Secrets of A Boudoir Photographer
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Secrets of A Boudoir Photographer

Why Dave Talked to Molly:

Molly is a boudoir photographer who did live webinars until she reached a million dollars. She is part of the winner’s circle. She had 81 cents to her name when she dropped out of college and started to focus solely on photography and eventually developed her niche to boudoir photography, making six figures.

Tips and Tricks for your Business:

  • Molly talks about tips that she’s used in her business that works well. (8:56)
  • Molly talks about how ManyChat works for her on her landing page. (10:23)
  • Molly talks about where her business is going in the next year by using click funnels. (17:22)

Quotable Moments:

“We Like to Empower Women.”

“I’ve never been a cookie cutter type person.”

“I didn’t even know about Russell or click funnels or anything until I went to Funnel Hacking
live in 2017 and we’ve 3x’ed our business is going to that event.”

Other Tidbits:

You don’t have to have a broad market to make money. You can focus on a niche market and dominate it. You’re market strategy means everything.


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:                           00:00                     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here’s your host, Dave Woodward.

Dave:                                    00:17                     Hey everybody. Welcome back. You guys are in for a ride of your life today. This is going to be one of the most fun ones. I’ve done it a long time. I want to introduce you guys to Molly Kaiser. Molly, welcome to the show.

Molly:                                   00:27                     Hey, thanks so much for having me. This is gonna be a blast.

Dave:                                    00:30                     Oh, this is going to be so much fun for one. You’re a full of energy. Tons of stuff always going on and the topic is just crazy as well. So if you guys don’t know who molly is, molly is a member of our inner circle. She’s also two comma club winter. In addition to that, she’s going to be at funnel hacking live as one of our round table hosts. Definitely after this episode, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re at her table because this woman knows how to crush it in so many different industries. I’m so proud of her for all she’s done. So if you guys aren’t familiar with what she does, she basically helps photographers that specialize in boudoir photography. So for those who may not know what bid war is, and I don’t know how they wouldn’t, but if they don’t know what exactly do you mean? What does a boudoir photographer?

Molly:                                   01:10                     Yeah, it’s basically kind of like a Victoria secret model shoot, but for any woman at all, anyone who wants to celebrate a milestone or just feel finally comfortable or really finally be able to look in the mirror and believe in their. But that’s basically what we, boudoir photographers do. So it’s pretty cool. We like to empower women.

Dave:                                    01:26                     I love it. I was going through your site and take a look at some of your story again, basically down to your last 80 one cents and starting a business. So, uh, again, that takes him [inaudible] I’m pretty quickly through that one. That’s a not the easiest thing to do and then to do it in this industry. So tell me again, I know your story, but tell our listeners, how did you get involved in this industry?

Molly:                                   01:49                     Oh my goodness. Well, we don’t have like a week, so I’m going to keep this room, but basically in a nutshell, you are correct. I dropped out of college. I had eighty one cents to my name. I was living with my grandmother. She was like spotting me money to buy groceries. It was that bad. Uh, and you know, I just found a college really wasn’t for me. I’ve never been like a cookie cutter type person. And so I just decided to dive into photography and just go for it. I started shooting weddings, things like that. I quickly niched into a beadwork and when my studio hit the six figures Marg, I started getting bombarded with messages from other photographers being like, how did you do it? Oh my goodness. Like, how on earth did you, how did you make it full time shooting only budweiser because most photographers photograph every single type of babies, wedding, everything.

Molly:                                   02:43                     And so basically I started mentoring people one on one and as those of you listening probably know, I quickly realized, you know, I can’t run a full time studio and mentor people a one on one, like I just don’t have enough hours in the day. So that’s when I started seeing people doing courses online. This was in 2013. I was like, man, this is genius. Like you can take, instead of repeating everything that you say over and over and over again, you can just record yourself, put it into a platform that is better for me and my students. Um, and then you have the ability to also sell it over and over again and help an unlimited amount of people. So it’s, it’s basically an incredible, incredible opportunity we have right now with online courses.

