Nail It and Scale It
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Nail It and Scale It

Why Dave Decided to talk to Todd:

ClickFunnels Co-founder, Todd Dickerson reveals what it really takes to get into the 2 Comma Club ($1 million in a funnel) or into the 8 Figure Club ($10 Million in a funnel). We get this question all of the time. Where should I start? What does it really take to have record breaking success. Todd breaks it down to one simple thing everyone can master to get the success they want.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The simple answer to result in the success of scaling (2:53)
  • The three types of funnels and offers that have created the vast majority of funnels in our system (3:22)
  • The perfect webinar (3:45)

Quotable Moments:

“You need to create an offer with more value than you are actually charging.”


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Hey everybody. Welcome back to funnel hacker radio on it.

Speaker 2:     00:19       Your host Dave Woodward. Today is a crazy, crazy episode because I actually came into the office and what can I show you around what’s been going on? So for those of us who are listening to this, we also have this posted on youtube, but I want to kind of give you an idea as far as what’s going on. Um, so again, for those guys who are listening on in our office, we’ve just now finished some of the crazy, crazy stuff we’ve got going on right in here. And all these things that you guys are listening to this I’m showing basically literally hundreds of our two comma club awards. And what we just got in now are going to be hundreds of, not hundreds, but soon to be hundreds. Are we actually now have all of our 10 x or in other words, our eight figure award winners, we have 18 of them here on the walls and these things are absolutely crazy, but it was really cool too when I came in the off state Dickerson, our co-founder with Russell Brunson ended up responding to a post that he’s seen in a lot of the things we have going on at facebook and they keep asking, well, what’s the best way of doing a million dollars?

Speaker 2:     01:20       What’s the best way of getting to $10,000,000? So Todd did a video called nail it and scale it and that’s the name of this podcast or one of the actually end up having you here from Todd. This is probably one of the first times, uh, those guys who are listening to this podcast, I’ve actually heard from our co-founder Todd Dickerson, but he is one of the most amazing guys in the world. He actually lives out in Atlanta with his wife and two daughters. And just want to get a little bit of background on him and what’s been going on. So what that I’m going to turn a your next hear from Todd as he’s talking about nail it and scale it and you guys are actually going to let this. So again, those guys who are listening to this, you’ll hear from Todd next, those guys are watching this. She’ll be watching the video next year on funnel hacker radio.

Speaker 3:     02:03       What’s up everybody? So there was an interesting discussion going on in the facebook group this morning and kind of triggered some thoughts founded, kind of disturbing actually how a lot of people don’t actually want the right answer. They want something that’s intellectually stimulating to them. I think. Um, so basically people are asking, how do you scale a business from 1,000,000 to $10,000,000? What’s the one most important thing that you should do to scale your business from 1,000,000 to $10,000,000? Right? And be entered that people seem to enjoy, like is, oh, well you need to build a great team, become a great leader, a read more books, delegate things to people. Like, these are all great generic things that you should do no matter what level you’re trying to scale too, right? Like, you should focus on these things, those are important and whatnot, but they don’t want the simple answer that results in the success more, more often than ever.

Speaker 3:     02:53       Um, basically you need to create a product, create an offer with great value, more value than you were charging, right? So you need to provide 10 x, whatever your cost is, hundred x, whatever your cost is ideally. And then you need to get the right offer, the right pitch for this, right? So you know your offer and then you scale it. That’s it. Throughout all of our customers in click funnels, there’s been three primary types of funnels and types of offers that we’ve seen that have created the vast majority of the eight figure funnels that are in our system. And that is the perfect Webinar coaching and tripwire or trip wire, shipping product fulfillment type stuff, small products on the front end, larger back end sales for additional physical products on the backend. But the most common of those. And the one that I think the majority of every person in this group can actually accomplish is the perfect webinar.

Speaker 3:     03:47       All you need to do is create the perfect webinar and scholar. If you can get from zero to $1,000,000 on your perfect Webinar, you can take that perfect Webinar, you can add more traffic to it, and you can get from one to $10,000,000 on it. You can implement other strategies, dream 100, infer that facebook ads and all kinds of different traffic generating sources, but until you get that perfect webinar right, you should not be doing anything else. You should not be focusing on hiring hr teams and getting in recruiting the best talent in the world. If you’ve got a product and an offer that creates 10 x or [inaudible] x more value than what you’re charging, and you got a perfect webinar that’s nailing it and converting traffic and has the metrics right on it. Those are the two pieces you need to focus on. Scaling those. Don’t focus on delegating and reading 500 books and over analyzing every possible thing you can come up with an outsourcing, systematizing, and doing all this other stuff. Yeah, those are great. You can do those on the side. The primary thing you should be focusing on is getting that perfect webinar right and scaling and getting more traffic to it.

Speaker 2:     04:48       All right everybody. What do you think? It was a real quick video, but I wanted to make sure you guys understand the importance of this thing because what Tom’s talking about is the crazy things that happen when you actually get it perfect webinar that you have the ability of actually moving and scaling up, so whether you’re doing that, their dream 100 strategy, whether you’re doing it through other traffic strategies. The whole idea is once you get a Webinar that actually converts, and again you don’t have to have this as a hour and a half long webinar. We actually have Jamie Cross who, I mean I’m want a podcast here shortly. She’s done this in five minutes, five minutes on facebook live, so why can I give you guys some background on that kind of stuff? For right now though, if you aren’t familiar with perfect Webinar, go to perfect webinar. Again, perfect Webinar, [inaudible] and there you can go ahead and get the actual download of exactly the script and everything else, so perfect Webinar, or do you want get a copy of expert secrets and expert secrets dot Com and there you’ll have the opportunity of getting the script and all these crazy awards and everything else. One of these could be yours coming real soon. No. One of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on. Itunes wouldn’t mind going out,

Speaker 4:     05:58       rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so. If you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and again, thank you so much for all these guys do have a great day.

One response to “Nail It and Scale It”

  1. Tony Funnels says:

    Simple, effective and incredible method that can be applied to any business. Awesome tips on this one. Learn, implement, repeat. We advocate it the method Russell and Todd recommend

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