How To Take 1 Video And Create 23 Unique Pieces Of Content
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How To Take 1 Video And Create 23 Unique Pieces Of Content

Why Dave Decided to talk to Kolby:

Yahoo and other Fortune 500 companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to consult with him on exactly what he reveals in this episode. Kolby Kolibas details his “Digital Distribution” system for taking 1 video and creating 23 unique pieces of content for the 5 major social platforms.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The four pillars of business (8:28)
  • The three major things in life that can change our mindset (11:35)
  • Kolby walks us through a video and how he created 23 unique pieces of content (21:28)

Quotable Moments:

“It is your duty to share what you are going through right now.”

“The highest level of respect anybody can ever pay you is giving you a dollar for anything you give.”

Other Tidbits:

Everyone’s life story is unique. If your journey can help one single person, is it worth sharing?


Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:     00:00     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. All right, everybody. Welcome back.

Speaker 2:     00:18     Going back to funnel hacker radio. Yes. That would those be the eyes of Colby. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 3:     00:25     What’s up Dave? It’s good to see you, man.

Speaker 2:     00:27     Man, this guy has a million. Honestly looking at your bio, it’s like what else in the world? Haven’t you done anything in all the world from being a fast ticket executive in fortune 500 companies to being the best husband, father, but you don’t. The our whole topic for this is the one I enjoyed the most. When I say what should we talk about? And he’s like, you know, Dave, I think got all the things I could share with your audience. The thing that’d be most important is how I got to become so handsome using funnels.

Speaker 3:     00:55     That’s really it. You know, I, I used to be a 700 pound woman named Gertrude who have big warrants on my face and my leveraging click funnels. I just signed up for an account, never used it. I just signed up for it by simply putting in my email address and my payment information. I became this handsome guy you see in front of you worth millions of dollars. So that’s it. And we can end here.

Speaker 2:     01:17     That’s it. So everyone, I appreciate it again, and if you want more information, just go to Colby Kay,

Speaker 3:     01:23     facebook. I’m super handsome. Dot Com. It’s a funnel. Take you through the creams and the moisturizing. I used to be this good looking and handsome and witty telcos.

Speaker 2:     01:35     You guys are listening to this as an audio. You’d have to go check this out in front of the TV and actually see how handsome colby actually is. So

Speaker 3:     01:41     I don’t want people. Don’t get too disappointed. Audio listeners don’t get the super, super disappointed.

Speaker 2:     01:48     Actually, one of the things I love about colby for you guys don’t know colby is like, seriously one of the most generous guys in the world. You will ever meet because he’s always out there just giving and giving and giving and giving and giving, and he’s rarely will ever, ever asked, hear him ask for anything. In fact, he’s got a really cool event coming up this summer. I think it’s in the middle end of June, June 22nd through 24th, uh, giving event again. I’m meltdown in the desert. I think it’s meltdown If you want to go check that out and we’re going to talk a little more about that later. But again, it’s just symbolic of who you are. It’s just so cool that again, you’re just sitting there, you get a ton of value and content. I had the opportunity of introducing miles to you just the other day I was out there in Phoenix and so for those of you guys will be going to meltdown in the desert a, you get a special gift from us out there, compliments of miles and click funnels and colby, of course.

Speaker 3:     02:39     But I don’t know what it is. I have no idea. They’re still in my car. I’ve got so many [inaudible].

Speaker 2:     02:47     Awesome. So with all that said, they’ll really, the thing you’re going to find out about colby that I love more than anything else is this is a guy who loves talking tactics. It’s how do you really make things happen and that’s really all the fluff aside. That’s what we want to focus on in this podcast and this video that is really how do you actually make stuff happen. So let me give you an idea as far as what we’re talking about. A Kolbe is bent in the social media realm now for over 14 years, like pre facebook type of stuff. And it’s super cool because it literally just a stat and you had on your instagram stories today was the fact you’ve had over 14,000, 26 pieces of content, pieces of content in 14 years. So people always ask me all the time you did, how did you guys create so much content? Well, we’ve gotten me, we’ve got Russell got a ton of people on our team who are helping us. Everything else. You’re a guy who literally just creates a massive amount of content yourself. I know now you’ve got it somewhat systematized, but let’s kind of talk about how do you do this and more importantly though, Colby help people understand the why behind it.

Speaker 3:     03:54     Great question. So let me start with this is anytime I have the opportunity to get in front of a new audience and either share a story or share a tactic, if one person can take something away, it’s, it’s absolutely worth the time investment and I’m honored to have this opportunity to speak to your audience. So thanks for having me on. My pleasure. Thank you. Just a couple of things and let’s level set this right? It’s why do we produce content? Where do we distribute content, what are the expectations around content development and what are we wanting to return? And for me it’s, you know, you know a little bit about my background. I came, you know, I had a mattress on the floor growing up. I didn’t have a ton of. My parents had a lot of love but I didn’t have a financial money was not a thing for us.

Speaker 3:     04:35     So as I started to set out for some financial goals, hit some financial goals. I got into Corp, I went for the music business and the Corporate America once through that process. And as I did that, I had some, some awesome accolades of spending some time inside the machine. I built a large business outside of corporate America, raised a bunch of funding, got sued and lost everything in the process of this. Here’s the interesting thing is I didn’t use my phone or video to showcase all the highlights of what I was doing. It wasn’t like look at my, look at my house, look at my lips, look at my vacation homes. When I decided to turn the camera on and we look at 14 years, I’ll tell you what we did before because there was like six years of me reviewing music and on the road as a musician to. And then I’ve done 10,000 pieces of content two years. Like if you look at the math of it in the two years I was sitting in my kitchen,

Speaker 2:     05:25     well we’re wasting 10,000 in two years.

