Scaling Webinars On The Phone
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Scaling Webinars On The Phone

Why Dave Chose to Interview Kim:

Kim Barrett is one of ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club Winners. Kim is amazing at monetizing multiple sales paths with the same lead through one funnel. Kim’s use of the thank you page and new opt in strategies have helped him earn the coveted 2 Comma Club award. More importantly it has helped him build a very successful business providing Done For You Marketing Services. Whether you are looking to scale or looking for a funnel to hack to get in the business of serving clients you will love what Kim presents.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Systems results in scaling up and passed that $1,000,000 bench mark. (3:39)
  • Who should we hire to lower the energy we put into tasks that aren’t compatible with our skill sets and focus more on what we’re good at? (5:32)
  • How can all of us maximize our clients through our funnels? (8:14)
  • Kim was able to get sales BEFORE the webinar started through the sales letter he used (12:35)
  • Our “Thank You” Pages are really hot real estate for driving up our ability to influence others around us. (17:36)
  • Calling is for the winners according to Kim Barrett. (20:20)

Quotable Moments:

“You can’t past that next level which is that $750K and towards the $1,000,000 unless you have a system across all of your businesses. And this is not just from the marketing standpoint but you need to develop systems to each of those new levels and new heights.”

“I think that’s the way true brilliance and true expertise lie is when you can make things simple to understand and your confident in what you do.”

“When people show us funnels and especially when we see their campaigns and stuff, they don’t give people the option to take the next step. Like well if I opt-in for something, generally speaking, I want to get an outcome. I don’t go around opting in just for fun.”

“That ‘Thank You’ Page for us is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate to just disregard.”

Other Tidbits:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat as many of us have all heard, and hopefully don’t have too much personal experience with. This concept really applies to Kim as he came to find out when it came to webinars. He saw that his skill wasn’t selling to people over the video as most extroverted people are. He instead saw that he was best at selling to people over the phone. As he realized this he began to change his model of webinars to get as many people to buy in before the webinar even started. He got this idea from his realization that he was the kind ideal target of the webinar.


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward.

Dave:                                    00:18                     And welcome back again to funnel hacker radio. I’m your host, Dave Woodward. You guys are in for a crazy, crazy experience today. I have the opportunity of having Kim Barrett on the call. Kim, welcome to the show.

Kim:                                       00:26                     Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Dave:                                    00:29                     I appreciate you getting 6:45 in the morning where you’re at, so I appreciate it very, very much for taking the time. Came to the founder of your social voice. Uh, your social [inaudible] is over there in Australia and so excited to have you because for one, you’re one of our two comma club winners. You’re going to be one of the host of our round tables at funnel hacking live. If you haven’t gotten your tickets and they’re still available, you can always check that out. Funnel hacking, live [inaudible], but you want to make sure that you’re there and most importantly, you want to make sure that spent some time with Kim, so he’ll be going around table hosts and you’ll understand exactly why it is you don’t want to spend time with him. But, uh, Kim’s again are two comma club winners. Space have done over a million dollars in a funnel. Kim’s done much more than that in a funnel that’s all about done for you marketing services. So I really want to kind of dive right into this and explain to people what is really done for you. Marketing services.

Kim:                                       01:22                     Yeah, for sure. So I think that most people, what they find is when they come to learn online marketing, um, up until a point, you can do pretty much everything yourself. You can do your ads, you can do your funnels, but why don’t you start to try and scale. You can’t do everything anymore because it’s just not the best use of your time. You need to focus on your delivery, your clients and making sure that they’re happy. So once businesses kind of get to that point where you know they’re already doing reasonably well, um, and then looking to kind of get to the next level and scale, that’s where we step in and we take over running all their facebook advertising. We helped them optimize and improve their funnels. We create new funnels for them, manage the back end automation of that as well. And for us, we just look at and one of our big youth officers is helping business owners focus on doing what they do best. It’s like they didn’t get into business to become an accountant, a bookkeeper or some obviously get into business to be a funnel hacker to, you know, but it’s like originally that’s not what they signed up for. They’re like, cool, I want to, you know, so dog food. So let me show dog food.