Dave:                                    03:26                     I love yours has been really cool. I was looking at your site and send the stuff you’re doing. So your coaching program tell people, look, we’re just kind of joking about the fact that you just did last two to three weeks to, in over $70,000 in coaching or not. Sorry, certification, is that right? We started a certification program within a 20 minute webinars that what you said?

Molly:                                   03:46                     Yeah. So what I did was, I’m actually at the inner circle meet up. Everyone was like, you need to do a certification because basically the struggle I have is that a lot of people hear the word boudoir and they think of something that it’s not. And I know you guys are saying without me saying it. Um, and so they assume that it’s something that’s totally not. And so I wanted something that can not only help me train my students to go full time, you get to six figures, but also something that can set them apart so that when a person sees, for example, like their certification badge, they can know, you know, this person’s professional, they’re serious, they’re someone you can trust. Um, and so at that inner circle meeting, they were like, you need to do this, you need to do this. So, um, if you guys don’t know this about me, I like if you telling me to do something, it’s gonna get done like yesterday.

Molly:                                   04:33                     So, uh, I made it happen and I just made a really quick 20 minute webinar on something I was hearing from a lot of my students was that they didn’t have a lot of people are dropping off my Webinar, sorry, I have to go have this. My kid has a basketball game or whatever. And I was finding that match. Sixty to 90 minute webinars were just getting too long. So I made a 20 minute webinar. I basically removed the three secrets I show to a ton of testimonials for my students and the staff of course. Um, and yeah, we were able to book 25 calls from 1:20 minute facebook live Webinar and we closed 21 of them, which means we signed up 21 students and over $70,000 I’m looking at my board because I haven’t written. So yeah, it’s been incredible and they’re already seeing results. So it’s awesome.

Dave:                                    05:23                     How did you drive traffic into your funnel? They’re, I assume through facebook lives that we did it.

Molly:                                   05:28                     Yeah. So, um, okay. So what we did with the, what we basically did was I used zoom and we drove some facebook ad traffic to a landing page with a many chat button on it. I love to use mini chat for Webinar signups. And then we streamed that Zoom Webinar to our facebook group with our students who had already purchased our course. We have two products, the course and the certification. Um, and so yeah, it’s cool because we had a of like cold and warm traffic and the interesting thing is that it was about a 50 50 split. So I’m super happy to learn that the cold traffic signs up, it’s almost kind of like full Japanese. Um, so it’ll be interesting to see how we can scale this, uh, with, with more cold traffic. I’m super good.

Dave:                                    06:16                     Set it about it. I’m super excited. I love. Great. You’ve done a great job as far as your headlines and everything else. And I was sitting there looking at your site and some of the coolest stuff you’ve got on there and see if I pull some stuff up there,

Molly:                                   06:29                     give. I have to give much credit to Russell. He is the title King.

Dave:                                    06:34                     Seriously, I was looking at just some of your, you know, want some freebies. I love this here. So the free masterclass for strategies for wowing your boudoir clients with your posing light and coaching. I mean obviously that’s something I want people to death. They need their free marketing cheat, 50 ways to marketing your boudoir business locally. And then one of my favorite ones here is the free posing sheet. Get my 14 perfect boudoir poses posing sheet for free plus shipping. So

Molly:                                   07:00                     and that actually the, that posing sheet, we tested a marketing 50 ways to market and we tested the posing sheet and the posing sheet like blows the marketing how the water. Which is so interesting. It depends on the niche, right? It’s so, so interesting.

Dave:                                    07:14                     Oh, I think that’s great for your niche. That makes sense. Where people want to make sure that they have, they want to be professional and they want to make sure they get the right poses that don’t want to become close, sleazy or anything else.

Molly:                                   07:24                     I kept hearing that they didn’t want to freeze up, like they would go to the shoot and then they would freeze up and they wouldn’t know what to do. Yeah. I just listen and then I help from there.