Speaker 3:     05:28     Yeah. Easy. Most of my, most of my creations come in the last 36 months by total. Crazy. Yep. So for me it was. I had gotten to a place of financial success where I was comfortable and I build. What I found was there was this huge need. I was an executive at a fortune 500 companies in Phoenix, responsible for marketing and sales programs for companies like hp and Microsoft and Dell and I’m, I’m not the $500,000,000 business inside of one of these machines. That was my big claim to fame, but I realized was a big dent in the, in the systems that we were using the measure utilization of software. I learned how to code by watching youtube videos and I hired some people overseas to help me get passed to a specific point that I couldn’t teach myself. I raised a little bit of capital raise about $2,000,000 in capital.

Speaker 3:     06:14     We had a million dollars of customer business already and I was leaving my corporate America job. I took six months to leave. I had a lawyer. I did everything the right way and the day that I was moving into my office I got sued and everything fell on fall apart and the process of that, what I found out was as an executive, you can’t start another business. It became personal. Nothing was done wrong, but everything stopped. I didn’t have a plan b. We can argue if that’s right or wrong. It just, it was the. I didn’t have a plan B. I went all in on this project. In the middle of all of this. I’m sitting in my house, Dave, and I want you to think about this as a kid who didn’t have anything. I’m in this seven bedrooms, six bedroom house that I built from the ground up with my new wife and my four kids and my new wife had been together 11 years now, but we’re in the house and we picked the tiles.

Speaker 3:     06:57     We picked the carpet, like the extended countertops to paint in the office that we’ll artificial woodstone like flooring and like all of that stuff. We pick that stuff out and here I am at the end of this, like what am I going to do because I couldn’t afford my house or losing the house. Everything was behind me. Inboxes. My wife went to my in-laws don’t know if I’m going to have a relationship after that and I felt like a complete failure because I put everything on the line and cash out my kids college funds to go start this multi-million dollar software company and I sat there and I don’t. I can’t see why I wish you could say I knew wide. I don’t know why I was sitting there just like my phone sitting here and I picked up the phone. I flipped it around and I turned the video on and I said, this is entrepreneurship.

Speaker 3:     07:39     This is it. Everything I own is behind me tomorrow. They’re turning the power off and I’m going to a rental in 42. I haven’t been in a rental in 20 years. Here’s what I do know. You can’t kill me and I’ve learned a lot in 25 years of building high performance business. What I’m going to do is I’m going to create a business and I’m going to take you on that journey from the very beginning. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I don’t know where I’m going to go. I don’t know what we’re doing, but I’m going to film every piece of that. I’m going to take you along on that journey that video goes, the next video goes, and what I did is I just started showing up every single day documenting what it was like to try to reset and rebuild these things that I’d lost and took people on that journey with me.

Speaker 3:     08:18     And in the middle of that, what I noticed was because we use for 20 years doing anything, you learn some things. So you know for businesses all really basic. There’s four things you do. I find a group of people with the problem. I create a product or solution to solve that problem. I validate that my product or service actually solves that problem and the people will pay for it. People miss that when people pay for it. And then the fourth thing is I called sell your face off any business ever, Dave from Adam and Eve, eve selling Adam’s apple to apple computer as all fallen. You can use that in these last two years. So I use that and use that. That’s um, that all falls within those four pillars. So what I knew was I just needed to find groups of people with problems that I had a skill set that I could solve.

Speaker 3:     09:01     So I started that journey, man. And that was about 36 months ago and I haven’t looked back. It’s been videos every day and showing up on the PLA. I show up on the five major platforms. So facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, youtube, and I am there every day, every day showing up and telling a story, short, sharing an antidote. How am I leveraging funnels? Why do I build funnels way? Do I do? Um, how do I attract the right clients set? Why do I craft the message? How important is video ben for me? How do I take one video and make 15 assets out of it to distribute, to hit, you know, 10 to 12,000 videos and scale that through. That’s the story behind kind of where we are now. But I think, you know, one of the coolest parts in exam, a lot of people who always talk about this and that is, you know what?

Speaker 3:     09:44     I’ll tell my story once I’m successful, I don’t want people see me where I’m at right now. I’m in this situation and you know, it’s, it’s not a very positive and no one wants to see that. And I think your vulnerability in really showing your journey is what has attracted so many people to you because you’re so raw and you’re so open. And I think I’ve seen this happen so many times as we talk to whether it’s agency owners where people get involved in E-com or, or physical part. Whatever it might be, is start documenting the journey now. And as you document that journey now, you didn’t actually have it for one later if you want to use it, but more importantly, it’s that ability to draw people to you. And it’s again, one of the things I’ve loved about just watching you and in your journey over the last few years is just seeing just how vulnerable you are.

Speaker 3:     10:35     But also you’ve never come across as woe is me. Pity party type of stuff. Well, let me, uh, it’s funny that you make that assessment, Dave. There’s, there’s a couple of. Let me frame it like this. How many people do you know that when you call them or they call you? Anytime you talk to them, it’s, I’m so sick, I got a flat tire, I lost my job. All of us know somebody that’s like that. It’s usually a family member. I’d like some weird answer. Maybe it’s your mom and your grandmother every time you talked to and you’re like, Jeez man. Like, is there anything ever good happens to you? I don’t know if that’s a mindset or something that were chemically built like, but you know, one of the things that has been really interesting about the things I’ve gone through, so science will tell you this at age 24, our bodies, our heart mind is hard wired to kind of make decisions in our thought process is the way it’s going to be moving forward.

