“Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward
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“Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward

Derek’s rags to riches to rags and on the way back up to riches contains lessons of value for sure. He reveals the conflict many business owners have when the money is great but you are not aligned with what you want to do. Then after it is all taken away you get to choose how to re-build it. This is how he made that choice and what you can do too.

Show Notes

  • Trust Funnels
  • Derek’s strategy for getting out your product effectively and profitably
  • His breakdown of his funnel for BeYourMessage.com
  • Transitioning to applications
  • To be a coach for somebody, you don’t have to be the master of that field. Just know more than somebody else
  • Derek Hendricks’ confidence in his price point
  • Failing Forward
  • How Derek got to being interviewed for the broadcast


“Once I started understanding funnels I understood that once you starting leading people down what I like to call the yellow brick road towards your land of Oz, people will never get to know you, like you or trust you until they get to know, like and trust you.”

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it and what you do just proves what you believe.”

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for 18/19 plus years now and I’ve had a lot more failures than I’ve had successes. But I just refuse to give up on my dream of freedom.”


One response to ““Trust Funnels” From Failing Forward”

  1. Alfred Nesser says:

    Hi, Russell! Thank you so much for all that you give out. My name is Al Nesser, and I’m retired/disabled, living in the Boston area. I recently became a full-package clickfunnel member, but due to previous obligations, I have not been able to really get going much. Since I live in poverty, I have to do all kinds of volunteer work in order to make ends meet. But, I have been able to position myself in the entertainment industry as a volunteer. I have access to cameras, studios, editing equipment, field crews, 100’s of industry contacts for film, radio, TV and video, and music. I also have sound equipment, suitable for 1,000 people outdoors, 5,000 people indoors. I can make CD/DVD copies for free, as long as I have supplies available, with distribution to 26 TV stations around the Northeast. For references, you can contact Larry James (on Facebook) of the Grace ‘n Vessels ministry. I provide the sound system for their concerts throughout the Northeast. Let me know if this offer interests you. I believe I can provide great opportunities here in the Boston area. Call me anytime. 1-860-212-7663. c40e87d219df1178ab7590ea48a42ab6258f9dbfb70990bcb31fcfc88c960b6b.jpg

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