah.

Julie Stoian:                        You know how many people search for images on Google? Yeah, and then it leads them to [crosstalk 00:10:15].

Dave Woodward:             Perfect idea.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. Try to get on as authoritative on the domain as possible, and you know, good content will get links. If you can get it on a big site like Entrepreneur, you don’t really need to worry about it. People will just link into it. If you’re on a dinky little site that’s your site, you may have to work a little harder to get some links.

Dave Woodward:             Yeah, awesome.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             Any other ideas you can think of off the top of your head?

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah. Instagram’s another one. You get one link on Instagram, but if you can get ten thousand followers, you also get swipe up feature on Instagram stories. Again, it’s about delivering content that the platform, and the people on that platform, naturally like. You can’t try to go into Instagram and put weird things that Instagrammers don’t like, you know. Leverage whatever’s on that platform, and try to be as native to the platform as possible, and then you can use the bio link as the entry point to your funnel.

Dave Woodward:             I think that’s great. I know shout outs are things you can buy. There are also shout outs you can trade.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             So you can actually go out to other peoples’ pages, who have a similar type of followers. It’s gonna be really hard if you have five hundred followers, to go to a person with fifty thousand.

Julie Stoian:                        Right.

Dave Woodward:             But if you’ve got five hundred followers, you can reach out to someone else and do a shout out for them.

Julie Stoian:                        Yep.

Dave Woodward:             And they’ll do the shout out for you as well, especially if it’s in the same type of niche or industry that you’re in.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, absolutely. And Youtube’s a whole nother channel that you can get traffic from. This is very SEO driven, so you’re looking to create videos with keywords that people are searching for on Youtube. Really keyword rich descriptions, tags, and link into your funnel. LinkedIn, I have not cracked the LinkedIn code, but I’ve heard that for any social media platform, it’s about being native to the platform and really delivering the kind of content that that platform wants and likes.

Dave Woodward:             I love that. Youtube, one of the things we use is TubeMogul.

Julie Stoian:                        Okay.

Dave Woodward:             Where you can go into it and see what are some of the … If you find another video that’s getting a lot of traffic, you can basically, if you’re using TubeMogul or, there’s other ones that do the same type of thing, where it’ll literally tell you the keywords that are in there.

Julie Stoian:                        Yep.

Dave Woodward:             What people are searching for, and then you can create a video similar to that one, usually, obviously, something a little bit better, or something like that, that you can get that type of stuff.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             Or even reviews. We’re seeing a lot of reviews on Youtube that are getting a lot of traffic.

Julie Stoian:                        Yes, yep. So, obviously Facebook we talked about, we talked about doing the wall bait on your personal profile. Facebook lives are still really great ways to get organic reach. So, you know, all of this takes time, and if you don’t have money, like you said, you probably have time. So, those are the primary ways that I build traffic, you know, gotten traffic organically.

Dave Woodward:             Well as always, we love having Julie on. Its been fun having her in the office this week.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, great.

Dave Woodward:             So I stole some of the time here to get a couple of episodes in.

Julie Stoian:                        Yes, awesome.

Dave Woodward:             But if you want to get more of Julie, come to Funnel Hacking Live. So go to, get your tickets for Funnel Hacking Live, March 21st, the 24th, in Orlando. Most importantly, she’s gonna be one of our round table hosts.

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah.

Dave Woodward:             And we’re super excited for that. So, she will actually be there answering any questions at all that you have. So, come sit at her table, ask her the questions that you want answered, and if not, how else can they get a hold of you?

Julie Stoian:                        Yeah, you guys can find me. I’m on the ClickFunnels blog, I’m in the ClickFunnels group, you can find me at

Dave Woodward:             Awesome. Thanks again Julie, loved having you on.

Julie Stoian:                        Okay, bye.

Dave Woodward:             See you guys.

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