Speaker 3:     11:25     Our judgments, our decisions, our emotions, all of the things. We’re kind of hard-wired now at 24 based on our life experience, unless one of three things happens, one health, how many people do you know that maybe got diagnosed with cancer and a completely changed their lives or their. Everybody around them I can just affects everybody, lost a job and went bankrupt like finance money does crazy things to people. And then the third piece is a relationship’s gotten a divorce or a major breakup. All of those things. One of those at a time will, we’ll, we’ll will scramble you. Help rewire you. I had all three of those things happened to me twice in two years. So we have this major thing happened with the business. I get diagnosed with lyme disease. I had it for 12 months. I had no idea I had it and all of the things that happen when you don’t sleep for four or five days at a time because you can’t use your body hurts.

Speaker 3:     12:14     I’ve got arthritis in my blood. All these things like it really messes with your psyche and everybody around. Like, I’m angry, I’m irritable, I don’t have a relationship with my wife because I’m like, let me just make more money and then we can have a better relationship. I’ll get half a million dollars back. Would you like me more? And all of these things. I started happening and I documented the entire thing and I’ll tell you what was going through that journey. I never complained. I had good days and bad days and all of it. I had two major things that shifted during all of this. This does sharing. My honesty is I have a story and as I got through stuff, somebody was getting ready to go into it and would say, oh my gosh, I’m starting this. I see you made it like, give me some advice and I see your videos and I see that I can do that.

Speaker 3:     12:56     Nothing means more than having somebody to shoot you. A quick note saying you don’t know, just randomly sending you a note saying, man, that one time you did this really made this difference to me. So selfishly when I do all of these things I do, um, I do because they make me feel good. Like that’s selfishly why do it. But the bigger reason is my kids will never know what life is like without the Internet. They’re always going to have the internet. I don’t have that luxury of like there’s a time where you and I actually had to build all kinds of other skills because the Internet wasn’t here. And um, I can’t go back and find videos of my parents. I don’t have home movies. I got like photo albums, but I don’t have videos. 14,000 pieces of content due to over 40,000 pieces of content.

Speaker 3:     13:33     My kids could find me when I’m gone. Like I’m doing it for my legacy. So when I’m gone, my kids and my grandkids can go and find that one weird youtube video I did of me like reviewing records in some, a record shop in San Francisco in 2006 or 2004. They could see that stuff like, look at my fat granddad with your hat on, looking at these all hip hop. But they can see that stuff right? All the way up to the business stuff. So that’s why I’ve created as much content as I have. But I haven’t, I don’t, I can’t tell you that I was ever afraid of being honest in times you get into a character, uh, my friend Tommy Baker, cause it vulnerability. Masturbation where you just talking about all the bad things that have always happened to you and you have to understand that when something bad happens, how do you leverage that to your advantage?

Speaker 3:     14:15     And that’s your superpower to continue moving along. So as you, I’ve just been honestly kind of shared all of that from the ups and the downs and what I realized and all of that is in creating all this content rebuilding, you know, for your listeners, you got attracted to click funnels for a reason and traditionally that reason, if it were to poll your users would probably go down to the word freedom. You’re looking for some type of freedom, freedom from the life you live, freedom from a life you used to live, freedom to the things you think you’re going to have because of the financial things you’re going to get through. Click funnels and the opportunities online. When you look at all of those things, what happens is I was the epitome of grind, you know, 16, Eighteen hour days and documented the whole thing. Then you’ll lose your money, you lose your house, you lose your health, you’ll lose your relationships.

Speaker 3:     15:00     And you’re like, why am I grinding? It’s if you’re not grinding with purpose, if you’re not working for purpose, it’s all acknowledge it doesn’t matter. So, you know, for me, I’ve just been very. I’ve just shared that along the way. I’ve had good mentors and good people that had been around me, that I’ve surrounded myself with, um, that have kind of encouraged that people I look up to in the space that, you know, I’ve just continued to lead that way. I love it. I think a kind of goes back to, we’ve talked about this a lot to united methodist, the importance of just publishing publishing on a regular basis. And again, daily. I’m, I’m learning a ton from you right now as far as the importance of storytelling. You. I talked about this earlier in Phoenix and really getting better and better at being vulnerable without coming across as you know, Maine.

Speaker 3:     15:41     Yep. Yeah. But at the same time, more importantly emotionally, being able to connect with the people who you may be attracting to you. And I think that, uh, for a lot of times it does give people hope and it’s your ability. My, you know, my wife had a heart attack at age 41 and she was really, really hesitant to put it out there, but she ended up documenting this her journey and what had happened and ends up killing all these details and literally all of a sudden she’s getting people from around the world cause I mean she was a world-class marathon athlete. You don’t to 53 marathon, amazing shape and why is this happening to me to have a deal, to ensure there was the emotional part at first, but I think more importantly that was she wanted to help other people understand that life’s not over.

Speaker 3:     16:24     Especially as an entrepreneur and I love that. I can just only because I’ve been there, I didn’t see the actual video of you filming in your house while you’re boxes behind you, but having had those similar types of experiences in my life where you know at times people see you in where you’re on your high millets and think, oh, this guy’s never. You can’t relate to me. You can’t experience what I’ve gone on my [inaudible] I’ve been on the bottom where you’re like, how are we going to pay the bills and all that kind of stuff, but here’s one of the things is really interesting too though, and I know you can appreciate this, is there’s some. We’re wired wired just a little bit different where like my wife, we get into these discussions about, well we can’t. We can’t. We hit that. I say we can’t yet.

