Secrets To Creating ‘Influence’ Through Content Marketing
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Secrets To Creating ‘Influence’ Through Content Marketing

Jon Morrow’s content has been viewed by over 250 Million people. His recent content was shared over 75,000 times. He knows how to create influence through content marketing and shares his secrets in this podcast. He details the 3 purposes for creating content and how you can generate influence by following what he discusses.

Show Notes

  • Jon Morrow, despite only being able to move his lips, has over 200,000,000 views of his pages in 8 years
  • 7 life lessons from a guy who can’t move anything but his face
  • If you can’t win the game, change the rules
  • The Art of the Counter Punch
  • Jon gives credit to a car accident for bed ridding him for 6 months which gave him plenty of time to write his book
  • Don’t be afraid to do something that you’ll be branded crazy for
  • Content marketing is not used as simply “free marketing” it serves best at an opportunity of building influence
  • His most viral post written was written from day 1 as a viral post that would get out the exact message he wanted
  • Quantity or quality? Unless you’re Forbes I think you’d be better off with quality
  • The Influencer Strategy


“Just take this interview for example, did I have a very rough time overcoming everything that I have? Yes, of course. But it’s also the reason that I’m talking to you today it’s given me a fantastic story. And that inspiring story is now inspiring millions of people and has also made me a LOT of money.”

“The bigger the blow you just took, the bigger the opportunity there is standing there right in front of you. So you just have to find it and train yourself to find it. And that in my life has always been the case.”

“To a lot of people writing 100 headlines a day that’s crazy! Why would anyone write 100 headlines a day? But that’s how I became so good at writing headlines.”

“What content is good at, more than anything else, is building influence.”

“My dad told me ‘Jon if you want to make money, go find a river of flowing money, stand in it and scoop up as much money as you can. But you never try to make the river change course, you just stand in the middle.’ But what most people don’t realize is there’s only two real rivers of traffic, Google and Facebook.”


  • So good. Thanks Jon and Dave for putting this together. Motivational and actionable. My favorite combos in a podcast episode!

  • Jon Morrow is the best! I learned to write from him. His writing courses and audience understanding are second to none.

  • Jon never ceases to amaze me! Huge inspiration! He started around the same time as I did but I’m nowhere near his success. Btw. you have a type on the link and thus it’s broken.

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