Dave:                                    02:19                     I love it. So I wanted you to take this podcast two different ways. One is going to be for those people who are trying to do a similar type of product or service like you have. And then I also want to talk about those people who would need your services. So take for example, one of the things I love you mentioned as far as the whole dog food idea. We see the same thing a lot in our professional services. You know, W we’ve got a lot of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, attorneys who they really don’t want to get involved or spend a whole bunch of time dealing with the marketing. Other services. I just had back surgery a couple of weeks ago and I can tell you my neurosurgeon, the only thing he wants to do is cut and he doesn’t, he doesn’t want to spend time talking to me because he just wants me face down on a gurney unconscious and gotten away.

Dave:                                    03:00                     Cause that’s what he loves doing. And that’s what he’s best at. And I think that’s one of things I love what you’re talking about is we were talking even about, again, you’ve got new podcast out there as far confessions of a business owner and I think it’s really important that as a business owner, we’d go from the Solo preneur type of, of startup phase where you got to do everything to where you are now at that point where you’re starting to grow and scale and scale is one of the things we’re gonna be talking about funnel hacking live. So I appreciate your mentioning that. But Kim, tell me at what point, I know I’m looking at your, on your site that your social voice [inaudible] that you and it has as far as like what are your first done for you? What’s the minimum annual revenue that you find is kind of the, the point where a person needs to be looking to hire someone like a service like yours?

Kim:                                       03:41                     Yeah, great question. So I’m normally on look at it around and um, I’ll give some US figures my calculations maybe a little bit off of. We do a lot with Aussie dollars obviously as well. But kind of once you get towards the 300,000 to kind of like half a million dollar range when you’re in that range, I find that you go, well, you ended up just being busy being busy and that’s where people kind of get stuck. And that’s the point really where they needed someone to step in because when they’re at that like say half a million dollars, um, every day you are just flat out, you’re getting things done and you’re working with your clients. Like, OK cool, I need to, uh, my phone was down and his wife final, you’re going to do that. You are not like, I need to go into that. And ended up just being like a permanent full time firefighter running around and you can’t really get past the next level which is like that.

Kim:                                       04:28                     Towards that 750, hey, and then towards the million. And to do that, you really need to have systems across all of your business. So this is not just from the marketing perspective, but from every area you need to develop systems to help you to scale to each of those new levels and new heights. So when people get to that point, that’s when I find most people will have that conversation and really cool. Well you probably shouldn’t be doing your marketing right now because you need to focus on the systems. You need to focus on delivery with your customers, you to focus on all these other components that are growing too. So that’s where we normally step in and take stuff off their hands because they’re getting so busy that it just makes sense. And as well generally speaking like we obviously I like to think we do a great job. It’s like we normally can help optimize and improve what they’ve done, which that’s been adjusted and re tweak that funnel. Do redo that adds or you know, some people, you know, I’ve seen some people do tremendously well. I haven’t even done that yet. Until they get, you know, and they get to that point, I’m like, wow, OK, we’re going to be out of rocket forum

Dave:                                    05:26                     for those people who are in that situation, what they’re looking for. Someone else to take this over. What would be, what are some of the things, a done-for-you marketing, what do they, how do they separate someone like you from everybody else to really identify who is the best done-for-you marketing service provider I should be using in my business?

Kim:                                       05:44                     Um, the biggest one that I like to look for is normally runs on the board. Um, and it’s not to say that people can, obviously we’ll come back to people starting out and what to do, but if you’re already at that higher level, um, I would say that you need to look. Yeah, it runs on the board experience because as well. Um, and we don’t do it. So you don’t really want to work with someone who will take anyone. Is that OK? What are you doing? OK, I am a chiropractor. Great. What are you doing? I’m a personal trainer. I own a travel agency like you really want to find. And I’m focused on people who have already got skills in your niche, in the area that you’re working in because there’s so many people out there that do a good job. But where I see most people fall down is they try and be everything to everyone and you know, as you guys would know, that’s not the case, you know, you don’t want to try and be everything to everyone you want to be, you know, their hero to one type of person to one niche.