Dave:                                    07:34                     I love it. And then you’ve got your booty shorts manifesto. Love that. Fantastic. Can I read this? Is that okay? Yeah, please go for it. So it says I’m a booty babe. A booty babe is a photographer who is committed to empowering more women through the art boudoir photography, Abouti Bay to somebody who’s ready to throw away all the excuses and turn their passion for Boudoir into a full time photography business. A booty babe is the photographer who doesn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of their goal to help others while changing their life and business for the better every day. Super Cool. I love again, this whole idea as far as a manifesto, I love the fact that your implement, again, you, you implement super, super fast. It’s just so awesome. I love seeing that and I think it’s cool that right after your manifesto was where you had the call to action.

Dave:                                    08:23                     I’m ready to be a boot, a bootie baby click right there and it takes them right in. So obviously you’ve had the opportunity of, of going through a lot of life trials and everything else. You’re now on top of your game. You’re teaching others how to get on top of their game. What are some of the things you mentioned to our other funnel hackers who are listening here as far as either tips that you’ve used in your business that have worked real well or things from a life standpoint that you’ve learned that would help benefit them?

Molly:                                   08:50                     Oh man, that’s so broad. You can pick anything and I’ll go with it. Let’s see

Molly:                                   08:56                     here. Um, well, one thing or more recently that’s been a huge game changer for us, um, is many chat. I’m not sure if you guys have talked about that a lot. I’m actually an avid fan of the podcast and I haven’t noticed that yet. So, um, but yeah, many chat because with our email, let’s say, you know, when I first started email marketing in 2013 or open rates were like something crazy, like 60 percent and now it’s more like 18 to 20 percent, which is still good I think compared to industry standard, but we’ve definitely seen it decrease and whether that’s because we’re growing so quickly or just because I believe it’s because my personal audience is more on facebook. And so what’s interesting is we’ve been growing this many chat audience which is a chat Bot for facebook messenger and even though we only have a fraction of the number of people on many chat, um, or open rates are like 80 five to 90 percent. So we’re actually getting more open rates, a more openers on many chat even though our email list is like three, four times or something this size. Um, so something we’ve been doing, like for Webinars, instead of having them opt in through email, we have them opt in with many chat and then we remind them.

Dave:                                    10:03                     I want to ask you about. I’ve literally, this has been a massive topic recently talking to Andrew Warner about it the other day I talked to Mike dillard about warner. He’s brilliant. So, uh, we actually, so I wanted to find out, um, the question came up yesterday was talking to Mike and that is, do you only allow people to opt in only through many chat or do you like email and many jobs?

Molly:                                   10:23                     You guys are gonna love this because I tested it recently so we used to just do mini chat and then we had a couple people just literally just like two or three people that were like, I don’t like facebook, Blah Blah Blah. So I’m like, Oh man, like I feel bad now. Okay fine. We’ll do email or many chat. Um, we got more opt ins but our show up rate was cut in half so we’re not going to, we’re actually just going to go back to just doing the mini chat button. Um, so I don’t know, it works for us.

Dave:                                    10:53                     I’m going to make sure I understand that. So you had, you had both mini chat and email. So yeah, some people obviously come through mini chat, but those who came through your email, the show up rate was much less than those people came through many chat and because of that you’re only going to mini chat as an option.

Molly:                                   11:07                     Yeah. So basically like when we tell them they have to register with mini chat, like almost all of them do except for like what two people. But if we give them the option almost everyone goes with email and that our, our show up rate is like super dismal. So yeah, we like many chat more free training. So I mean

Dave:                                    11:28                     I think that’s great. I literally had this conversation with Mike yesterday. They’ve got a self made man, things that they’re coming out with debt did literally six days. But uh, he was going through the same thing and they saw basically about eighty percent would, would click on email and only 20 percent on facebook messenger. But when they were testing it obviously had a ton more people when, when, when mini chat is the only way then. Interesting. So you saw the same results. It totally did. So, and again, I can’t quite tell all the details on this, but we have something super super cold coming out with actionetics here that’s going to involve messenger and you guys are going to absolutely love it. You got to wait to funnel hacking live and of course at funnel hacking live, you’re gonna. Want to make sure you’re sitting at Molly’s table, she’s one of our round table hosts talking about all this crazy cool stuff as far as how she’s using these kinds of things in her business. So to find out more from. So you’re basically driving from a facebook ad to a landing page, landing page has many chat only option takes them then to a an auto webinar that basically is a June recorded webinar.

