Soldier to Fitness Model to $30 Million in 21 Months
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Soldier to Fitness Model to $30 Million in 21 Months

Why Dave Decided to talk to Colin:

Colin Wayne has built a $30 Million business in the last 21 months. The crazy part is he is selling Steel pieces of art for different niches. 98% of his business comes from his use of funnels.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Colin talks about how he scaled his business from 5,000 sq feet to over 100,000 sq ft in less than 24 months (16:00)
  • The importance of retargeting (26:23)

Other Tidbits:

You can make money in a very select niche market as long as your marketing is on point.


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody welcome back

Speaker 2:                           00:18                     funnel hacker radio. You guys are in for a ride of your life today. This is going to be so much fun. I’m so excited and trying to get caught on the show for awhile cause the guy basically is ex-military, been a soldier or he’s our fitness model. More importantly, he’s an amazing dad. Husband, father has got two kids and he’s running a $30,000,000 company on stuff you would never even think was possible to sell, so call them. Welcome to the show. Yeah, thanks for having me today. It’s an honor man. Nor doing huge things and it’s just. It’s so cool that I’m able to have so much synergy with someone like yourself and click funnel, so I’m super excited to be here now. Thanks. Well, let’s just kind of dive right into this here. [inaudible], tell people about what it is. What is red lines deal?

Speaker 2:                           01:02                     What do you guys really do now? So first of all, stop, stop, stop. I have to say I’m. So he’s going to tell you what he does. This is what it is. This is one of my favorite pieces. Just got this in the mail from him. I’ll let him tell you all the details about it, but this rock so you can get one of these to go to red light steel [inaudible]. I’m sure it’s there. But anyway, so yes, so you have the uh, I think it’s like 18 and 24 inch. I’ve got an eight foot flag you can kind of see. Oh cool. It’s, it’s pretty crazy. But uh, so we, uh, I started this company red line steel back in 2016 and it started as a consultant. So a lot of, you know, a lot of synergies, you know, I’m part of your click funnel’s groups and there’s a lot of people that are just trying to find their place that they enjoy helping other people, but they don’t really know exactly what vertical that they want to be in.

Speaker 2:                           01:52                     And so I started this whole company based on consulting, um, I was at the gym working out with a good friend of mine, Colonel Neely, and uh, he had a piece of steel piece done and it was this baseball and you’re swinging the bat like this and you could see his son’s name and grade and you know, my son Carson, he loves baseball. And so mark [inaudible], he showed me that piece and said, man, you got to get this for your, for your son. And so I reached down to that company and he said, uh, you know, I could do it for you, but it’s going to be about 12 to 14 weeks. I said, OK, you know, that’s, you know. And at that point I was like, all right, whatever, that’s, that’s cool. Uh, and he said, I’ll reach out whenever I get caught up a little bit more.

Speaker 2:                           02:35                     Right? And so I just said, OK, no problem. At that point, I’m about five minutes. Went down the road and he reached back out and said, Holy Shit, it’s Collin Wayne. I didn’t realize it was new. So I’ve, for those of you who don’t know me, I’ve had some success from a fitness modeling a lot. He’s been super, super humble here. So let’s talk about what your real successes are gone. Yeah. So, uh, just a short, brief history. Prior military served almost seven years, made staff sergeant at, uh, at, at 23 years old. <Unk> is only six years in. Um, from there I got injured in Afghanistan on my third tour. So I went to Egypt and [inaudible] I went to Iraq in 2009, 2010 and then Afghanistan in 2012. Um, I got injured in ironically in the gym. So I got blown up. I was in the pack Tico province, which is a ride on the Pakistan border and there’s, um, so you could think of, are we, it was almost like a horseshoe of mountains.