Kim:                                       06:33                     So I’m finding that experience and then as well just asking questions. And I think the biggest question is always understanding and going well, if you can google and find a few technical terms in facebook, like the say retargeting, the conversion pixel. I’m OCP and a few things you called. Can you explain to me like I’ve read a lot, a little bit about this stuff. What does that mean? And if they can answer it succinctly and enough to make you feel confident and explain it. You know, I was like to explain things so that you know, my five year old cousin can understand them if he can. If I can explain it to him and he understands then, then I’ve got it nailed. But um, if they can’t explain it to you in an easy to understand way, um, that I wouldn’t go down that track because so many people like to overwhelm, like they like to go, well make it as complicated as possible because they feel like that’s what they need to do to make money.

Kim:                                       07:20                     And it’s like when you look at click funnels and you look at the, all the new videos you guys are put out in education, it’s like, no, we want to make it as simple as possible for people to understand what we do, how we do it, and why it benefits them. Not try and over complicate it and go, oh, well let me talk to you about these back-end integrations. And uh, you know, let me talk to you about hasty male coding. It’s like, no, let’s keep it easy and simple. And I think that’s where true brilliance and true expertise lies. When you can make things simple for people to understand and you’re confident in what you do and then people, you know, they, they want to work with you because they go, well, these people are trying to just pull wool over my eyes.

Dave:                                    07:56                     I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s also really neat thing for those people who are actually looking to get into the same type of line of work that you do, where they’re building funnels for other people. That’s great advice. And that is too often people try to, while people were brilliant and instead of helping them understand what they’re really going to do for them. And so I wanted to kind of ask you on your funnel itself, how, how have you used your funnel to get more clients?

Kim:                                       08:22                     So, um, again, the same thing. So uh, obviously I get to leverage the facebook side of things the most, but I just went, what is the biggest, the biggest thing was fine is what their pain point is. And that’s what I went after him for most of the business owners at that point, they think it’s leads. Whilst it is actually the full marketing system for it and they think it’s lead, so that’s the biggest thing is what they think their problem is. And then once I found that we just went off it and said, well, what is my strength? And I think this is a big thing because obviously with click funnels, um, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got to do it exactly the same as someone else when your strengths may not be there. So like if you’re not really good at doing a video sales letters, webinars and you, you’re just horrendous on the audio, on the, uh, on the screen or whatever it might be, probably not the best way to do it.

Kim:                                       09:08                     And for me, I just know that when I have a conversation with someone, I am super confident. I know exactly where I need to get into. I’ve done a lot of sales training. I was like, cool, well I’m just going to push mine for Webinar information and then sales call because I know that when I speak to people after they’ve spent 45 minutes to an hour, hour and a half listening to me, if they’re still, if they listened to that whole thing then, and I have a conversation with them, they’re going to in there suitable. They’re gonna, they’re gonna get on board with us.

Dave:                                    09:36                     I’m looking on your site things and obviously got a ton of testimonials. A, you’ve got basically the, you know, the top of your page allows people to reach out to you. So are you finding that the webinar funnel has been one of the best way for you guys as far as [inaudible] says you don’t get my free training? Is that what you’re driving most people to first, which is your lead generation accelerator?