Speaker 3:     17:07     We can’t yet. Like, well the yet means it’s open for like what is it going to take to get there? I can’t have but I can get there. So we go through these interesting aspects of I’d never have thought I was going to be stuck where I was forever. I always knew that there was something else. I just haven’t gotten there yet. So when I get into these like, you know, one of the big pieces is. And Click funnels was very instrumental for me to the transition where one of the questions I get asked a lot is this, colby [inaudible] quick ways for me to make money are easy ways to make money. And you and I laugh about this all the time. I’m like, dude, do you think if I knew the answer to that, I would do that. I would do whatever it is, but I wouldn’t do this.

Speaker 3:     17:46     I would do that. There’s not an easy way guys. It’s like there’s not like, you don’t find click funnels. It’s like you. It’s like setting up a gmail account. You don’t set up a gmail account also in your banking accounts fault. It’s like you have to have something to sell. Like, let me clear that up there. So I get asked that question a bunch, a bunch and I always leave funny smart remarks about it until I really started to notice like I’m getting asked this question like 10 to 15 times a week. Again, where is there a problem? The problem’s coming to me. And it’s like, OK, let me really dive into this. And um, I remember a time where I had to make a decision between diapers, formula, and diapers once is more important for formulary, diverse. Like that’s not a decision you should go in or is coming out.

Speaker 3:     18:29     You gotta got like I gotta buy gas or groceries. Which one’s more important? I got to have gas to get money to buy groceries. Like how do you decide? Right. I have been there so many times, whether it was growing up, not having anything or becoming a single parent and had full customer. Donovan was one and it’s like I’ve been in that scenario. Then here I am all the way up here, making half a million a year that it was like all the way down. It’s like, again, I’m having to make this decision or what did I do? What would I do? I use click funnels and built a course online that was specifically around what we call arbitrage. How do you buy stuff? Low and selling high in demand by leveraging Amazon and Ebay. Not Rocket Science to started with books. They’re a quarter apiece. Sell a bunch of those, but a couple bucks.

Speaker 3:     19:10     Buy Toys, all the toys, scale and don’t sleep and is go, go, go, go, go. The process and all of that. I leveraged funnels to do that, but the story of that I share that story is like I gotta make some pretty tough decisions, so I get that. There’s that interesting aspect of will share that because guess what I got through that and I’ve been saying this a lot lately, is we each. We have a voice. It is your duty to share. What you’re going through right now is your. You are obligated to do it. You don’t do it. Your super selfish because you have light. You, Dave, you have. You have life experiences. I will never go through their stuff. I don’t know what it’s like to have a spouse went through a heart attack. And what did that do to you? I haven’t think that it completely changes the family dynamic.

Speaker 3:     19:55     You look death in the face and nothing will change that. OK, so you have this story. I have the story. Your listeners have this thing that they were humans, man, we’ve all been through something crazy. There’s somebody that hasn’t gone through it yet and you’re alive right now like you’re here right now, listening or watching. You made it. You made it through whatever it was you made it through. Yes, you might be stuck in your own stuff right now and it might be bumpy, but you made it this far, so guess what? There is somebody who’s just going into that who just lost a job, who just had a health issue who just like whatever, just whatever they’re like coming into a space that you’ve been through. You’ve got to record and share that journey and get it. Put it out every day, every day, every day somebody’s going to find that, and then when they find that they’re going to shoot you a note and go, that changed my life.

Speaker 3:     20:42     That’s why I do it like that at scale. That’s why I do as much as I do and I’ve been very blessed. I’m very honored and I’m extremely humbled to have been able to do that at scale and now I have a film studio and I do that for living. Right? So it’s a blessing that, and I hope that everyone’s listening really understands the importance of documenting where you’re at. We tried to hit on that a couple times now. Right now I would like to dive in. Let’s talk about some of the tactics when I was in your office. You white in this crazy way of taking one video and creating, I think it was 15 or 18 different assets out of one video that sir, and I know those of you guys who weren’t watching this, you want to watch it on funnel hacker TV.

Speaker 3:     21:19     Uh, but even listen to it, you’ll still understand what he’s talking about. So [inaudible], we kind of walk us through you taking this one video. What are you doing with it and how you making 15 assets out of it. Whereas it got it and I’ll give you, um, you have the link to that video. That’s, I think that’s our internal vimeo. I’ll give you, um, our, our studio page that has that public, that link. You can link to this so people can. I get asked all the time you had the blueprint for it. So I can actually see it, so I’ll give you that link so people can see it, but it goes when you’d start to look at this question or like 14,000 pieces of content, over 14,000 pieces of content and 14 years. That’s why I do it. Is it just putting out content for the sake of putting out content?

Speaker 3:     21:55     The answer’s no, it’s doing this. I’ve come up with a formula or an equation I’d like to share that I break down and I, I quantify it as quality content plus consistency equals value. It’s an equation. So if I were to do quality content at the top plus consistency with the c over value with the V and a question mark and I’ll see what that means. Dave, is, I know you’re doing this much content across many platforms. I don’t know a lot of people that have done as much as long and when you start to look at that, you start to see some kind of continuity of what you’re doing and you start to see some patterns. I know I need to show up every day across multiple platforms. I just know I have to have the consistency and I know the quality of the content has to be really good.

Speaker 3:     22:38     I kicked this work, share bs all the time. It’s like I’ve got to be sharing real. I can’t just be what I eat for lunch. I’ve got to be sharing parts of what’s happening and it’s gotta be good. I know if I do that every single day, value is going to come. Will value. A lot of people get you misunderstand the value for dollars and quantify that with a revenue objective. Yes, there’s money associated with that, but if you’re doing it for the money, you’re doing it, you’re going to lose. You won’t be here for 14 years. I can tell you that. It’s quality content plus consistency. The value piece is stuff that manifests like this. The opportunity to be on your show to your awesome listeners, the relationship to have you come down to the studio with miles and miles and I now start a relationship. The opportunity to host an event for 400 people.