Speaker 2:                           03:37                     So think about mountains all the way around you and we’re at the base of it. And so what would happen is on a date, this happened all the time. I was at a very, very small base. We had a to about two platoons. So about 85 people there and we were getting a rocketed and this was very consistent so we were kind of used to that, but there’s precautionary measures of this when this happens, you would take cover in like some type of bunker. Um, while I was working out at the gym and the IDF Alarm Siren started going off and you can hear it. Um, and you know, I was already in a concrete shell because the walls that self was concrete but the, the roof had, it was just would write and sheet rock or whatever the wood paneling is. And um, anyways, the one, oh, seven millimeter rocket team in from the Pakistan side impacted about three and a half feet from it. And uh, through the grace of God, man, I’m still here. So, um, I got, I got some injuries that I sustained from there. I got shrapnel to both arms. I got, I got, I got blacked out, a cause of concussion or the blast was so heavy. My head hit a, a couple plates because I was in a gym. Very, very small. Gym is like the size of my office.

Speaker 2:                           04:55                     And then I had shrapnel, but when all the way through my legs, so I’ve got like a two inch exit when it’s just tore all the way through there. I got medivacked to a base really close to their, it’s called Oregon East Babu. He, um, and I was there for about 14, 15 hours. My oxygen level started to, to the window and go down. So they were concerned that I had internal bleeding and I couldn’t figure out why this was such a small base that they didn’t have all of the equipment that are traditional, like emergency room. What have they have? They just. Yeah, I mean it’s bare basics. They call it almost like a TMC, like a treatment medical center. Um, so at that point they were very concerned because even with oxygen, I was in the low nineties so they critically rushed me to a big base called [inaudible], which was about two hours away I believe.

Speaker 2:                           05:48                     And uh, I stayed about five days at that hospital and they, they addressed a few things, come to find out that they gave me too much. And so that, that ended up restricting my blood flow into that, depleted my oxygen. So that’s what ended up happening, man. So, uh, I went back home and did about six months of physical therapy. Um, and then at that point I transitioned out of the military, still trying to find my way. I didn’t know exactly what that was and I’m from Alabama, right? So I’m not from like a massive big city like New York City or la or Hollywood or anything like that. But I started a shot with the local photographer because all throughout high school and like I always tell them, you should, you should try modeling. And I didn’t know why. And I’m like, wait, what am I going to do?

Speaker 2:                           06:37                     An Alabama, you know, like, what can I do here? There’s only so much you can do. And what I did, I shot with a local photographer and uh, it was at a gym because I was into fitness and I, uh, took those photos, uploaded. It made a facebook page. And within 30 days I had over 100,000 followers. And so this was a really, really critical time. This was back in 2013. And so this was right before facebook started to charge for advertisements, 2012, 13 timeframe. And so their algorithms there were not right. So it was, it was, it was a snowball effect. So if you got 200 followers and you’ve posted a picture and everybody liked it, now everybody that like, comment or share, it continued ruin. So we created a monster really, really quick. Um, but I was able to utilize those platforms because within six months I had over half a million followers.

Speaker 2:                           07:31                     And so we just kept growing it and growing it. I didn’t really know what I was doing right. But I started figuring it out and it started transitioning that to instagram and twitter and cross-promoting and started collaborating with different search influencers. Uh, and then I started making my way into the fitness side, but utilizing my own platforms as a leverage tool to acquire whatever that I wanted. So whether that was, um, whether that’s getting shoes since like I’ve got some lemon hundred dollar customer Jordans that are awesome. I wanted them so they send them to me. I got like a product glasses, they just send me just as a. But I did the same thing with magazine covers. So I, uh, without a PR firm, without an agency, I directly approached a different publications and I leveraged myself because I set my value at this.

Speaker 2:                           08:29                     And so I basically put myself in the, uh, in their shoes. Why do they want to work with me? There’s only 12 covers in a year. How difficult can it be to work with men’s health, men’s fitness when you’re competing against thousands of people. And I had no clue, you know, anybody on the inside, which that’s a big play in it, but I was able to obtain over 50 magazine covers within about three and a half years. A direct approach. Any advice that I could give to anyone out there, whether you want to be a model or not, it doesn’t matter. You could take this and run with it in any direction. Direct approach. Anything that you want in life, it doesn’t matter what that is. Customers are not going to come to you if you’re trying to sell a service. What offsets you from everyone else provide value at such a high level that you know, they, there’s no reason why they would want to work with anyone else.