Kim:                                       09:58                     Yeah. Well, so, um, basically everything that you see now is basically on top of what we originally started with. We literally started with the most simple webinar funnel. I did a few, um, and we have like in-house designer, um, crisp data had been over in the top 30 and everything like that. Would you guys like, he’s phenomenal and we laugh and I was like, man, this is probably the ugliest funnel. But like we did, it’s not like we made it crazy, overly complicated. I was like, cool, here’s Russell’s Webinar funnel. Do a few little tweaks to it and we just push traffic through there because that was my skill set is like I can get good quality, lots of traffic, so I’m just going to smash this and see what happens and you know, we’d run consistently ran it and I did a nice little video ad on facebook on the front end. But everyone going through there, we’ve got so many good quality people. We actually ended up having. It was so funny because people go, oh my client, you know, um, my high end clients by big B to b clients aren’t on facebook. We ended up getting a guy who has a company worth like half a billion dollars out of the UK opt-in for it. And we’re like, wow. I was like, no, they’re definitely on facebook class

Dave:                                    11:01                     out here for our design and thought he’s an amazing designer to kind of talk to you about. So you basically start off the webinar funnel. The webinar funnel is generating a ton of leads for you on your webinar funnel. Are you selling them at the end of the funnel? Are you taking that Webinar funnel? Are you taking them to an application page? What are you doing on your Webinar?

Kim:                                       11:21                     Yes, we do both. So we, we kind of, um, because, and you know, there’s always the statistics of that 10 to 20 percent of people always want to do something more with you pretty much straightaway, right? It’s just the industry average, I think across the board since the Internet started. So what we do is on our Webinar, we have Webinar, they opt in, but for those that are interested, um, and I like, uh, I, I didn’t create this, I can’t remember where I saw it, but I have a sales letter on the second page. So some people do or Oto, some people will just do a reminder, but after they opt-in, I have a full written sales letter there. Um, that basically goes through all that pain points and everything like that. And then at the bottom there’s a call to action for them to book me Nicole. So, um, when we’re pushing it hard before we even did one live and then we turn it to evergreen on the back end for the video. But we had, I had like temps in and people booking in before the webinar and we’re making sales before the Webinar even started. So

Dave:                                    12:13                     you just gave me stop you right there because you’re just talking about that. Like it’s no big deal. I think for me that’s one of the things I think people miss, especially in the Webinar funnel and that is the thing, they have to actually get someone all the way through the webinar before they can talk to them. And I want you to take a step back and really hit on that because you guys crushed it on that as far as sales before I personally even got on a Webinar, because you have that sales letter. So can you kind of go through in more detail on that for me?

Kim:                                       12:41                     Definitely. And I’m the [inaudible] when we were looking at it and we had so many different points of and as you know, there’s so many ways to skin a cat with a webinar that like someone’s like, oh, I do an Oto do this, do this. And I was like, well, if I go. And I always like to think of my ideal client is kind of me. So I’m like, well, if I went through and I wanted to do something, I’m excited. And it’s like, oh cool, but the Webinar is not for two days or tomorrow. Um, but if I want to take action right now, like what, what can I do? So we ended up writing a, um, the sales letter out and we just really went through and spend a lot of time focusing on the big pain points of these people being super specific with them.

Kim:                                       13:17                     How can we help them, you know, as I said, like they’re, you know, you’re making this money, not spending time with your family, like identifying all the things that are the actual problems and then showing how we could be the solution for them. And by doing that, um, most of them didn’t even, you know, we still had a few people that booked in that go, OK, well I’ll watch the webinar. But a lot of them I go, look, are you already know, like, you know me better than I know myself. So let’s, you know, let’s rock and roll is let’s do something together. So we were getting um, done a few ceos who had a couple of like, um, a funnels and ad packages and just like regular ongoing retainers that came through purely because they wanted to do something straight away. And I think that’s the big, like when I see when people show us, one was I’m sure David would see a lot when they show us their campaigns and stuff.