Speaker 3:     23:18     That’s entrepreneur magazine’s called it at the top of it. You don’t know about that. You need to be about or 400 people come. There’s no selling. It’s like we just share tactics. It’s allows me to continue to do those types of things. Then at the end of it, yes, I’m making money, but I don’t go into it with the revenue objective in mind. I go into it with I got to produce quality content every single day, every single day, every single day. Knowing that I’m going to get that opportunity. It’s the classic Gary Me Scenario, the Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook, give, give, give, then ask for that opportunity to exchange cash for services, which is the highest level of respect anybody can ever pay you, is giving you a dollar for anything you give back. Like people paying her harder task for something you can give them back in return. There’s no level of respect.

Speaker 3:     24:00     Hire outside of social currency, of relationships like this, right? So as I France, a lot of stuff to unpack, but if you look at all of that together, the way that I do this, OK, so I know I have to have quality content. Great. I know I have to be consistent. Great. Where do I show up and how do I show up? For me, I picked the big five, the five platforms that are most applicable for me based on the content I produce in my audience is Linkedin, facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram. OK, so in that it’s not about just creating content for the sake of creating content and you don’t create one video and slice it to all, like just give it out to all the platforms. We consume content different on different platforms. How I read a 240 character tweets or 280 character tweet versus I look at an instagram story versus long Forum on Linkedin as a blog or even long form video on a facebook post.

Speaker 3:     24:52     We, we go to these formats for different reasons to consume. So how we show up needs to be kind of crafted in the formula and the recipe to that needs to be the finished good needs to fit the platform. So for me, I’ll go like this and let’s get into some tactics right now. Let’s talk about the life experiences and the things that you’re doing to create some quality content. Right now you’ve got a skill set, you’ve got a talent, you’ve got something you’re very passionate about. What I challenge you to do is make a list of three things that you really just love doing, that you’ve got some talent, some scale around, a little bit of experience that you love doing. Is it accounting? Is it basketball? Is it arts and crafts? Is it phone? Is it editing video editing? Is it funnel building?

Speaker 3:     25:37     What does it. What is it that you’re really good about? Your really passionate on? How some experience? Write those down as you start to write those down, pick the one that screams to the most was the first one you wrote down. That’s probably the one you’re most passionate about, and next column is the things that you’re writing down. I want you to write down the three main components that make up that one thing you’re most passionate about. Let’s say it’s shooting three pointers in basketball. What are the three things I need to know to be the best three point shooter? I need to know how to dribble. I need to know how to post up. I need to know the arch. OK, great. In like whatever it is, whatever the three things you need to do to think that you have to do to actually hit that goal or that thing you really like to do, right?

Speaker 3:     26:15     Whatever your town at scale is, what are the three things that make that really good and attainable inside of those three things? When you write them down and I want you to pick up your phone. This is not a produced video experiment. I don’t need a studio. Just pick up your phone, any phone, and I want you to pick your first topic and I want you to tell me step by step what I need to do in a video to do that. First thing. Let’s let’s stay with the basketball analogy to dribble. What are the the things I need to know about dribbling? Well, where do I get involved? What type of shoes do I need? What’s better or artificial turf? I don’t know, like whatever those things are that the first step. Very, very basic, and I’m going to film a video that’s five to seven minutes long of me telling you in that first step, everything you need to know about fundamental one of the skill set that you’re most passionate about, you’re going to do that for the second video.

Speaker 3:     27:01     Let’s say the second one is, um, I don’t know what I say that the understanding of the perimeter or passing. OK, one of the things I need to know around this now they’re fundamental. And then the third thing, one of the things I needed to know about shooting, what are the most important aspects around shooting it’s arc and how, how inflated is the ball, how far back from the, from the line, all of those things. So you’ve got something you’re really passionate about. Three things that you could teach somebody about what you’re most passionate about. And we’re going to film three, five to seven minute videos with me. Got It. OK. So we’ve got that. Now what we do is we take those videos. I think those videos, I go to a website called R E v Dot Com. The first thing I do is I take the video, I sent it over to and just send them a link.

Speaker 3:     27:46     You can either upload it to box or Google drive or learned on youtube, send that link out. They’ll transcribe that into text. So word for word what you said, they’ll send that back to you. It’s about 95 percent, right? It’s a dollar a minute. It’s worth it. So you’re looking at six, 12, 18, 20 bucks all in to get your word documents for your funnel hackers that your ebook or your lead magnets. So you’ve got. Now you’ve got the long form. OK, so now I’ve got seven or I’ve got three videos. I’ve got my long form content back, the written word. Now what do I do inherently? I’ve said some really cool stuff inside of my my three videos, I have quotes that come to mind if you’ve been on Instagram, of course you know the inspirational quote with the words on it. The guy in the mountain, you know it’s the best day of, be the best version of you.

Speaker 3:     28:35     They would just shoot it off on a mountain trail is definitely. Yes. That’s what’s on my bags, my screensaver on my phone. So what we. What we’re doing now is I’ve got the five, the three videos, five minutes. I’ve got long form inside of that. I want to make a list of, let’s say three. You traditionally you can get three to five good quotes per each video if you’ve said something that was stirring three to five quotes per video because now you have the long form text, you can kind of manipulate it. You can go to a free app called either a word swag or over a. they’re both available on your iphone or on your android device, word swag or over. And you can now download a video or download an image from Google pop, pop an image on and now you start to make your quote cards.