Speaker 2:                           09:24                     And so I did that same thing and that was a service provided. I would take things a step further instead of publications giving me a talent fee, right? In traditionally we would get paid as the model. I would let them know, keep your money. I don’t want your money. I want to work with you. I want to build a rapport. You know what I want to work with you for years to come. I would take things even further and say, look, if the photographer wants to charge you a license fee, I’ll cover that. So at advertently I would take, because I know that credibility is so massive mean when you can put that under your belt and say, not just in the magazine but on the cover of men’s health, men’s fitness, ironman and Muslim fitness. Um, it, it’s a stinking and now when you’re trying to acquire contracts, you know, I was able to acquire six-figure contracts like it was nothing.

Speaker 2:                           10:15                     So it worked out great. That is so cool. So now all of a sudden you’ve got this, this steel piece of artwork that you’re wanting, it’s going to be 12 to 14 weeks. The guy calls back and says, holy cow, it’s called Wayne the what happens next? So, um, he’s, he says, I can do it for you this week. And so somehow he made a schedule work right now. Uh, we, we ended the conversation by saying, he said I’d love to be at your level one day because at this point I’d already had some success because you gotta think I started this company in 2016. So this was like 15, got out of the army in 2012 I believe. So I’d already had a little bit of time to build myself. Right? And so I started doing some consulting with him because I knew like, look, this is an awesome product.

Speaker 2:                           11:10                     There’s obviously some supply chain management issues. Twelve to 14 weeks, you didn’t give me like any, how could I, how could you reach back out to me? But let’s say it was a real customer, you know, and you said it like I’m going to reach back out in, you know, whenever I get caught back up. But I didn’t fill out the form. I didn’t submit anything. There is nothing from a targeting standpoint that was going on. I knew there were some missing steps I’m in. So I brought them in and we started talking over the past three months and I made them an offer. I said, you know, I, I really like what you’re doing. You’re really good at the, the micro things like what’s your hands does not, uh, not. This is a plus for driver and all. My mom primarily raised me. How’s it a split home in a total since just basic tool knowledge is fits.

Speaker 2:                           11:59                     That’s it. But I wanted to focus on the company that basically cuts things out of steel and makes beautiful pieces of artwork out of steel. And you have no handyman skills. One hundred percent accurate, but it didn’t. It didn’t scare me. I’m still gonna do it. Gonna do awesome at it because I believe anything that I touched him and give it a hundred percent, you can’t go wrong with that. So I made them an offer. I said, I want 51 percent of your company and before Y’all pass any judgment here me out. I’m the type of guy that if I’m going to get involved, I said I’m going to give you a hundred percent right? So that means that everything else is on the back burner. I’m going to make sure that my focus is going to this. Now. My focus can only be to certain things at that level if I can put my finger on it and say this is the final decision, this is what it’s going to be.

Speaker 2:                           12:48                     So it had nothing to do with the revenue share side of it, but more of a controlling standpoint, uh, because if I’m going to get behind it, it’s got to be the final say. And so that’s normally what I believed in, but I made a strict term. I said, I’m going to do six times revenue of what you did, your cat or this past year and if I don’t, I’ll give you back to your company 100 percent. So I’ll do, I want to make sure we restate the. So you guys get crunch in this guy. You’re asking for 51 percent of his company with a guarantee that you six times his annual revenue in the next 12 months or he gets his company back and you walk away. Correct. A hundred percent Dan on top of that. And I said I’ll finance all of the equipment needed to scale and I’ll do it at no interest.

Speaker 2:                           13:35                     So just a no interest at all, but I’ll own the asset. Right? So then I can amortize it and do a fast track amortization. Um, and if, if it required a larger space because he already had the facility, I said I’ll finance that entire piece and sell finance. So I’ll take. I’ll be the big right. That’s not an issue. My thought was if, if this isn’t where I want it to be in 12 months because I’m going to know it’s going to take a few months to gain some momentum just like anything else, but I don’t want to be a part of something. I’m willing to give it up because I know what I can bring to the table and if I can’t get there then there’s no point in continuing to allot my time because I value my time that much more so then at the same time, I’m a firm believer that you put your money where your mouth is by contributing so much from a value perspective that it’s a no brainer and so at that point he said, hell yes, and who doesn’t want to grow 600?