Kim:                                       14:01                     Like they don’t give people the option to do take the next step. And it’s like Whoa, when I, if I opt in for something, generally speaking, I want to get an outcome, you know? I don’t just go around opting in for the just for fun. I’m just to fill up my inbox with emails. Like I want to do something about it. And most people don’t give or like when I see it’s like they don’t give them the logical next step as I call if I’m doing this well actually yeah, if I’m really came, let me jump on a call with you and let me find out exactly how, what you do so I can do something about it. And that was for us is when we take it to a lot of our clients just go, well if you get people to update, do something and they want to do something more, I’m depending on, you know, the structure of what the businesses. Well, let them do it, you know, they wanted, they want to do something like they make them wait seven days for a Webinar, they want to take some action. Now I’ve let them, let them book a call or let them know by maybe trip wire or whatever it might be. Um, and get the ball rolling.

Dave:                                    14:54                     I think that’s. So you’re taking people from facebook to an opt-in page. The opt-in page have a video on it or it’s just a static image and text.

Kim:                                       15:04                     Like the biggest thing was that I found was, um, we, we, uh, we, we, we use one of the basic basic template and we just tweaked a few things. So all I did with that with a Webinar is just went really, really solid headline. I’m just, uh, that was the biggest thing for me. And again, the same thing is like, it’s, it’s so funny, like a few people commented. Um, I did my two, the two comma club unboxing. When I got my award, I was like, oh, this is awesome. And they’re like, oh, you know, like, what was it, how did you, you know, what should I focus on? I was like, guys like the, as soon as you have a good offer and you can articulate it for them, it’s like game over. So we just had like, we went for a basic text at the top with a really solid headline, um, because again, as I said I was for when I was looking at it like, cool, they, they think the solution is that they want more leads.

Kim:                                       15:47                     Right? So I was going, cool, well then let me show you how to get anywhere and against specificity is key. Um, so across our clients we go, you know, how many leads did you want to get a day? And it was something like, and this could be a little bit off, it was like 11 to 35. So a cool show you how to get 11 to 35 new loot new leads every single day using facebook with a simple proven system. And then I go, ah, cool, that’s exactly what I want. And then, you know, like I think our opt-in rate from memory was when we were pumping at the very beginning was like 50 percent because everyone that goes there like of course I want 11 between 11 and 35 leads per day. But also they get the reassurance that we know what we’re talking about because we’re not saying like a million leads or fight, like we’re being very specific with our numbers on what we’re able to do and how clients generating

Dave:                                    16:35                     on the thank you page. And on the thank you page is there a video view and then the sales letter or a thank you page.

Kim:                                       16:42                     It was like one of the traditional ones. So it’s got a photo of me from the desk of Kibera in Perth, Australia. And then it just rolls into um, roles into the sales letter. So it does say on there and they’re. Thank you. Were confirmed registration confirmed, reconfirmed the details and say you’ll be emailed shortly. And then, um, I just roll straight into the straight into the sales later. But I also, um, and this is again from, from memory, but I also kind of tie it back into like w, like why obviously they’ve gone opted in for getting 11 to 35 leads per day by then. So why they’re going to read this house. I now cycle once you’d like, if you’re doing that, you know, w what does that mean to your business and the kind of addressing those points at the start. So people will actually read the sales letter because no point in me doing that and then go buy a funnel and start talking about like, you know, if they’re not sure why they’re not sure why they need it, um, then you can lose people. So it’s going to be all be congruent all the way through.

Dave:                                    17:34                     I see so many people missing the boat on the thank you page where it’s like, oh, thank you so much in your confirmation email has been sent to you for the registration and we’ll see you on the webinar. That thank you page for us. I know has been one of the most expensive pieces real estate to a disregard for us. That’s where anybody has gone through any of our funnels. On that thank you page is where you see a picture of Russell that’s a video basically talking about, hey, you know what, we’re super excited to have you on the Webinar, but at the same time I want to make sure you get a free trial before you, before you get to the Webinar, so we get a lot of people who at times don’t go to webinars but at least get the free trial and get signed up for click funnels right there. And so I love the fact that you’re using that same real estate to have people basically either book a call with you and understand those calls. Anybody who’s willing to books. All right, then that’s a hot, hot lead. I mean, gosh, I can’t imagine. Don’t close almost every one of those. So

