Physical Products To Build A $400K Membership Site
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Physical Products To Build A $400K Membership Site

Have you ever wanted to sell physical products online? If so you MUST listen to Trey Lewellen’s story. He takes you step by step through everything he has done and is doing to get massive results.

UPS just called and asked if they could just park a 40 foot trailer every day at his office because it would be easier for them than coming to pickup all of the packages he is sending out every single day. He reveals how to find out what your avatar’s wallet size is.

He tells you exactly what you need to do if you are first getting started or if you are trying to build an 8 figure business like his. He even told me his secret on how he makes a 280% profit on products he gets from Wal-Mart. You will want to take notes on this and will probably listen to this multiple times.

Show Notes

  • [02:37] Trey’s biggest problem starting out and how he overcame it and how you can too.
  • [06:06] Why UPS called and wants to park a 40 foot trailer at my office DAILY
  • [10:32] Different Traffic sources Trey is using and how he is going into major retailers
  • [13:03] Don’t lose sight of the offer
  • [16:43] I don’t want a little trinket…I want something solid
  • [20:06] The Dopamine Effect that puts them in buy mode
  • [24:05] Script Trey uses for calling failed payments
  • [27:12] How to find out what your avatar’s wallet size is
  • [28:33] What you have to do first when you’re just starting
  • [29:49] How to re-sell Walmart’s products for a 280% profit
  • [32:00] Trey’s slogan for 2016
  • [33:07] How Trey became “Mr On It!”
  • [37:20] How to get in front of your problems
  • [40:48] Why experiences are more important than the money
  • [43:12] Trey’s 3 money secrets
  • [44:52] How ClickFunnels saved and made my business and how it can do the same for yours

How to connect with Trey: Grab me on Facebook. Look for the guy with spiky hair. Send us a private message. We have a Facebook page, a profile. Reach out and say hey. Give us a shout out, be like, “Hey, just heard your podcast with Dave. Would love to talk.”

“Find out what it is they want to buy and then sell them that stuff.”
“The funnel you use is based on what you want the end result to be”
“You want your clients to say, “Wow, I’m proud to be an owner of this.”
“if you’re not calling failed payments you’re crazy. You don’t love money”
“I don’t sell anything that I come up with”
“I stopped selling what I think is cool. I started selling what people buy, what they’re already buying.”
“If you don’t show up, you can’t blow up”
“If you’re waiting on me, you’re backing down.”
“You know what, Universe? Today is my day. I’m going to dominate you. I’m going to push through this. We’re going to get through it. Tomorrow is going to be green. ”
“That’s what money allows. It allows you to purchase memories”
“You make the money. You’ve got to grow it, then protect it.”
“Everything Russell’s done with Clickfunnels is what a CEO of a business is going to want to have at his fingertips”
“All of our stuff is built in Clickfunnels. It’s awesome.”

Links: (outsourcing company Trey used)

Podcast Transcript:

4 responses to “Physical Products To Build A $400K Membership Site”

  1. Drew Burks says:

    how do you overcome the 2-4 week delivery times when using those sites to drop ship items?

  2. Jody James says:

    wow – thanks trey! Love the ideas and inspiration.

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