Speaker 2:                           14:31                     That was an exact quote. Then the day we were supposed to sign it back sound, you’re kidding. Backed out. He said he tried to. He tried to renegotiate and I’m. I’m one of those knives that it’s. I already felt like I’m giving him more than what I should’ve. Even though this was a preexisting four year old company at that time. I just knew what I could bring to the table and so, um, yeah, he, he backed out and that changed the dynamic of everything, right? Cause I don’t, I don’t know, tools. I don’t know. I didn’t even know how to set this stuff up. I didn’t know, you know, I knew some basic stuff as we started from a consulting standpoint, I wanted to see the supply chain management just to see what issues we can address, but primarily I was focused on the Mac or the bigger picture of, of the marketing and sales and driving revenue into the larger picture of things.

Speaker 2:                           15:20                     He was going to focus on the design side, the cutting, the manufacturing powder, coating the, the grind, and so that in an instant it shifted. But I’ll tell you that the very next day I went and bought my first CNC machine, had no clue where I was going to put it. This is like three phase. This isn’t a hundred and 10. This isn’t a 1:10 outlet. You can just plug into your garage, but you need a, you need a air compressor, you need a screw compressor. I think you’ve gotta have a dryer, you’ve gotta have, you know, there’s a lot of stuff that goes into this and, but I had no clue at that point, um, but I went and bought one and uh, I didn’t have a building and put it in, but I knew I had about four weeks for the manufacturer to have that machine ready.

Speaker 2:                           16:06                     Um, and so I, I, that was my deadline. I said this is my cap, I’m going to find a building and I’m going to make sure that it’s going to fit the needs of the state. And I also knew going into it, they don’t want it to sign a short term lease so I can litigate that risk, that liability. And also because I know that if I touch it, it’s got potential. And so I didn’t want to be locked into a building for five year term, 10 year term if I know I’m going to scale. And so I did just that. I found a building about probably less than a week. I found a building security it, put a deposit down and went ahead and move forward with a. They delivered the building the first month I would say. I was just trying to figure out how to turn the thing on.

Speaker 2:                           16:49                     Like that was the biggest challenge of this entire company was the first problem and that was in January of 2016. So I didn’t launch my website until June of 2016. So really when you look at us as an e-commerce platform and that’s 99 percent of our revenues been through their E-com, we’re less than a two year old company. We’re about 20, 21 months, 21 markets and doing 13,000,000. Is that correct? Yes. That’s [inaudible] 21 months all out of steel artwork. One hundred percent and it’s all made right here at our shop in Huntsville, Alabama. And I just saw that the new shop, how large is this new shop? So you know, so I’m going to take you back. We scaled calling was 5,000 square feet. We scaled into 10,000 square feet, which was a building right next to it. And that was, that was a matter of about six months.

Speaker 2:                           17:49                     We were there at that building a write out a year. So from January when I signed the lease of 2016 to December, so it’s 11 and a half months. I signed the lease we’re in right now, which is 50,000 square feet. Um, steps five zero, not one zero, no 50,000. And now I just signed a lease purchase option for a 14 point seven acres and a hundred and 10,000 square feet. So congratulations. I mean, that’s crazy cool stuff. So tell me how in the world, so you’ve gone from 5,000 now to over 100,000 square feet in less than two years. And this is like physical stuff. Everyone always says, well, clickfunnels, you can only sell information products. You’re selling $30,000,000 by the way, you’re part of our are they figure 10 x club and I need to get you a new ring. So. So we’ll, we’ll talk about that later.

Speaker 2:                           18:48                     But in the meantime, tell people how are you using click funnels and what do you do? I mean, that’s crazy stuff because you got shipping involved, you’re a full, it’s not like you’re out there doing an arbitrage thing where you’re buying products low and selling high, you’re actually manufacturing the products. We’re going to want all of that. So help people understand how that works. Yeah. So I’ll walk you through from, um, from a marketing standpoint just so people can kind of connect on, like how we’re making click funnels work with our shopify website. So we run everything on shopify. What I’ll do is I’ll come up with specific products. So say it’s Christmas time and I want to sell this specific a ornament, right? We’re going to sell a 10 pack of this for $20. Whatever. What I’ll do is I’ll build this specific landing page.