Speaker 3:     29:18     OK, so now I’m looking at. I’ve got three videos. I’ve got long form tax, I’ve got three of those. Now I’ve got, let’s say three times three. That’s three, six, nine. I’ve got nine to 10 little quote cards I can use for instagram. I also leverage those on twitter as you do your videos. When you go to Rehab, you can also have them split the audio out or in a if got. Actually, don’t get to read this. What your audio. If you’re on Mac, Imovie, upload your video, right click on the video. When you open up a new project, split the audio out, delete the video and save it as an MP3 file that gives you the audio version of what you just did. You can do that in audacity, which is a PC program. Load the video. It will see the video as an audio form.

Speaker 3:     30:03     Say that as an MP3. So now I’ve got audio versions of whatever I said I’ve got the videos. I can also, if you really want to start to do some video editing, you can go onto either of those programs. Um, I’m sure there’s a better free [inaudible] I don’t use pc, but if somebody wants to comment on what you use for pc video editing, it’s easy for me. I moved, become standard with my Mac. I pop in those videos and I’ll chop a one five to seven minute video into three or two, one minute sections of highlights of the education. So now I can take one video and make two, three videos. I’ve got the long form. Now I’ve got these little video vignettes. As you can see that one piece of video content now starts to become a tree of contents, right? So now I can go into a free tool like sprout social.

Speaker 3:     30:51     I can go into a [inaudible] spread, not free, that’s the kind of an enterprise program, but who treats free. I can go into hootsweet and I can start to put in these new assets that I’m building as you’ve got your audio. So for me, I’ve been doing podcasting. I started doing podcasts 2014. I was heavy into, um, I took a step back and came back in 2016, 17, 18 to where I can go to Fiverr, F I v, e r a, F I v E R R is it to rs fiber. And you can go in and spend $20 and have somebody make you a killer intro. And An outro for your podcast based on whatever it is you want to talk about. Now you’ve got all the audio bytes to where all you need to do is pop into one of those free programs. Whether it’s I imovie to do your audio editing or into audacity popping your, your intro, your outro.

Speaker 3:     31:38     Now you’ve got your audio clip saved that I’m going to an account like soundcloud cloud. Set up a sound cloud account. I think it’s free up to a certain amount. Start loading your audio clips there. Now you’ve got pot podcasting, audio bites to where we went way this way with video. I started to so many videos and then what I found out was I like not everybody consumes on video. Maybe this other big swing back to audio and we’re doing a bunch of stuff in home. Audio too, like with Alexa, which is really cool, but we’re like going way back into audio to where everything I do on video, I sliced into audio. Whether it’s like this stuff though, I will repurpose this and audio and say, come close to the funnel hackers and put it out on my network. It’s every bit of audio content now becomes important.

Speaker 3:     32:17     So that one five to seven minute video. Now we’ve got three of them. Now. Those have scaled the eight or nine. Now I’ve got eight or nine videos. I’ve got [inaudible] audio pieces. I’ve got long form content that become blog posts on my website. They become long form content on my linkedin page. They become as long form content on facebook and then those little video vignettes I’ll put on facebook, I’ll put it on instagram and I’ll put those on twitter and the instagram quotes those motivational quotes. Sometimes I’ll put those on facebook if I want to. Um, otherwise I can put those in. They can accompany a blog posts where my long form blog now has a couple of quotes and some assets and a link to my audio. I can put all that there. My email newsletter, that’s the content for the week. I got the long form content.

Speaker 3:     33:00     That’s what I’m sending out to my prospects. I got her, my people that are part of my tribe. As you can see, it starts to really scale when I create one five minute video about something I’m super passionate about and you do it one day again and again and again and every single day that you can, you’re creating content, distributing content. Hoot suite will allow you to put all your content there and then schedule it out so you’re not just doing this all day natively because it becomes way overwhelming and then there are, you know, if you get a social media [inaudible] or two, oh two or 200. There are some benefits about posting natively. You do want to with facebook specifically, you don’t want to be posting from third party, but the question is now you have the content now what you want to go do with it, because the biggest piece has been, well how do I get content?

Speaker 3:     33:46     I don’t have enough content and content that the three biggest challenges I hear every single day when I talk about what we do with video is I’ve done 4,000 videos in 36 months, 4,000 videos, viewed 1000 videos are like, oh my gosh, this a little bit and a lot of videos, so it’s how do I do that? How do I, how do I get over my fear of doing video? You just do videos like, well, there’s not going to be. What if there’s not an audience? Who Cares? Who Cares? I don’t care because I don’t audience. There’s not an audience yet. You haven’t found them. You still gotta do it and then it’s, well, what if I get rejected will screw them. Who Cares? You’re not doing it for them. Anytime you start down a journey of talking about what Dave and I are diving into today, you’re going to have a couple of things happen.

Speaker 3:     34:28     Have you ever joined a gym and like your spouse and go with you? Cause actually it’s been the opposite in my wife joined the gym and I wouldn’t go with her. Does it cost per quarter? Like come on now you’re eating while you’re working out, you’re looking great. I’m not going because I’m making excuses. I’ve been there multiple times. It’s the same thing with this. What’s going to happen is people around you, traditionally, people that are closest to you, you need to bring them [inaudible]. You’re going to say, listen, I’m going to build my own personal brand. If you’re at a company, it doesn’t matter because you’re going to be disposed of. At some point you’re going to quit or change this stuff lives forever. I’ve had 15 jobs in 20 years. Dude, like I don’t care this content lives and then it’s my brand. I sell me.

