How Zapier and ClickFunnels Make You More Productive
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How Zapier and ClickFunnels Make You More Productive

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

ClickFunnels is one of Zapier’s top ten fastest growing apps. Zapier now has over 1,000 apps. In this episode Julie Stoian shows you step by step how to how to use Zapier and ClickFunnels together to make you more productive.
Here are 3 of the Zaps she walks you through:
1). Inviting People Into Your Facebook Group After They Buy a Course
2). Create New Sales Pipeline in Trello When Leads Come In
3). Following up with Attempted Failed Purchases.
This was recorded on a Facebook Live and you can find the video on our FunnelHacker.TV YouTube channel.

Tips and Tricks You can Use in Your Own Business:

  • Julie lets us in on how Zapier can help us track the leads we get through ClickFunnels (5:16)
  • Through combining Zappier and ClickFunnels Julie has found it easier to access lost payments (10:10)
  • Julie answers questions from the audience (15:36)
  • Dave and Julie dive into how you can automate your business through apps (17:00)
  • Julie breaks down why integrating Zappier with ClickFunnels is so simple and beneficial (19:23)
  • Webinar Integrations (21:54)
  • The audience asks about zappier and ClickFunnels (24:00)
  • Important Question: Is Zappier trustworthy? (28:56)

Quotable Moments:

“Pretty soon, developers are working on it, you’ll be able to push information into ClickFunnels instead of just out from it. So that’s coming out soon. Date to be determinined.”

“If you take nothing away from this training except this one key point: if you have a new contact, a new purchase, or failed payment those are the three ways that ClickFunnels can send trigger information going out.”

“The truth is that automation frees you up so that you can connect with your customers more and stop doing all of the little tasks that are getting in the way of your day.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Trello is the glue that holds CickFunnels’ productivity together, and Russel Brunson’s love affair of a software.

Julie uses Zappier to send her texts every time she makes a sale. This way she has excuses to bust out into the happy dance throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a good reason to do a happy dance?

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