Speaker 2:                           19:33                     I’m in click funnels and I’ll, uh, I’ll make sense of urgency right now. I’ve got a, I want people to fill a psychological connection. I want them to know that my personal goal and I’m really putting myself out there as the individual or the face behind the brand, that my goals have to be an over a million homes by the end of the year. And so a lot of my funnels, what I’ll do is first time customer acquisition, so my prospect marketing, right, prospect marketing is your first time customers and we’re trying to convert them to have a High Ltd. And so what I’ll do is a low cost item, so say anywhere from $10 and below, then I’ll build a landing page. And so 100 percent of our prospect marketing is done through click funnels. I’ll build a landing page and get several different options for different color variants, st product, different color variants.

Speaker 2:                           20:28                     we, we’d, we’d call that a fIshbowl strategy. So we only want them to go to the product and see just exactly what they saw on facebook. So if they saw a facebook advertisement for this particular piece, I know that they’re there, obviously intended, are interested in that piece where they wouldn’t have flipped at that point. You know, I’ll uh, um, what I do in click funnels past that point is I’ll take the i-frame, embed it to my website because what I want to do is have that pixel in place for my retargeting strategies. Will also do, um, I’ve got opt-ins, exit strategies and other things in place for now. My shopify website. That wouldn’t be if I were to have them on a specific landing page. Um, we’re gonna work on that by the way. We’ll get you over to clickfunnels soon, but we’ll, we’ll talk about that later.

Speaker 2:                           21:18                     And uh, well yeah, I’d love that because you have transaction fees are eating me alive. Shopify [inaudible] pros instance about a joke. So, but it’s uh, it’s good man. So we use click funnels a hundred percent for our prospect marketing. So what we’re able to do is turn home a, a low cost item with the perceived value of two to three times what that cost is. So that’s the sense of urgency or the impulse buy because it’s such a great deal. And what I’ll do at that point is once they convert, I’ll do post-purchase upsells and downsells, which is taking, you know, anywhere from five to $18 items because I’m going to take a loss at that point. Once you factor in my shipping costs, my marketing attribution costs, the costs of the actual item itself and the labor and the fixed everything here I’m losing right. And I’m fine with that because I understand it’ll be.

Speaker 2:                           22:11                     And I know that my products are so awesome in equality behind it. Once you receive it, you’re going to want to buy something else. And so I just trust the system. I trust the process and you know, I use that to my, to my best interest because I know that they’re going to come back for the most part. Um, and we’re such a new company. It’s hard to pinpoint what our lcd is. Uh, but it’s. No, I can tell you right now we’re almost 40 percent on repeat customers, which is. Yeah, especially in this type. I mean it’s, it’s an impulse buy at first. You’re taking a facebook into a if 40 percent recurring customer. I mean, that’s called congratulations. That’s huge job. Thanks. So how are you nurturing that relationship with them? Uh, so what, we’ll do a lot of different retargeting strategies, um, but I’ll do a lot of segmentations.

Speaker 2:                           23:00                     So, uh, about 38 percent of my revenues actually drive from segmentation, email marketing and so I’ll do so one of my highest converting funnels right now is I’m doing a free plus shipping product. And so I built this in click funnels. And so what I did was I made it where the customer has to enter their email address to get a specific link for them to, uh, get this item or redeem now whether they redeem it and actually get the product or not, it doesn’t matter because at that point I already won because when I got there pixel to I’ve got their email address. So as long as you have a good retargeting strategy, you could always look at it as an active strategy. You’re winning no matter what, every day, as long as you’re collecting that data and you know what to do it. But I’ll do for, we have, uh, several different pieces will be this free plus shipping and it’s worked out tremendously is where we’re able to collect about a thousand to 1500 emails a day just through this method.