Molly:                                   12:33                     I’m actually so I love this. You’re wrong. So let me tell you the real story. Yes, please come to my round table. Just backtrack there. Second of all. So what we do is, first of all, Russell told me that I have to do my live webinars until we get to a million. Okay? So that’s what we did. And so now we’re doing auto, but our auto funnel is being built. So here’s what we’ve been doing for the live webinars. That’s the stamps that I can share with you guys. Basically. Yes, we had them on with many chat. And the cool thing is that on the Webinar opt in page, we just used a click funnels template. They click the chat button and as soon as they click it, you’re allowed to say, hey, once they click this button, they can be a new tab can be opened.

Molly:                                   13:19                     So when they click it’s sending them a facebook message while simultaneously sending them to a new page. And the new page is our trip wire. So we’re triggering the trip wire. And then I’m also at the same time sending them a facebook message. So the facebook message essentially says, Hey, cool. Um, we see are interested in the training. Which date and time would you like? They select which one they want because it’s live. Um, but yeah, we’re doing auto. You could just pop in the replay or something, um, or 15 minutes or something like that. So they choose the date and time and then after they do we say, awesome to confirm your spot, please reply back with your email address and then we use Zapier to zap their email address to, you know, whatever email and click funnels, whatever you use. And then um, and then after that we, we like, we message to them again and we say, oh, and by the way, so on the training you’re gonna learn how to book a client on the spot. But if you want to learn how to book multiple clients in the next 24 hours, click here to get our, basically our trip wire for 60 percent off. So that’s kind of what we do and we saw

Dave:                                    14:22                     or solar, I love that. So is your tripwire also pop up on the side? So they see that what it is actual price.

Molly:                                   14:30                     Yeah. So it pops up when they click and then also in the message once they’re done registering in the facebook message, it also tells them about the trip wire there as well.

Dave:                                    14:39                     So is the tripwire price the full price on the pop up and 60 percent off in a minute?

Molly:                                   14:44                     Actually, no, but that’s a great idea. No, it’s a spin off on both. We just use a click funnels page and we have like an auto video playing of me talking about the deal. So

Dave:                                    14:57                     I love that. Super, super smart though. I just thought it would be social proof real quick. It’s actually a 60 percent off split testing to get that back to me and let me know how that went. Just literally writing it down right now as far as you’ve had the opportunity now of. First of all, again, I hope you guys heard and if I’m going to restate it, she basically did a live weather until she did a million bucks. That is again, I love. That’s one of the things I love about our inner circle is you guys actually implement everything Russell says. I think part of it’s got to the point because the only people who are really successful in the inner circle are those who take massive action and do everything he says, but that is seriously. It’s one of the keys so that you guys who are listening and you’re doing a Webinar, don’t get so excited to get to an auto webinar are until you cross through a million dollars. I know it seems like forever, but. So what’s your, what is your course? How much do you charge on your, on your Webinar?

Molly:                                   15:53                     Yeah. So just so you know, we can, uh, just so everyone can learn a little bit about all the mistakes that I’ve made along the way before I joined the inner circle, I had to over 100 products. I’m not kidding. Like I had a lot of ebooks courses. Uh, right now we have one course and one certification. So the course is called boudoir marketing camp. Uh, and it’s nine 97 and then we offer a payment plan and people credit as well.

Dave:                                    16:18                     Awesome. And your certification, how much is that?

Molly:                                   16:21                     Uh, there’s 3000. Um, we offer a payment plan and paypal credit as well. People at credit, by the way, like it is the best because seriously, I mean if I, when I started my business when I had eighty one cents, if I had had the option to get paid Paul Credit, like zero down zero percent for six months. You have six months. I just think it’s so cool.