Kim:                                       18:26                     the thing is it like, um, you know, this, there’s so much opportunity on that page and [inaudible] and the biggest thing that I think people forget is like what happens after, right? Because you go, well then they’re going to get an email to go on. The webinar was like, cool, even if you’ll probably one of the, and um, I don’t know what about you guys, but like if you look at what the pay was, email, open rates are, deliverability rates are so many other factors from that point on that you can’t control. So I can’t really control like I can, but I can’t control my deliverability exactly. More open rate. Exactly. And I’m not going to get 100 percent. So it’s like if you go through their, let’s just say you have a hundred people opt in, probably even if you’re really good, only 30 people would probably going to over 50 people are going to open your email and then maybe you have a five percent click-through rate to the Webinar link, like your numbers dramatically.

Kim:                                       19:12                     Um, dwindle down just for things that are outside of your control. Um, you know, based on them or how many other emails that they get sent in that day or was this a bombarded them in your email, got pushed to the bottom of the inbox. Like there’s things that you can’t control that happened from that point. So if people are there, you have to give them that next step option because I’m not saying that could be, that could potentially be your last chance. And then it’s like, oh, your email got marked as spam and they never see it again.

Dave:                                    19:38                     No, I totally, totally agree. So picked up those leads, the next one of the people who are actually on the Webinar and on your Webinar or you’re selling a product on the webinar itself.

Kim:                                       19:49                     So on the Webinar again we do, um, we, I tested two different things, so we tested when doing the product and um, I’ll just be honest, like I was crap at closing on Webinar. Like I, W I, I couldn’t, um, additional like I tried before and I had a little success when I was doing this one. We’re getting bigger volumes. I was like, Nah, it’s not really working. So I just went from there to abilene to application call again as well. But tobacco that up. We also have like, I have an in-house sales team of four people as well. So we, I was like, when people were registering, um, depending on where that would register, we’d also give them a call, ask them what were you excited for the webinar bombed. Great. What do you want to learn? This was like, oh, well actually do you know that we do this, this and this with that.

Kim:                                       20:30                     So did you want us to, are here. Maybe we should book a one on one calls so we can go through stuff in more detail for you. Um, so even when they are registering, we were just like, we’ll try and plug all the holes that we could. So every lead that come in. Um, even if, again, if they didn’t make it to the Webinar, they still had the option or opportunity to, um, to get on a call with us and at the end those super qualified ones that [inaudible] that would probably our biggest. That was like eighty percent of our sales from there. But we’re still following up with everyone on the phone just because we had um, hands and people to call.

Dave:                                    21:05                     In fact, we’re, we’re exploring with different things here at our office on different phone type strategies that we’re going to be using here in 2018. I think it’s so important. Don’t be afraid of the phone. Get on the phone and talk to these people. They’re interested. You’ve already, you’ve already spent the money to get the opt-in, don’t. Yeah, exactly. So I think that’s great. Great Information. So as any other tips or strategies you can think of that people should be thinking about that you’ve learned through doing all these webinars?

Kim:                                       21:36                     Well, this one we’re just about to test now and um, it’s just been. The reason why it’s taking so long is because where I’m a overseas in Australia, sometimes we get limited use of some of the softwares, but we’re gonna try and test for all of our webinars. From now on I’m dropping a voice, like we always get funny number. Like I always, I always in every single funnel if I can, like, if it makes sense to try and get a phone number, so we’re going to try and drop. I’m a voice mails to people. So there’s plenty of different softwares that way you can actually just drop a voicemail. So, um, as soon as people opt in, five minutes later it drops a voicemail onto there a message bank and it’s like, hey, it’s Kim from your social voice. I just saw that you registered. I’m so pumped to have you on the Webinar. I’m going to be sharing these two big ideas. Can’t wait to see you there. Sorry that I missed you. And obviously they don’t know that, uh, the, the voicemail was just getting dropped. So, um, yeah, we’re going to do that and then kind of roll that out and see how that improves. Like rock up writes, um, you know, awareness, engagement and stuff like that,

Dave:                                    22:38                     voice broadcasting that you’re actually funnel hacking live we’re doing with that. So yeah, totally, totally love, love the idea as far as voice broadcasting type of stuff. That’s super cool idea. I’ll be really curious to see how that impacts you. In fact, your numbers and things. I did have one question for you, and you just made mention the fact that you, you always ask for the phone number on, on the opt-in, have you noticed that it either decreases number of opt-ins, have you seen the increases quality of opt-ins? What’s, what’s been the result of asking for that number and do you, is it a required field?