Speaker 2:                           24:02                     So that’s a huge list. Getting massive. 200. Yeah, we have over half a million now so I can’t. Awesome. So are you sending, I mean typical econ type, typed the Oregon and then send them a catalog and I like them pick through it. Is jeff are from your segmentation, are you finding those people who like certain things and then you’re guiding them down specifically to certain products or recommendation wise or how are you doing that? Great, great question. So what I’ll do is since we manufacture everything, it makes it extremely easy, so we’ll sub categorize it. So we’ll have like a, a religious line. And so we know that if somebody bought this, god is good piece, they’re going to be interested in other religious quotes or jesus cross or whatever, you know, with our distress battle flags. We know that if someone purchased this for, added to their cart view content, we’re going to show them other things within that likeness, so we’ll do different retargeting strategies from email a all the way into facebook and instagram as well as dynamic a google retargeting and then shopping network for display but won’t.

Speaker 2:                           25:09                     We’ll do all of that. And so I want to also say, uh, up until april, the second, every dollar that came in to this company I did myself. I’m the only marketing and sales rep, so I’ve got almost, we’re talking to a 33 zero, $30,000,000 company all built by you as the sales guy. Correct? Nothing until this month. I hired a firm out in California to help me scale because I don’t want him to focus on the supply chain if my constant, my attention constant on one dynamic. I can’t focus on the big picture, but like, it’s, this is my passion. I love marketing and sales. Like I love getting in front of the camera and talking about, um, whatever it is that I’m trying to sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s socks or underwear or tee shirt or, you know, a steel piece, I’m going to sell it and I enjoyed that side, so I’m still the one doing the videos and add content, but they’re doing the, the, uh, you know, the monitoring, the inclusions, exclusions and all of that.

Speaker 2:                           26:06                     So fantastic. And it’s working extremely well. Yeah, I would say so. It seems to be doing real well. Congratulations. Any other tips or suggestions you want to give to our listeners? Anything as far as entrepreneurship or even funnels or anything else? Yeah, so I guess, um, my biggest thing that I as a takeaway is guys, I’m make sure that you have a great retargeting strategy and try to automate that as much as possible. So when you talk about, you know, actively getting somebody to your website or to a funnel, what are you going to do once they’re there? If they don’t convert industry standards, two percent on conversion rates, what can we do to proactively, once they’re there, increased since conversion rates and behind and did the people that drop off. So let’s say the other 90 percent, what are we doing to re target them on the back end?

Speaker 2:                           26:54                     So make sure that you have those three things locked in place and if you can have those three things you cannot lose, I promise you, active, reactive, proactive, you’re going to win every day, I promise. And it’s also just like consistency is so, so big. So this is my philosophy, 30 percent market ad spend for customer acquisition and that includes prospect marketing. So across the board, that’s I, you know, whether I was on this particular product, I’m going to win on several others, right? Um, if I go above that 30 percent threshold is myself. and so that pushes me even further. So I think that it’s kind of like having that mix, that mix, saving for any Alabama fans out there. And I’m sure I’m making people upset, but it’s just that consistency, man, even if you’re winning, something’s not right. Go back and look at everything, um, but make sure you have those three things in place and it’s going to make your life so much easier if you can automate it and try to build your segmentation’s it just, everything else falls into place.

Speaker 2:                           28:04                     Again. I totally, totally agree. They were in the same situation from a software standpoint and it’s always funny because I talk to these growth equity private equity guys were throwing to throw money that’s all the time and they can’t understand why we don’t want to spend all of our money just on a hundred 20, a hundred and $35 free trials. I’m like because it’s coming out of our pockets than it doesn’t work that way. And so we had to get smart like you did. And again, that whole idea as far as whether it’s a self liquidating offer, kind of like what you’ve set up there and allowing that opposite. I love that number as far as 30 percent. That’s crazy. And I think one of the things I’ve always loved about what you do is you know your numbers. I mean, you totally, totally knoW your numbers.

