The Ultimate List Of ClickFunnels Share Funnels

The Ultimate List Of ClickFunnels Share Funnels
Announcements August 12, 2016 70 Comments

One of the biggest assets of using ClickFunnels is the infamous “share funnel” feature which allows you to very easily duplicate an entire funnel into your account from someone else’s account.

If you’ve been involved in the ClickFunnels group for any period of time you’ll be aware that they get shared around quite regularly, but sometimes it can be difficult to find everything you’re looking for in the one place.

So today, we’re releasing this blog post which will be updated regularly and allow you to swipe all the publicly available share funnels in one place.

The value on all these share funnels is simply priceless. What’s more? We’ll be updating this blog post quite regularly as they come up throughout the Facebook group and other ClickFunnels community areas.

So what are you waiting for? Start claiming all the free share funnels below into your account!

Master Share Funnel List

[The 6 Core Funnels – ClickFunnels Official Released]

1. Best Selling Book Funnel

2. Product Launch Funnel

3. Perfect Webinar Funnel

4. Physical Product “Real Stuff” Funnel

5. Fishbowl Funnel

6. Network Marketing Bridge Funnel

Other Share Funnels From The Community

Real Estate Agent Selling Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward

Invisible Funnel (Membership Area) CF’s Dave Woodward

Supplement Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward

High Ticket Coaching Funnel – CF’s Dave Woodward

Trip Wire Funnel- CF’s Dave Woodward

Event Application Funnel CF’s Dave Woodward

Long Form Coaching Sales Page – Jorge Armando Navarro

MLM/Affiliate Survey Page – CF’s Sean Olson

Faux Membership Area Teaser – CF’s Mark Bangerter

Contact Us Page – Hawk Mikado

Summit + Survey Registration Page – Hawk Mikado

Snapchat Optin Funnel – Sean Vosler

Home Party Funnel

Hotel Meeting Funnel (MLM)

Real Estate Buyer Funnel – Kenneth Foo

(Disclaimer: A lot of these funnels are publicly shared and created by members in the ClickFunnels community so the quality of each one does vary. They may also go offline at any point in which case comment below and we’ll make the appropriate updates)

Written by Stephen Esketzis

Stephen Esketzis is Head Of Content Marketing at Clickfunnels. He is known as the 'Sales Funnel Architect' and is a specialist at using paid traffic to generate highly profitable sales funnels. You can also listen to his podcast 'Marketing on The Move' and look him up on Facebook.

70 responses to “The Ultimate List Of ClickFunnels Share Funnels”

  1. Jon says:

    This is sick. Thank you guys for sharing these funnels.

  2. Stephen, great job as always 🙂

  3. Ken Hayes says:

    Is it possible to view a funnel before we download it to our account?

  4. Michael Gordeev says:

    This is awesome!!!! Please update on the new ones! Has anyone seen a great dentist practice funnel?

  5. These are great, thanks Stephen! For a supplement review site funnel – which one do you think is best?

  6. Dina Rubey Gundersen says:

    These are super helpful! I’m new to the CF scene.. has anyone set up a funnel for an event that links to EventBrite? ive downloaded the Event Application funnel below to start from there in the meantime.

  7. Jason Paizes says:

    Hi Stephen… These are absolutely great – thanks a million. Just a quick question. If we download a funnel using the link above, then make changes to reflect our industry or needs and share again, is our affiliate link connected with the funnel or is the author of the above funnels credited with any new accounts created as a result of our share? Thanks a million. Jason

  8. John says:

    As soon as you click on one of these share codes – it counts towards your totals!! RIDICULOUS!!!!

    • If you don’t want to use them, you can just “archive” them and it removes them from your total John 🙂

      • FreshFire says:

        Actually it doesnt Stephen 🙁 This is my ONLY gripe with clickfunnels, we cannot completely eliminate funnels so they dont count toward our totals!

        • Not true. Once archived, it takes a few minutes (log out and back in sometimes fixes it too) and the totals will update.

          • FreshFire says:

            I’m afraid i’m correct Nathan… i’ve had funnels archived in my account over 4+ months now and they still count toward my totals.

            I also asked support about it and they confirmed they cannot COMPLETELY eliminate a funnel, that’s why they archive it.

            Even their support database confirms it… see the first line of the support answer: “Although you cannot ‘delete’ a funnel…”

            @stephenesketzis:disqus any chance they can change this?