Speaker 3:     35:05     I don’t sell the company. I saw my skill sets and I’ve got a library of few things to share. So what happens is processes. People are going to ostracize you, they’re going to laugh at you, they’re going to make fun of you, and they’re going to say, hey, like why are you doing this to people that you love the most? You need to bring them along for the ride, like if your wife or your spouse or your husband or your girlfriend or your kids matter, tell them what you’re doing. Have them come with you. Don’t just do it out of selfish. Just bring them with you. Don’t have them as an afterthought. I’ve done both. I promise you should bring them with you. It works way better. Although I still says you put out too much content. I’m like, I don’t care. You’re not my audience, but at least you know what I’m doing.

Speaker 3:     35:40     It’s like bring your. Bring, bring your family with you. What happens immediately is those closest to you are going to bang on you and tell you what are you doing? Then they’re going to get angry and people are gonna. Start like actually like giving you negative things. They’re going to come up. Haters are going to come out whether you know them or their art and then what’s going to happen is something completely beautiful as your social circle completely changed and the people you’ve been hanging out with 15 years and they’re like, every time you talked to him and are sick or they got a negative thing happening is they start to go out over here and then all of a sudden all these new people who you don’t know yet that have been waiting to hear your voice coming to your circle. So we’re now your feeds, change your emails, change phones to your people. You hang out with it all changes. That takes time. It takes about six to nine months, but that that happens every single time, time and it’s beautiful because now that you’re in a space of giving to a community that wants to hear what you have to say. I was going to say something about funnels man. Where was like, oh, I can’t remember what’s going on. Cause there’s a good funnel thing right there.

Speaker 2:     36:37     I love honestly. I mean, as I mentioned when we first started this, this is a guy who really drops bombs left and right. Massive content. You’ve been doing 40,000 pieces. Plus again, I would really hope, um, I’ve kind of taken your challenge as far as publishing every single day. I’ve been on a minimum of a 90 day every day. Facebook live at least once a day. And it’s been interesting. I’m starting to get a little bit better at telling my own stories. I still struggle. I’m not as good as you. I mean, you’ve been doing this thing for centuries, it seems like, but you’re not that old. You still are handsome and all that. I’m super whole that. But no, I mean the cool part about it though, honestly, is you start to see who’s responding to you and what’s important to your listeners. And it’s been a really cool dynamic that I’m starting to see.

Speaker 2:     37:19     So I would highly recommend wherever you are, started documenting, start publishing, publish, publish, publish, publish. I can tell you it is the number one thing I’ve seen is with, um, the people who I knew in our space, colby 10 years ago who no longer published, they become totally irrelevant and nobody even knows their names. And yet at the same time, those people who are leading in our industry, it’s because they’ve been publishing and what, there’s this magic thing that happens in your mind and your, you just start to process things better. You get better at communicating, you get better at explaining things. You get better at telling stories, you track more people to you. I mean, it’s, it’s like anything else, Kinda like what you’re talking about. You know what? At first you’re just going to suck and just, you know, it’s who cares. You’re just going to suck, but you aren’t. You are going to suck. It happens because here’s what happens is you click on it, you get on a video and immediately what you think’s going to happen is you think a thousand, 100,000,000 people are going to turn on and you’re like, really? You know, your mom, your spouse, like it’s, nobody’s really cares. Nobody’s really got to watch anyway, so it’s, you just got to get them done and um, I’m

Speaker 3:     38:25     doing them over and over and I would challenge your intelligence. Listeners do this where if you haven’t done a lot of videos, just do one a day for seven days and then at the end of seven days to 14 days and then at the end of 14 days to 30 days at the end of 30 days to 60 days and then you just Kinda, you, you start to get into a rhythm where that stuff starts to take off as a run at 60, 90 day period. Right? You’re flipping it. The um, gosh, there’s two things I wanted to take photos. Oh, the thing for me is this too, like I don’t have a ton of followers. Like if you go on all of my platforms, I’ve got I think 40,000, maybe 50,000 followers total. It’s not that many, but the dialogue is huge. I’ll put up a video, maybe it gets 500 views.

Speaker 3:     39:10     I’ll have 200 comments. It’s crazy. That to me is important. I mean, what I’m sharing is valuable. That means that people are relating. So what I wouldn’t want to do is just like so video that got 10,000,000 views in like hundred knuckleheads, just like insulting me. I would rather do a video that had 10 views and had 30 comments of people that were engaging in the process because again, it’s a quality content. I want to put out good quality content that people relate to. Those you’re getting kind of close to wrapping up. I want to talk a little bit about the meltdown of the desert, Yemen. So we’re honored to have you guys there. You know, we had, we had you there for the first one. It was right when I got introduced to funnels, um, and you guys were like gracious enough to, to grandfather me in to the funnel community, which is really close before we moved to the new platform.

Speaker 3:     39:55     Right? It was right at the transition and it allowed me to do some really, really cool things around our event. So it was, um, that was my first introduction. It was a game changer for me. So the, uh, the event came out of some time I spent with Gary Vaynerchuk in London, uh, my buddy Dan Meredith didn’t event call out of this place called your call, the oldest boxing arena in London where it was Kerry and then a bunch of marketers and I spent 10 years in the music business booking acts for like outcasts, roots done events from 200 people on a 20,000 people. And I thought we could do this, like this could be a thing if we did like, um, like social media as a whole. Let’s take people I know in social media that have a following, but it built a business, leveraging social media, all of them in different industries.

Speaker 3:     40:42     So I literally sat in the hotel room. One of the guys there, my buddy Sean wayland was there. I said, Hey Sean, what do you think? I got an idea. I had a lady that was in, um, she was doing real estate and it was a multimillion dollar homes in Scottsdale. Had a huge snapchat following. And then another guy that was in the fitness world who had a huge, who’s building this huge following, using videos and I thought, why don’t we just, because all of us do, I’m a business guy. Like, I mean I just left Corporate America, so I’m doing like, how do you build brands and sales teams, processes and take ideas and the business on them in each one of us had a different skill set. That’s where it started. And the, um, the market just really, really responded because it’s not a sales event.