Speaker 2:                           28:42                     And I think it’s what’s up, I’m sorry, I’m just going to tell you something else that’s crazy. So it sounds like you’re a big on analytics and guess, guess, guess what? My cost of goods sold this and this is just getting a little bit through. I have no clue. So I’m going to define costs them steel, cost of consumables, cost of a counter coat. So the actual piece itself, once it’s complete. So let’s say like your flag that you held up. So I’ve got an 18 inch stress distress, the battle flag here, which is absolutely beautiful. I know some of this is going to be recorded and it’ll be as a podcast, you won’t be able to see this. Go check out red line and you’ll see it there, but it’s an absolute beautiful piece. so yeah. So across the board, if you were to baseline all of our products, we maintain seven percent cost of goods sold.

Speaker 2:                           29:34                     Oh my gosh. Seven percent. Yes. and so that’s what makes it very unique, different for us to scale and grow as a company, is that we’re able to spin a little bit more money on a marketing attribution costs, um, because we can offset that. Now, you know, I’ve gotten millionS of dollars of equipment on the outside of, to manufacturer all of this. So, you know, it takes money to make money and we’re constantly evolving in flipping and buying. No, I just put in a purchase order for new automated conveyor system with the infrared tunnels and auto cooldowns auto sprays and resprays. And what that’s going to do is this going to drop on seven percent. You’re going to see, we’re talking about a year and this is going to drop from seven to probably five percent. And so I’m gonna I’m gonna continuously because the more volume, you know we’ve done, we’ve, we’ve done over probably two and a half to 3,000,000 pounds of steel.

Speaker 2:                           30:30                     So find so much volume that it’s, it’s, it’s like really, really low at this point. So you know, and, and, and, you know, it’s crazy. It’s that my competition, but we’re an entire blue ocean market strategy, which is amazing. That’s another conversation. But um, it’s, it’s awesome because my competition, they’re like, what you’re selling it for. I couldn’t even buy the raw material for it. And so we’ve created a monopoly is what’s happened. Um, so it’s, it’s really an interesting place to be and ultimately my vision is that we are going to be a billion dollar company within the next seven years, but we’re just taking steel and we’re going to duplicate the same core principles into wood in canvas and uh, it’s, it’s also going to be something that I would love to potentially, you know, for anybody listening in your self included, dave is discuss potential, you know, I think drop shipping could be massive, you know, within your audience and what’s, what we have to do here.

Speaker 2:                           31:31                     So it could be future talks to the next couple of years as we scale and grow as a company because I think there needs to be better drop shipping a offers within the United States with made in America. So. Totally agree. I think that it’s a missing martin, then, you know, I want to play into that side. So we’re looking at doing that as well. We’re not at that point now because we can’t keep up with the orders coming in the door. I mean it’s, it’s great. I love it. So basically your competitors can buy their products from you and still make money on it. That’s fine. we’ll sell it also. That’s another thing, like we sell it at such a reasonable cost to try to proactively drive conversion rates high, right? I mean I’ve got funnels that are converting above 30 percent, so it’s mean dude, if I had more equipment to make the stuff, I could’ve been a 50,000,000 or 100,000,000 company by now. So, and, and, and you know, I’ve done all this without a bc or no extended lines. So it’s a, it’s, it’s growth pains of trying to balance what’s coming in the door and what’s going out. But like I said a few minutes ago, like I’m the only one getting cells in the other 39. People are trying to get everything out so they’re trying to keep it going basically.

Speaker 2:                           32:47                     Obviously that’s a big pretty competitive race at your office. Then I try to keep up with you, I’m sure. Yep. That’s why I’m trying to buy more equipment too. Colin. I can’t thank you enough. I get, I, I look forward to really getting to know you much better over the time here. We’re going to do a lot more together, a long-term with you guys for sure. So, uh, so much if people want to reach out to what’s the best way for me to reach out to you? So my, uh, instagram and twitter handle is at calling wayne, one c o l I n w a y n e one where you can just google me. I’ll pull up this google, collin, wayne, and uh, all my platforms apart. Awesome. Fantastic. Again, but thank you so much for taking time today. I know you got big company running and a sales to be done, so thanks so much. Thank you. We’ll talk soon.

Speaker 3:                           33:35                     You’re one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys lead on itunes. If you wouldn’t mind going out, rate the show, let me know how I’m doing. Just go to itunes, click on the episode and rate and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars one already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and I again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day. Hey.

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