Dave:                                    16:40                     Yeah, it’s super simple to get. Again, it’s not even really based that much on your own personal credit, so don’t be afraid to at least try it and use it in your business. I think it’s a great opportunity.

Molly:                                   16:51                     Yeah. I used to feel bad saying to put it on a credit card, you know, like guilty, like oh I don’t want my students to go into debt, but then I realized, you know, I’m going to help them make their money back and more. And so really it’s not. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it. I should feel like it’s a great opportunity for them. So I just wanted to share that with you guys.

Dave:                                    17:11                     I love it. I love it. So tell me as far as, as you take a look at this next year, what’s, where are you going now, where, what’s gonna happen with, with booty babe? Where’s it gonna go.

Molly:                                   17:22                     Alright, this is great. So now that all of our live webinars aren’t converting, we get about a 40 percent to 75 percent show up rate and a 10 percent purchased with those who are on the Webinar. So now that we have that offer all, um, for our webinars across the board, we are automating them all. So, um, we’re actually just using a, you guys are gonna be so surprised by that. But using click funnels template. Seriously. I mean it makes it so easy. I almost feel like it. Yeah. Anyways, it’s awesome. So my team basically I work with someone who’s a funnel builder. I believe they are certified or something like that. And they, yeah, they’re just, I’m working with the template, taking our best live webinar and automating it. So on the horizon essentially for us is automating sending traffic to those, um, to those auto webinars.

Molly:                                   18:13                     And we recently moved our facebook ads in house and what we’ve been doing is we do this thing called a consistent content strategy. Peng Joon made this popular at our last inner circle meeting and I will keep that then for him, it’ll be a teaser for people. Yeah. But basically what we do and we kind of do that strategy, but for our facebook ads now, so for everything we need a facebook ad or a retargeting ad or anything like that, I just create a very short video. We send that to rev my team, um, create short posts, long a lifestyle posts with images, and then we run the ads. So on the horizon bras really is scaling. Uh, we need to hire a phone sales person, call me

Dave:                                    19:01                     and then.

Molly:                                   19:05                     Well, yeah, automating the webinars. Um, and really just scaling. Honestly, it’s, I feel like it’s almost when you’ve been grinding so hard for so long and you’re at the point where you can automate, it almost feels like, why am I actually getting sleep?

Dave:                                    19:27                     The sleep thing, I think people always talked about it as supposed to be a good thing. It actually works.

Molly:                                   19:31                     That’s not one of the perks of working at click funnels.

Dave:                                    19:39                     Well, my love having you on. Again, for those of you guys, I can’t recommend it enough. You’d definitely find her at funnel hacking live. Molly is educating one of the sweetest girls, women I know and so you were so willing to give and to share with so many people. So again, make sure you spend time at a round table and by all means, reach out to her. So Molly’s people want to find out more about you. What’s the best way to reach out to you?

Molly:                                   20:03                     Yeah, so I’m on facebook. I am Molly Marie Kaiser. I would love to be friends with you on facebook. I know that’s old school, but seriously, I love facebook. And on instagram I am booty shorts. B o u d I e shorts.

Dave:                                    20:18                     Well Mike, thank you so much again. I cannot wait to see it. Literally we are five weeks from today. This is crazy. You guys have any tickets left? Um, we don’t right now, but I know we always have some people that are canceling so we’ll probably end up releasing some as we get closer, but right now we don’t

Molly:                                   20:35                     really quick about funnel hacking live. Of course I just have to say, you guys, for those of you that are on the fence, I don’t know if they have any tickets left, but uh, I didn’t even know Russell or click funnels or anything until I went to funnel hacking live in 2017 and we’ve three x. Our business is going to that event. So like when people tell me they’re on the fence, I just want to shake them and be like, you need to go, you need to go. So I really hope to see you there. You guys will not regret it. I mean, seriously Russell, Tony Robbins, what could you guys will want? And then I hope to see you on my table as well. So thank you Dave. Can’t wait to see you soon.

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