          • Totally correct on the archive. Nothing is ever “deleted” in CF (except funnel steps)
            Totals is not right though.
            Are you seeing more funnels or steps than you think you have?
            If it’s steps, check your funnels for “additional funnel steps” in the dropdown at the bottom of the funnel. Sometimes sneaky pages hide in there and these count towards your totals

          • Yep as above, archived don’t count towards your total. But you can’t “destroy” a funnel forever, just archive them 🙂

  9. Hitesh Daudia says:

    Hi Stephen, I’m trying to find the webinar or funnel friday tv not quite sure where it was shown before. Where Russell showed us how to use a MLM funnel to add to our own funnels. I think it included a picture of a Hotel, Home Party, Meeting funnels we could help network marketers create to increase their leads. Can you let me know where the link is to this so I can watch it again. Thanks

  10. Roger says:

    I’m trying to add the Network Marketing Bridge funnel. When I click it to add it just says “Queued” and it’s grayed out. Is it offline?

  11. Richard Hoffmann-Jensen says:

    Hi Guys. Does anyone know of a funnel template to promote clickfunnels 14 day free trial?

    • None currently in this list but you could totally build one. That would kind of depends on the people you’re targeting (every funnel is different). If you decide to create one, let me know and we can list it here!

  12. Audie Cashion says:

    Hey Stephen and CF Tribe, I’m looking for someone who might have a black box funnel in place, as I would like to either buy, barter or other win-win to get it in shared funnels. I’ve reached out in the FB group, yet haven’t had a response. Your thoughts? Thanks, Audie

  13. Gregorio Jay says:

    Wow this is absolutely powerful stuff 🙂 Thank you Clickfunnels!

  14. Pamela Church says:

    Thank you Stephen!

  15. Greg Dawson says:

    Thank you!

  16. Jim Davis says:

    that is great!!
    any you would recommend for a chiropractic office doing conditions based marketing (headaches, low back pain etc)
    Brand new to this, training with videos now, but would love to jump start a funnel or 2 if possible!

  17. Adam G Auditore says:

    Awesome content my friend, great stuff!! @stephenesketzis:disqus

  18. Jake says:

    Thanks for the high ticket coaching funnel! I’m going to see if I can combine it with my Automated MLM Recruitment Funnel:

    • Kelly says:

      Help me out here…
      1. This is tailored specifically for your CD giveaway, selling your funnel, and the course. How can I use this for myself? Do I just delete the CD giveaway?
      2. If I purchase the funnel, does it come with the membership and training? Can I sell that as well?
      3. Can I use the funnel to sell the funnel as well?
      Please advise. Thanks

      • Jake says:

        Hi Kelly!

        1. The funnel is tailored to be given out to other MLM’ers in a done-for-you format. The CD giveaway is handled by a 3rd party company callled ‘DiscDelivered’ which integrates directly with Clickfunnels. You receive all the PSD/Image files + the contents of the CD so that you can load it up into your own DiscDelivered account and connect it to Clickfunnels with your API key. So no, you don’t delete the giveaway. You get the funnel itself with the 5 day video course, video scripts, emails, the free + shipping CD (and, the company that auto-prints and ships for you so you don’t touch it), and the whole traffic course that I upsell for $297 for FREE.

        2. Yes, and you keep 100% of all the profits.

        3. Yes 😀 Again, you keep 100% of all the money you make with it. So the free CD + order bump, done-for-you funnel upsell, and the $397 traffic course upsell revenue ALL goes to you when you get this funnel.

        Let me know if that clears it up for you Kelly 🙂

    • Christopher Harold says:

      Dang…your LCP is only converting at 15%. It should be at least at 30%. Maybe your survey is too long.

      • Thomas says:

        I would say that depends completely on what you’re doing with traffic etc. Its quite effective and profitable at these rates

  19. Tariq M. Malik says:

    Hey Stephen, great resource. Thank you. I have some clients that are startups and building out webinar funnels for them. Any other ideas that could work well for them? SaaS mainly. Cheers, T.

  20. This list is very helpful! I’m going to need to upgrade to the Etison Suite so I can enjoy them all! Thanks for the great list ClickFunnels!

  21. Bob Dorris says:

    Is there a way to see what these funnels look like without having to download them all into my account? That kind of junks up the dashboard.

  22. Bryon says:

    Hi Steve, im looking for the fibre fix funnel, or one close

  23. Thanks for very very corporative

  24. joshuacarter says:

    The snapchat funnel link is broken 😐

  25. Vince Neil says:

    Any funnels for tax prep/CPA services?

  26. allo telecom says:

    Hi There,
    Any template for our kind of buisness, we are an internet service provider.
    im wondering if clickfunnel can work for us as a landing page instead of direct leads to our website

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