Kim:                                       23:11                     <Unk> we had it before it was not a required field, um, and we will probably getting maybe 20 percent of people leaving the phone number. Um, and then afterwards I was like, Whoa, I want to get out. So I was taking cranking, so let’s make it a required field and I think we may maybe had like a one to two to [inaudible] increase in lead cost, um, across the board. So for me to, to get the extra phone number, I was pretty. Um, I was pretty happy with that and we, but we give them the reason why. It’s like, cool. We can also say if you want, we can also sms remind you of the. So I think as long as you give people the reason why you want the phone number to um, you know, it’s, it’s pretty, it’ll work. So we’re actually testing.

Kim:                                       23:52                     We’ve got one final, um, at the moment that we just rebuilt yesterday that we’re doing. I’m completely, we’ve certainly name and phone number in the email. We’re going to test out conversions as well, so we’re going to go for delivering everything inside sms. So we’re going gonna we are, we would like to test these things and see how that worked. But I think like, yeah, and that’s just because that’s our strength. Like if I was a absolute bus webinar closer, like if I was the phenomenal one, I will get better and I probably wouldn’t worry so much but because I know my skill is on the phone, it’s like I just, I just keep playing to my strengths wherever I can and my team is like we’ve been trying to him by some of the best in the welding phone sales. So they um, good, good to give them the best chance of success as well.

Dave:                                    24:35                     That’s awesome. So what are some of your closing rates on, on salesforce, on getting out to people on the phone?

Kim:                                       24:40                     I mean, me personally, I close, um, and this because now I do just more of the most qualified, like I probably close at, um, you know, seventies and [inaudible] and that’s only because I get the most qualified people when I speak to them. Um, but my team on average would close 50 percent of the people that they speak to as long as we’ve got the right people going through the funnel.

Dave:                                    25:01                     That’s fantastic though. Geez, forget 50 percent. That’s love that kind of stuff for just basically a cold, almost a cold call, but at least it’s an inbound call phone number, which is cool. Well, fantastic. I’m excited. I can’t wait to have you to funnel hacking live. Wait, debate, and I’m really pumped again, I super excited. Happy. They’re super excited to have you as one of our, our round table hosts. And again, I’d highly encourage you guys who are going to be a funnel hacking live. First of all, if you’re, if you haven’t already got your ticket. Maddie got geopolitics. I think we’ll probably be sold out by time you’re listening to this, but go to funnel hacking and most importantly for those of you guys already have your tickets and are going to be there, make sure you find Kim. He’ll have a ribbon on basically saying he’s one of our two comma club winners and around table host at. Definitely. The great thing about the gimmicks you’ve seen here is a wealth of knowledge, especially on how to basically monetize webinars using funnels. So love, love the idea. Congratulations again Kim. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. Any parting words before we let you go?

Kim:                                       26:01                     No. I mean like obviously as you said like, yeah, if you definitely like get to funnel hacking live and if you’re there to pick me up, mom, I’m always more than willing to chat and uh, see if I can, um, you know, give advice or help in any areas. But as well guys just like focused on, like focused on your offer and then the rest of the stuff comes naturally as like, you know, people. Um, sometimes I think overcomplicated, it was like getting good or you get a good nation and then you just go to town. Um, you know, like the rest will take care of itself.

Dave:                                    26:29                     I love it. Can’t wait. We’ll see you real soon, but thanks. Awesome.

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