Speaker 3:     41:17     We don’t sell anything for stage. I mean, that’s not a sales tactic. We don’t sell anything. So it’s literally what happens is I have the speakers come in and we talk about very much how you heard my story. Imagine taking somebody you really, really look up to, um, imagine if like we have, we had russell, Mr Russel, I want you to talk to me about the time when you were doing the potato funnel before your wife was working and you were a student. And I want to tell me about this money thing. Like, how did that feel when, you know, your wife was making the money and you were trying to figure this out, what was that like where you get money out of the flight? Did you borrow money? Like what were you eating them? How did that feel? You’ll see russell completely changed. So take somebody you really love and respect and honor and put them in a room and say, tell me about that time that everything just sucked.

Speaker 3:     41:58     How’d you get through it? It’s not a woo wow was me like, let me talk about my pain. But it gets to be very interesting when you hear people that, you know, how they overcame it and then we tell you how the specifics around it. So we did year one, year two was just a beast. We had um, gotten close to 500 for 40 or 50 people there. You’re one, 200 doubled last year. And entrepreneur magazines are correspondence or that entrepreneur magazine. We had an entrepreneur magazine, Microsoft. We had about five, a little over 500 people. We had one point I think 3,000,000 impressions on the Hashtag in two days. And it’s every, it’s all kinds of industries from health and wellness to fitness, to funnel builders, to marketers, to business owners, to executives. Everybody comes in a room for two to three days a week, kind of say it like this.

Speaker 3:     42:44     I get, if you were to take Gary Vaynerchuk or Tony Robbins and put them in a blender and pour that into and that’s what you get. And I tell people, here’s how I tell people on the outside what it is. It’s a, it’s a conference for entrepreneurs, social media marketers and people that are interested in building business. That’s not what really what it is like once it gets you and shut the door. It’s like, ah, I gotcha. Because people come because they think you’re going to learn all this business stuff. And what they realize is, wow, there’s a whole lot more I should learn before I go there. And then I would just dump the tactics on them, like, here’s exactly how you go do it. So it allows for some really interesting conversations, man. It’s, um, um, it’s one of those things where a hundred percent of the proceeds go back to charity.

Speaker 3:     43:21     This year we’ve chosen a company by the name of a Tomahawk charitable solutions. There are some people we met on a big motorcycle ride from Dallas to Phoenix. They specialize in supporting fallen soldiers and special forces men and women or first responders and police officers in region and they just do amazing things, man. So we’re doing the end of the money we get from our partners, covers the cost and the expenses and the venue and then the ticket sales and stuff that we get after we cover costs in our parent volunteers, we give money back. So it’s cool man. We’ve got Dan Clark and co-founder of chicken soup for the soul. And then we’ve got Sharon Lechter who was the, uh, the CEO for Rich Dad, poor dad. She also has taken over the Napoleon hill foundation stuff for the thinking grow rich. Those two together have sold over 300,000,000 books worldwide, shares the number one foremost leader in financial literacy.

Speaker 3:     44:09     And then those are the only two traditional speakers. Everybody else or social media influencers, so we’ve got some heading nickel, want to get it. I mean obviously as the anyone’s listened to, just hurt a ton of massive content in front of you and dropping. As I told you guys, I tell you, I hope you guys made a massive amount of notes. You’re always given tactics. How do people actually get to this event? Go to melt down event that you can find all the information that’s in Phoenix ads in the East Valley of Phoenix to 22nd through 24th one day. The theme of the event you’d his legacy living legacy, not just when you die, what kind of legacy you’ll leave like how do we leave our legacy now we’ve got Tyler Harris shot away land. We’ve got just a Naveli REC low. We’ve got us a ton of people that are going to be there speaking and giving out information.

Speaker 3:     44:53     We’re going to film screening Friday night about a documentary about a guy who pulled over two dozen people out of the south tower going [inaudible] with the producer and the director of that film. Saturday’s the events, and I can’t say all of the things about it, but it’s um, I, we don’t print the agenda, so it’s one of those things you just have to come to see who’s going to be one and what we’re doing. We’re doing a legacy showcase, so people that have built multimillion dollar businesses on social media, how they did it, why they did it, where they’re doing it, how you can do it. Sunday’s a workshop, half-day workshop where we get into the tactics. I do what we call, what we’ve talked about today. I call digital distribution. So I do that for about an hour and a half and a huge whiteboard and we’ll just answer questions live and then I’m doing a whole thing on video.

Speaker 3:     45:31     Like how do you get over your fear of doing video and we’re going to do video live in those workshops with people on their phones to help tell you their stories, build their value proposition or value statements and stuff you can use on social media, websites and your funnels both either meltdown in the desert, June Phoenix. Be there and be there or be square. All right. I hear there could. There could be some pros. There could be some. All right guys. Again, I can’t thank you enough. Any parting words for our audience before we head out now? Man, it’s one of those things. Again, I’m honored and humbled for the chance. Uh, in closing words, in closing fashion. For those of you who follow me, the traditional sign-off yourself, be good to other people. Call your mother. She misses you. Just call your mom like when you’re done with this shit, your mama texts. Tell her you love her. Tell her you miss her. That’s it. Got To leave it on that. See you bud.

Speaker 4:     46:25     I know one of the things it means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on itunes. Rate the show. Let me know how I’m doing. Just go to Itunes, click on the episode and rate it and leave a comment. I read all the comments. I appreciate all the stars and everything. Everyone already left for me. Again, I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate it and again, thank you so much for all you guys do. Have a great day.

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